Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive? (Reasons Explained)

One of the best chair manufacturing companies, Steelcase is a US based company whose core value is sustainability. You will never regret buying a Steelcase Chairs. However, one thing that might strike you up is that they are pretty expensive. 

But, Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive? Steelcase chairs are usually very expensive as they are made of premium quality materials that are very durable, have great ergonomics and excellent design. To develop such office chairs the brand, Steelcase invests a lot in their R&D and engineering.

Steelcase Chairs are undoubtedly great in quality, but does it justify the fact that they are expensive. Well, this article will clarify all the reasons for Steelcase Chairs being expensive one. 

Steelcase never compromises with the ergonomic features, and the appearance is unmatchable. Steelcase Chairs come with great warranty and return policy. 

But when you go to buy Steelcase Chairs, it is going to cost a lot. So, allow me to explain why Steelcase Chairs are costly.  

What Are The Things That Increase The Price Of Steelcase Chairs?

1. Focus On Sustainability 

Steelcase in an American-based company founded in 1921.Since then they have been completely committed to build a sustainable business. It was Steelcase and Coalesse that can together and built this comprehensive portfolio.

Over the last 100 years, Steelcase have left its mark of being sustainable in the social, economical and environmental sectors and these are all backed up by their decisions and actions. 

It is not so long ago that Steelcase was recognized as one of the Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies for the companies. Again, earlier in 2021, Steelcase was claimed to be one of the America’s 50 most Community-Minded Companies.

Many of Steelcase Chairs are manufactured using high-quality recycled materials. Their products are architecture in such a way that it server different group of people. 

Using the recycled materials for producing high-quality product is not an inexpensive thing to do. Instead, a lot of energy and cost is required which increases the price of the product. 

2. Eco-Friendly Fabrics

The Fabric Steelcase use in their chairs is either made completely from recycled materials or a certain percentage of recycled materials are being used.

That is, they have been leaving marks in the field of sustainable textile for the furniture industry. 

Did you know that one yard of the textile used in Steelcase’s intersection fabric is equal to half a pound waste from the oceans? Well, yes, it is true. 

Some of the fabrics which are entirely made of recycled fabrics include the New Black Material, Bo Peep textile and many more. 

Are you familiar with the Cradle to Cradle Certification? Well, it is given to the product which are environmentally safe and sustainable. The Steelcase Gaja Textile is one of the first European Pure-Wool Textile to receive it. 

Trust me, collecting the waste from the oceans and then conduction the whole manufacturing process of fabric require a huge investment. This in turn, increases the overall price of the product. 

You can imagine the alternative ways are lot cheaper but we have to sacrifice the betterment of the environment. 

3. Made Of High-Quality Components

Steelcase will never compromise with the build quality of its furniture. Premium quality components are used in the manufacturing process. The Steelcase Chairs can be passed on from generation to generation.

The build quality also makes sure the chairs stay intact for years, and resalable at a good price. The Steelcase Chairs are durable and robust, with great longevity. 

If you want to buy a durable and strong Steelcase Chairs, I would recommend you to go for either Leap or Series 1 Chairs. Trust me, you will not regret buying them. 

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4. Well-Researched And Development

Steelcase truly cares for its users which is why the Chairs they produced are super comfortable and perfectly adjustable. 

Let me tell you producing good ergonomic Chairs is not an easy task to accomplish but need a lot of research. This research costs the company a lot of time and money. Steelcase is no different. 

They believe in producing user-based researched and innovative products. Their research network is robust which comprise of six-steps detailed research and design process. 

Since Steelcase sever users from all over the world, they go beyond the boundary and conduct global research. Their Chairs are suitable for a range of customers because of the presence of innovative products.

In March 2021, Steelcase introduced 40 new office product which are solely focused for the office works. These products will fulfill the emerging needs and expectations of the office worker all around the world. 

You can imagine, Steelcase is a strong believer of constant development, they care for the betterment of its customers, and will never fail to introduce innovative products. 

But, the research and development process behind it, makes it expensive than most other chairs in the market. 

5.  Lifetime Warranty

It is not hidden that Steelcase offers the strongest warranty in the furniture industry which ensures the trust the company puts in its product. 

Steelcase will offer you a limited lifetime warranty for every chair you buy. That is, when you buy a product from the original Steelcase store, it does not matter what the usage time is, you will be able to enjoy the warranty.

Think how cool is this– once you buy a chair, you do not have to worry about the broken components or the disturbance in the functionality. The company, itself will take the full responsibility.

Let me tell you, a company that built low quality products will not take such responsibility, rather will give short-term warranty; may be for 3 to 5 years. Or else, the company will have to replace the components or the products every now and then

But, being confident in their own products, Steelcase offers such privilege. Well, it does not come for free. 

You will need good quality component that will help to manufacture such good quality Chairs which eventually increases the price. Then again, the Chair also need to cover after-sale service fee which also upsurge the price. 

6. More Ergonomic Features And Adjustments

Most of the Steelcase Chairs come with great ergonomic features; starting from adjustable lumbar support to adjustable armrests. That is, you will hardly feel uncomfortable. 

Steelcase is a good investment when you care for your long-term health. Well, it is pretty common people spending 6 to 8 hours just by sitting in a chair. No matter how ergonomic the chair is, it can leave bad impact. 

Steelcase Chairs supports your posture while contouring your back. When it comes to Ergonomic Chairs with proper adjustment features, Steelcase Leap and Gesture are unbeatable. 

The LiveBack Technology of Steelcase Chairs contours and hold the natural S-shape of your spine, even after sitting for an extended period of time. This 3D LiveBack Mechanism mimics your motion and moves the chair along with you. 

The armrests of Steelcase Chairs are also well-padded and perfectly adjustable. You can adjust them by height, length, and rotate them just the way you like. 

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is considered to be a perfect example of an Ergonomic Office Chair. Nonetheless, when both Steelcase Gesture and Herman Miller Aeron are compared in terms of Ergonomic Adjustments, the Steelcase Gesture will definitely win.

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As you can imagine, producing a good quality chair will definitely cost you a lot, which in turn increases the price.

Steelcase Chairs are incomparable when it comes to producing good quality ergonomic Chairs, in turn, the price is also high. 

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Is The Steelcase Gesture Chair Worth It?

Steelcase Gesture is definitely worth it as it  is one of the latest and greatest creations of the company, but within this time it has received a lot of positive feedback. Steelcase Gesture is a good example of an ergonomic chair with various adjustable features. 

Steelcase Gesture has comparatively broader space and holds more weight than most other chairs in the market. With a limited budget if you want to buy a good quality office chair, you can invest in Gesture. 

Is Steelcase Better Than Herman Miller?

Steelcase and Herman Miller are a century old company, and both have been well-received by the customers. Moreover, it is very hard to choose one in particular.

Aeron is considered to be the best creation by Herman Miller. It offers lots of ergonomic adjustments and comfort to the users. However, one or two Steelcase Chairs have the capability to beat Aeron.

Then again, being extremely costly, you will have no option but avoid Herman Miller and choose Steelcase Chairs instead.

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Are Steelcase Chairs Made In the USA?

Steelcase is an American-based company and most of its manufacturing plants are situated in North America. However, they have also been spreading their wings in Asia & Europe. 

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