Why Do Chair Mats Crack? (With Causes And Corrections)

Using a Chair Mat for the protection of chairs and the floor is mandatory. Different types of floorings require different types of Chair Mats. When you wrongfully use the Chair Mat, you might end up with a cracked Chair Mat.

Why do Chair Mats Crack? The main reason for the Chair Mats getting cracked is irresponsibility. If you don’t use the Chair Mat in the perfect size, thickness, and appropriate for your floor type, you might end up with a cracked Chair Mat. Moreover, a broken caster or other sharp edges can crack it.  

In this article, you will find out all the reasons that might lead to cracking to your Chair Mats which can hamper their durability. But you have got nothing to worry about. I will be sharing various ways to prevent Chair Mats from cracking. 

Let’s get started.

5 Most Likely Reasons You’re Seeing Cracks in Your Chair Mat:

Undoubtedly, Chair Mats are helpful when it comes to protecting the floor. But have you considered they also need protection from any kind of damages that might initiate from its surrounding things?

Let us first discuss the reasons for such cracking;            

1. Using The Wrong Chair Mat For A Particular Flooring

Each flooring requires separate chair mats. To illustrate, when you have carpeted flooring, you should consider either Polycarbonate Chair Mats or Glass Chair Mats.

Similarly, the hardwood floors might require different Chair Mats. Check the table for better understanding:

Type of Your SurfaceRecommended material of Chair Mat
Carpeted flooringPlastic, Laminated, Rubber, Glass
Hardwood or any hard flooringWood Tile, Laminate, Marble, Linoleum.

When you use the wrong chair mat for a particular floor, you might end up hampering the Chair Mat, which might lead to cracking.

Also, sometimes bad casters can cause the cracking of soft or cheap chair mats. For that reason, it’s even more crucial to get the right kind of chair mat for your particular type of flooring.

2. Not Being Careful While Unpacking The Chair Mat

I have seen many people struggling while unpacking the newly brought Chair Mat. Unwanted accidents or unnecessary pressure on the package can lead to damage to the Chair Mat. 

In severe cases, you might end up breaking the Chair Mat, especially when it is wood or glass Chair Mats. Even if you keep the packaging unopened for several months, it might stay at risk. I might fall down and break.  

3. Putting Unnecessary Pressure On The Chair Mat’s Surface

Each Chair Mat comes with a definite weight capacity. When you put more pressure on it, it will end up having cracks and eventually break. 

When you put extra pressure on the office chair, it eventually pressurizes the Chair Mat, and you might start seeing cracks on the Chair Mats.

Let me make it clearer to you. Check out the list of two Chair Mats with their weight capacity:

Chair MatSuitable FlooringWeight Capacity
Amazon Basics Polycarbonate Chair MatHardwood, Tile, Laminate, Linoleum, Concrete, And Other Hard Floor2,000 lbs.
MuArts Heavy Duty Hard Chair MatCarpet or Hard Floor1,400 lbs.
Lorell Tempered Glass Chair MatHigh-Pile Carpet, Low-Pile Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl, and Marble Floor1,000 lbs.

4. Using The Chair Mat With Wrong Thickness

The Chair Mat’s thickness can vary, in which surface you should put your Chair Mat and how much weight your Chair Mat should put on. If the thickness is less, the chances of cracking are higher.

When you are aware that the chair mat will have to go through heavy-duty and need to hold a lot of pressure, it is most likely to crack if you install a thick chair mat. 

The bottom line is, if you have a low to medium pile carpet it’s okay to get a thin (0.2 inches) glass mat. But if you have a high pile carpet, make sure the thickness of the mat is at least 0.25 Inches. For more details, read this article.

5. Continuous Rubbing Of Hard Things

Sometimes Chair’s casters get broken, after long-time use. It is common for Office Chairs to be used for two shifts continuously. 

After a lot of wear and tear, when the casters get damaged, it starts hampering the Chair Mat. As a result, you need to keep the chair mat safe from broken casters or any other sharp matters. 

How Do I Keep My Chair Mat From Cracking? 

As you know, a simple mistake can lead your chair mat to get cracks. You need to keep the basics straight and then take some precautionary steps.

1. Getting The Appropriate Chair Mats

Chair Mat should be brought after adequately considering the appropriate size, shape, and thickness. Take proper measures and make a rough calculation of the required weight capacity so that we do not have to struggle a lot.

Moreover, it would help if you also considered the flooring type. You need to find the right type of chair mat for the particular flooring type you have. Learn more about chair mat materials and which type of chair mat is appropriate for your flooring type by reading this article.

2. Cover The Chair’s Legs

Yes, you read it right. You can cover your Chair’s legs with Chair’s leg protector or make some DIY cover of your own. 

You can use the Chair Legs Protector, which is made of Silicone, as it will provide better results. Check out my recommended Chair Leg Floor Protector just by clicking here.

You can also use Scotch Felt Pads for cheaper protection but I don’t usually recommend doing that as it’s a temporary solution.

3. Check The Chair’s Legs Or Casters More Often

After a lot of wear and tear, the casters or the chairs’ legs start to break, which further damages the Chair Mats. It is highly recommended to check the casters more often for any kind of damage. 

Then again, sometimes dirt or tiny particles can get stuck in the Chair’s casters which, in turn, can do severe damage to the Chair Mat. The continued rubbing of the Chair on the Chair Mat will scratch or crack it.  

It is suggested to keep the workstation clean and not let dirt get stuck in the Chair. Moreover, replace the Casters Wheel if required. You can check out our recommended caster wheels for your office chair by clicking here

4. Keep The Hard, Pointy, And Sharp Matter Way From Chair Mat

Any hard thing that falls directly in the Chair Mat can give it cracks. It can be a knife or ruler with shape ends. 

It would help if you were careful while using these when you are in your workstation, especially when using Glass Chair Mats. Yes, Glass Chair Mats do not break easily, but they can get scratches from the pointy edges.  

Is There A Chair Mat That Won’t Crack?

Definitely, there are Chair Mats that will not crack. For example, the Polycarbonate Chair Mats or Tempered Glass Chair Mats will not crack easily.

Read this article for more info: Do Glass Chair Mats Break? (The Whole Story)

Polycarbonate Chair Mats are made for heavy-duty and are highly durable. They are strong enough to hold weight.

Likewise, Tempered Glasses are comparatively strong and resistant to scratch. It works great when it comes to protecting your floors, or maybe the carpet underneath them. 

Tempered Glass Chair Mats are five times stronger than any other regular glasses. They hold more weight, roughly 25,000 lbs. per square inch

If you are looking for a durable chair mat with proper damage resistance, then a tempered glass mat will be a better option. The second best option is a polycarbonate chair mat. You can find our recommended chair mats by clicking here.

Related Questions:

Do Glass Chair Mats Break Easily?

Undoubtedly, the Glass Chair Mats are built to last longer and are comparatively stronger than plastic. They are durable, and the chances of the Glass Chair Mats getting bent, cracked, or even scratched are lower. 

Unlike usual glass products, Glass Chair Mats are manufactured in a way they become strong and unbreakable. The Glass Chair Mats are usually 0.25 inches thick and are manufactured using a standard design that enhances its durability. 

Mostly, Glass Chair Mats are made of Tempered Glass using Nano-technology, making them tough and increasing their weight capacity. 

Final Thoughts

There are various reasons to find your perfect chair mat to have cracks or scratches. Firstly, when you do not consider the flooring type before buying the Chair Mat, you end up using a Chair Mat suitable for carpeted floors on your hardwood floors. 

Even when the Chair Mat is packed, you need to open it carefully, as too much pressure can crack the chair mat. Each chair mat comes with a specific weight capacity, so checking the weight capacity before buying is extremely important.

A silly mistake can damage your Chair Mat, so keep it clean and cover the legs so that it stays away from any cracks or scratches. Lastly, change the caster wheels if necessary. 

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