Will IKEA Replace Broken Furniture?

IKEA has consistently been producing a ton of different series of furniture at a reasonable price. They have been gaining popularity for such comfortable and quality products. Nonetheless, the replacement or refund policy is yet unknown to many.

You might want to know, what happens when your recently purchased chair from IKEA is broken? Or when IKEA delivers broken furniture?

Will IKEA Replace Broken Furniture? IKEA will replace broken furniture; if they deliver any faulty product or components, you can contact them online or visit the nearest IKEA showroom. However, if you broke the furniture, you can also get a replacement, but you need to have an IKEA Family Member Card. 

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about the replacement or refund policy of IKEA. 

Recently, I have been studying the replacement or refund policy. Do keep reading to find out what I have found out. Happy Reading!

Can I Return Products After Purchasing Furniture From IKEA?

You can definitely return the product if you are not completely satisfied with the product. Nonetheless, you need to exchange the product within 365 days of the purchase. There also remain a few things you need to know,

  • You can also return opened products within 180 days; for a full refund, you will need your proof of purchase.
  • The method of payment you used to pay the bill will be the method you will be receiving the refund to.
  • A full refund will only be possible if proof of purchase remains new, unused, and re-saleable. That is, you need to make sure the product is uptight
  • You can either visit the nearest IKEA store or contact them to get a refund.
  • Remember you will not receive any refund or exchange for any custom-made food or drinks and worktops. 
  • IKEA does not accept returns on plants, cut fabric, custom countertops, and as-is products. 

You can contact IKEA via their customer service number 1-888-888-4532. You need to fill up the refund form for a refund of the product. 

Can I Exchange Items After Purchasing From IKEA?

You can exchange items at any IKEA stores nearby. You need to bring your merchandise, photo ID, receipt (can be hardcopy or online order confirmation), and the card you made the purchase with while buying. 

Remember that you can exchange IKEA products in all verified IKEA stores except the IKEA Planning Studio Locations.

Will IKEA Provide Extra Parts?

IKEA will always provide some extra parts like screws and dowels along with its packaging. Nevertheless, if you lose or accidentally break some of your furniture parts for some reason, IKEA will be there for you. 

You can visit the returns and exchange department in IKEA. IKEA staff will further guide you to the components you are looking for. 

How to Find the Part Number of IKEA Products?

You might be wondering how to find the exact part’s name. Well, for that, you need to check the instruction manual. 

On the first page of the instructional manual, we will see all the parts labeled. Once you get the part number, just visit the returns and exchange department.

Is Receipt Required to Get The Extra Part?

It is expected that whenever you visit to get replacement or extra parts, you need to show some proof of purchase, like a receipt. However, IKEA will not ask you to show the receipt. 

IKEA always keeps some small parts that are easy to lose so that the customers can get them readily available. Nevertheless, the more significant parts require some extra fees. 

Does IKEA Take Back Broken Furniture?

IKEA will accept the return of faulty, broken, or damaged furniture, but you need to make sure the default was made prior to purchase or was damaged before the delivery.

No matter how minor the damage is, IKEA will not take back the damaged products or items that were made by customers. However, the customer who has an IKEA Family Card might be able to exchange the products or the components. 

What Happens to These Returned Damaged Products?

Well, these are further displayed, but the item must still be functioning in the ‘as is’ section. It is sold at a discounted price. Then again, if the product is not reusable, then it is moved towards the destroyed or recycled section. 

Does IKEA Offer Free Replacement Parts?

IKEA is always ready to keep its customers satisfied. As you might want some replacement parts free of cost, when you visit to get the parts, you will see that IKEA is ready with the parts. No, I am not kidding.

Once IKEA confirms the purchase, you will see they are ready with the replacement parts.  IKEA keeps numerous small parts in the return and exchange department so that customers have easy access to the part. 

The most exciting part is these small parts like screws, pegs, or dowels are entirely free. 

When it comes to replacing the bigger parts, you need to know the part name first; after you get the name and number, you can visit IKEA’s return and exchange department. 

This replacement might take a while as some parts need to be collected from overseas. 

Let me tell you these bigger parts are not free of cost; you need to pay some much lesser fees. The delivery charges will also be included. 

Related Questions

What Do You Do If You Break Your IKEA Furniture Parts?

IKEA products are highly durable. Nonetheless, if you find some parts are broken when you open the packaging, you can immediately visit the spare parts department at any local IKEA store or contact them; they will ship the part to you. 

I recommend you not to wait, contact them as soon as possible, and ask for a replacement. 

Does IKEA Take Old Furniture?

IKEA will happily take old mattresses or sofas away for you when they deliver a new purchase. They have specialized Removal & Recycling service, which takes care of your old furniture by disposing of it in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. 

The great part is that when you book the delivery service, they will take the old furniture free of cost. To organize the take back, you just simply notify them of the number and size of the sofas or mattresses that you want to give them. 

What Does IKEA Stand For?

The name IKEA has a great history behind it. The name IKEA stands for Ingvar, Kamprad, Elmtaryd, and Agunnaryd. The name was formed taking the first letter of the names of the founders.

IKEA was founded in 1943 when Ingvar Kamprad was at the age of 17. The motto of the company was to produce a good quality product and sell at a reasonable price. 

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