Why Don’t Herman Miller Chairs Have Headrests? (Explained)

Herman Miller Chairs do not usually come with Headrest, and there are various theories behind it. Even the best ergonomic chair of all, which received numerous awards, Herman Miller Aeron, does not have Headrest. Such a prominent company avoids selling Chairs with headrests. 

Herman Miller does not add Headrest to its chair mainly because they mainly produce task chairs. During office work, you will hardly lean backward and rest your head. Then again, the company believes the Headrest does not carry ergonomic features during work, which made them skip the Headrest.

In this article, I will explain the reasons behind the absent Headrest in Herman Miller chairs from the company’s point of view. I will also mention the benefits and disadvantages of Chairs with Headrest. Lastly, you will get to know about the Herman Miller Chair with Headrest. 

So, what are you waiting for? Keep on reading. 

Do Herman Miller Chairs Have Headrest?

Herman Miller Chairs are one of the most popular chairs in the market. Herman Miller Chairs are designed ergonomically so that you get the opportunity to sit in the correct posture. 

Undoubtedly, sitting ergonomically is mandatory, especially when you need to spend a lot of hours behind the desks. It is not you need to sit in the optimal posture while working in the office; even during gaming sessions, you need to maintain the ergonomically corrected posture.  

Headrests can make the chairs comfortable to sit in and ensure you are maintaining the right posture. Unfortunately, most of the Herman Miller Chairs come without the Headrest. They do not really promote the use of Headrest.

But what is the reason behind the missing Headrest is one of the topmost office or task chairs, Herman Miller Chairs? 

Reasons Behind The Missing Headrest In Herman Miller Chairs 

Ergonomic Chairs are popular for having various features and adjustments, including adjustable armrest, Headrest, backrest, or even seat pan. Herman Miller introduced themselves around 1994, and their motto was to provide a comfortable ergonomic office chair for the users. 

But what happened was that the Headrest was missing in Herman Miller Chairs. This led many people to avoid Herman Miller Chairs and go with the other options. 

Here are the reasons why Herman Miller Chairs don’t have Headrest:

  1. They Think Headrest Does not Add any Extra  Ergonomic Benefits: Herman Miller does not prefer attaching a headrest because they believe the Headrest is not ergonomic and will not serve the ergonomically feature. This is not completely false.
  2. Using Headrest While Working is Not Ideal: Herman Miller While working at a desk, the ideal position does not need leaning your back to rest it on the backrest.
  3. People Don’t Really Use Headrest While Working: Whether you work on a laptop or read or write documents, you will normally lean forward, which is towards the desk. This makes the Headrest of no use. 
  4. Headrest Is Not Good For Posture During Working: Then again, according to sources, the head support is not good for your posture. If a chair has proper lumbar support, extra support for the neck and head is not really needed. 
  5. Most People Don’t Need Headrest: Lastly, some people do not need an extra Headrest, and they prefer the chair without the Headrest. If you fall under that category, then Herman Miller Chairs can be a good option for you. 

Pros Of Having Headrest In An Ergonomic Chair 

Headrests can be very helpful when it comes to making the chair comfortable and increasing ergonomic features. 

Let me mention all the advantages of using the chair with the Headrest;

  1. Resting the neck and head in the Headrest can be comfortable, and make sure you sit for a longer period of time.
  2. The Headrest can provide relief from pain. 
  3. The Headrest holds the cervical spine in a neutral position to minimize or completely diminish your neck pain. 
  4. The headrest holds the upper body and makes sure you are sitting in the correct posture.
  5. Even when you recline, the Headrest can hold your upper body so that you do not feel uncomfortable. 
  6. The adjustable headrests will serve the exact support you need for a long-time sitting position. 
  7. If you want to take a short nap in the chair, the Headrest can be a blessing. 

Cons Of Having Headrest In An Ergonomic Chair

There are a few drawbacks of using a headrest which can lead to bigger problems. You might need to be more careful so that the issues are minimized. 

The disadvantages of using a Headrest in an ergonomic chair includes;

  1. Sometimes the Headrest does not position perfectly, and the adjustments can be missing, which is why the Headrest might seem uncomfortable.
  2. When the head has restrained, the risk of having neck injuries gets higher. 
  3. From the point of view of the company, the Headrest is not ergonomic and is not good for the users. 
  4. While working, you do not usually lean backward as a result, and the Headrest can be completely unnecessary. 

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Does Herman Miller Produce Any Chair With Headrest?

To be honest, Herman Miller doesn’t produce any office chairs with headrests. However, you might have seen people using headrests with Herman Miller chairs, especially Aeron chairs. Those headrests do not come with the chair.

People buy attachable headrests for these chairs from various third-party sellers for more comfort and better head and neck support.

Which Headrest Is Best For Herman Miller Chairs? 

If you have an existing Herman Miller Chair and you feel the need of having a Headrest, you can always buy a Headrest from the Brand “Engineered Now ”.

You can check out their attachable headrest for Aeron Chair on Amazon by clicking here. It is a standard-sized model with adjustable features so that people of average height can enjoy the fullest comfort out of it.

I highly recommend this headrest. It is perfectly adjustable and made of good quality materials, making the chair comfortable. 

Related Questions

Do Herman Miller Chairs Have Headrests?

The former chairs of Herman Miller do not come with their Headrest. The users needed to buy Headrest from other companies. However, the latest versions of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair come with their own Headrest.  

Why Do Office Chairs Have No Headrest?

Office work demands you to work constantly, which needs leaning forward. You will hardly lean back while doing the office work, which is why manufacturers do not really add the Headrest with the office chairs.

However, due to various benefits, manufacturers are introducing Headrest, which is their office chair.

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