Will a Heating Pad Hurt a Leather Chair? (The Surprising Truth)

If you have ever used a heating pad while sitting at your favorite leather chair, you must have thought about if the heating pad will hurt or damage your leather chair. A heating pad is widely used as heat therapy as it is very much effective for reducing back pain and improving blood circulation.

I also have used a heating pad a lot. A few months back, I was concerned if using a heating pad would hurt my chair. So, I did a lot of research, and let’s see what I have found!

Will a Heating Pad Hurt a Leather Chair? A heating pad will not hurt a leather chair as long as the temperature is within the heat tolerance limit of leather material. Generally, the temperature of a heating pad reaches 150-160°F, which is safe for leather chairs. But if a heating pad is used on a leather chair for long hours, leather can become dry, and this might cause cracks on few types of leather.

As I have noted, a heating pad is usually safe and will not hurt a leather chair. Still, it might cause some problems in extreme cases, as in general, heat is not that great for leather. So, if you want to know more about why heat is bad for leather chairs, how much temperature is tolerable for leather, and if you should use a heating pad on a leather chair and all that in detail, keep reading!! 

Is Heat Bad for Leather?

Generally, heat is bad for leather as it can dry out leather over time, and for this reason, cracks might develop on the surface of the leather. However, heat under tolerance level of leather for a limited time will not cause any harm.

You should always keep your leather chair away from heat and as well as from sunlight. The temperature tolerance of most leather materials is around 200°F. However, lower degrees of temperature will also harm your leather chair if any heat source comes in contact with leather for a prolonged period of leather.

When leather receives heat for an extended period, the retained water within the leather gets evaporated, and this causes the leather to dry out over time.

Due to lack of water and moisture, the surface of leather gets hard, and leather usually cracks at this stage in several places.

For the same thing, sunlight is bad for your leather chair as well. The heat from sunlight has the same effect. Also, due to sunlight, the leather color gets faded. 

So, we can conclude that heat is actually not a friend for your leather chair as it can damage it. So, if you really have to use a heating pad while sitting on a leather chair, make sure to use a suitable one and don’t use it for longer than 20-30 minutes at a stretch.

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It has 4 different heat settings which will allow you to change temperature, and this one will not harm your leather chair for sure as the temperature settings are at an optimal level.

Does Heat Damage Leather Chairs?

Yes, heat can ruin leather chairs. Most chairs in the market right now are made of bonded leathers. As you might know, bonded leather is more prone to cracks. If the constant application of heat on a leather chair will easily put cracks on your leather chair.

You will also notice heat marks on leather if excess heat comes in contact with the leather material of your chair.

This might make you think that you can not use a heating pad on your leather chair. I would suggest you decide on that after reading the full article.

So, let’s dig deep into if you should use a heating pad on your leather chair and if it will cause any harm.

Can you use a Heating pad on a Leather Chair?

You can use a heating pad on a leather chair as the temperature of a heating pad is usually not too high, and a leather chair can tolerate the temperature of a heating pad. But do not use a heating pad for long hours. Using a heating pad for a long time is bad for your body and your leather chair as well.

In most of the electric heating pads available in the market right now, the temperature rises from 110-160°F.

Most leather materials can tolerate that temperature very easily. If you want to buy a heating pad, just make sure that it lets you select a temperature below 200°F, and your leather chair is going to be just fine. 

But there is one thing that you should remember. Heating your electric heating pad for more than 15 minutes is not considered optimal.

So, use a heating pad for around 15 minutes, and it will not harm your leather chair and will also be beneficial if you are experiencing back pain.

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Tips for using Electric Heating pad on Leather Chair:

Electric heating pads can get too hot for you too quickly. This can cause a little discomfort for your skin. So, try to follow the following tips:

  • Start with lower temperature Settings: Most electric heating pads come with three different temperature settings, which are low, medium, and high. Also, some come with only two settings, high and low ones. Always start with the lowest setting. This will allow you to set temperature for yourself properly and will not cause any discomfort.
  • Keep Temperature lower if you want to use it longer: As I have noted earlier, using a heating pad for long hours on your leather chair is not optimal, both for your chair and yourself. But If you keep the settings at a low temperature you will be able to use it longer. You should not use a heating pad for more than 15-20 minutes if you use it with high settings. But if you use it with low-temperature settings, it is okay to use it for 30-40 minutes. 

Related Questions:

How do you Protect Leather chairs from Heat?

If you want to protect your leather chair from heat, follow the tips below:

  • Keep if away from Sunlight: Sunlight generates continuous heat on leather, and that’s a bad thing for leather chairs. Keep your leather chair someplace where it will not be exposed to sunlight. If your chair is exposed to sunlight through a window, use a curtain, and this will definitely work.
  • Don’t place it near a Radiator: Never place a leather chair or any other furniture in front of a radiator directly. It will prevent the distribution of heat, and the heat will also damage the leather material of your chair over time.

How to Keep a Leather Chair Warm during Winter?

To keep a leather chair warm during winter, you can use the following tips:

  1. Get a heating pad on the Chair: Heating pads can keep your chair warm during the cold season.
  2. Put Warm clothes or blankets on the chair: Warm clothes or blankets will create a layer of heat insulation as warm clothes are bad conductors of heat. Thus your chair will be warm during the cold.

Can Sweat Damage a Leather Chair?

Yes! Sweat can damage a leather chair. Most people don’t clean sweat on their leather chairs. This sweat forms stains on the chair, and with time this stains become permanent and thus, the color and beauty of leather chairs diminish because of sweat.

If you sweat too much on your leather chair, make sure you clean it on a regular basis. Otherwise, sweat stains will be developed over time and they will be harder to get rid of.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! If you use a heating pad on a leather chair, it will not damage your leather chair unless you keep it on for hours after hours.

I have used heating pads in the past. They are really helpful. So, use them comfortably on your chair without worrying much about your leather chair.

I would recommend you to use it for 15-20 minutes at a time. Using a heating pad more than that is unnecessary, or at least that’s what I think.

I hope you found this article helpful. If you have a minute check out my article on, How to Fix Sun Damaged Leather | 5 Simple Steps to Follow

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