Why do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows?

Gaming chairs often come with neck and lumbar support pillows. A few months back, I was wondering why most of the gaming chairs have pillows. What’s the actual purpose of these pillows! So, I did some digging. Let me share my findings with you.

Why do Gaming Chairs Have Pillows? Gaming chairs have pillows because they enhances sitting posture by holding you correctly. The lumbar pillow supports your lower back when you lean into the backrest; whereas, the head or neck pillow holds your head in an optimal position.

This article will share lots of information on the Gaming Chair’s Pillows and provide many guidelines regarding pillows. So, why the wait! Keep reading. 

What Are The Pillows On Gaming Chairs For?

Gaming chairs come with some of the most comfortable adjustments, and the chair pillows are one of them.

Usually, a chair contains two pillows:

  • Head and Neck support Pillow
  • Lumbar support Pillow

Let’s have a look at the picture below for a better understanding:


Gaming Chair Have Pillows for The Following Reasons:

1. Pillows Help Maintaining Good Posture:

Pillows seem to play a significant role in holding the body and help you hold it in the best position while you are sitting and gaming for long hours.

Gaming chair pillows maintain the spine’s natural curve and hold a neutral posture when you lean back.

Both the head and back pillows hold the spine’s natural curves when you rest your back into the backrest. 

So, if you are having posture-related issues and spend long hours sitting on your gaming chair, having pillows might help you keep upright posture in the long run.

2. Supports your Neck and Head Muscles:

When we sit for prolonged hours without proper support on our head, our neck muscles get strained, and we feel discomfort. That’s why most office chairs have headrests, and gaming chairs contain neck pillows instead.

On the other hand, the head or neck pillow holds your head in an optimal position and helps you relax your neck muscles while supporting your head.

3. Supports Your Back:

Back support is essential whether you are working at your desk or gaming while sitting on your gaming chair.

When we sit for long hours, we require back support. The pillow found in the lumbar region of regular gaming chairs is usually robust and provides proper back support. 

The lumbar pillow actually supports your back when you lean into the backrest of your gaming chair.

4. Minimizes Physical Issues:

Sitting for a long time in a gaming chair that don’t have proper ergonomics can lead to back and neck pain in the long run due to lack of appropriate support.

In most ergonomically designed gaming chairs, you will find these pillows. They will help you to minimize physical issues like back pain by providing excellent support. So, if you are already having these issues, make sure your gaming chair has good ergonomics.

Your spine doesn’t feel comfortable staying under constant stress, so it is natural that eventually, you will rest your body at the back of the chair.

Gamers need to sit in the chair for an extended period, and for the comfortable sitting arrangement, gaming chairs contain pillows. 

Then again, if you wholly lean on the chair, it might not hold your natural spinal curve. The pillows on the gaming chair perfectly curve your spine curve while giving you the comfort you desire.

Where Do Pillows Go In A Gaming Chair?

Pillows in a gaming chair are primarily situated in the backrest. Most of the chairs have a back or lumbar support pillow, and few have a head or neck support pillow. But the most popular and comfortable are the gaming chairs with both types of pillows. 

Gaming Chair Neck or Head Support Pillow:

The neck support pillow is attached to the chair so that it can support your neck. The neck support pillow helps to relax your shoulders and upper back. It comes in both forms, attached or unattached. 

The head support pillow on the gaming chair is designed to perfectly fit in the curvature of your cervical spine, as it comes with height adjustable. With it, you can lean back and still maintain your spine’s natural curve and neutral posture. 

Some gaming chairs have neck support which can easily be height and angle adjusted to enhance the ergonomically proper posture.  

Tip: Buy a gaming chair with a cut-out neck support pillow; it will allow you to move the pillow up and down. 

Gaming Chair Lumbar Support Pillow:

Most gaming chairs come with external lumbar support that holds your lower back’s natural inward curve. 

When you are sitting for prolonged hours, it is most likely to slouch or lean forward in the chair, which can stress your lumbar region builds up to the point that it can create back pain. 

The lumbar support pillow’s job is to take the extra burden off the muscles and your lower back. The back support pillow also fills the space between the backrest and your back.

Tip: If you are suffering from back pain, use a curved or one with a cut-out lumbar support pillow; it will help your posterior pelvic to feel better. 

What Are The Types Of Pillows Seen In A Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair can have pillows in three different ways. The most common types of these pillows are in, 

Embroidered in the backrest:

The sewn pillows are permanently adjusted with the gaming chairs; as a result, they will not be suitable for everyone. The desired position of different heights and body types of people are unfamiliar. 

If a single person uses the gaming chair, you might find the best gaming chair by keeping the need of that particular person in mind. I would recommend you to avoid gaming chairs with embroidered pillows. 

Some of the drawbacks also include, you might sometimes find the perfect one for you as well. 

Fixed Pillows 

Fixed pillows are installed in a particular place in a gaming chair. You are not allowed to sit on different modes on these gaming chairs, which can be disturbing. 

These gaming chairs are suitable for people with low growth because these pillows in gaming chairs are sewed under the average user. I would recommend you to sit in the chair and check it properly before buying it correctly. 

Freed and adjustable in different ways

Although the gaming chairs with an adjustable pillow are way more expensive than the other two, they will provide you with the most versatile adjustments. You can easily slide it up or down. Therefore, no matter what your height or body type is, you can adjust it accordingly. 

Are Gaming Chair Pillows Good?

Well, the gaming chairs pillows really as they can provide ergonomic benefits because it holds your natural sitting posture. While gaming, gamers spend a prolonged period in a sitting position which can invite severe body aches. 

Gaming chairs themselves have unique features that support your physical and mental well-being by improving your sitting posture. In addition to that, the gaming chair pillows support your posterior curve.

In an overall view, gaming chair pillows are good and should be used if you are supposed to work for a more extended period. 

However, I would say the opposite for two reasons. Firstly, if you are using a poor-quality gaming chair, the pillow in that chair might not be in a good position and will hamper your health. 

Tip: Inexpensive gaming chairs can have few ergonomic functions. In order to make the chair cheap, manufacturers use low-quality parts. I suggest you buy a gaming chair after proper analysis. You can read another article on Gaming Chair for more information.

The second reason is that some gaming chairs come with fixed pillows that might not be preferred for you. As a result, you might face trouble sitting comfortably on the chair.

Tip: Always buy a gaming chair with a cut-out pillow or an adjustable pillow. This will help to adjust the angle and height as per your need. 

My Recommendation Of Gaming Chair Pillows

Although most gaming chairs come with pillows, in some models, these pillows are missing. So, many people buy external pillows to improve their sitting experience.

I have found a decent and inexpensive gaming chair lumbar support pillow from the brand everlasting comfort. It only costs around 20 bucks. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

So, Which one is the Best Gaming Chair Pillow?

In case you are searching for the best gaming chair pillow out there, I would highly suggest you buy the lumbar support pillow by Everlasting Comfort.

The pillow is built with breathable mesh, and it is easy to clean; just by removing the cover. You can check it out on the link I have mentioned above.

The pillow by Everlasting Comfort also adapts your spine’s shape to align it with the chair and improve your posture ideally.

The best part is that this ergonomically designed pillow is light-weighted & portable; you can easily carry it and can also use it for car seats, wheelchairs, office chairs also during air travel.

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