Why Are Chairs Made Of Wood? (Explained)

When it comes to Chairs, most of us prefer wooden chairs over other types of chairs. Wooden Furniture is manufactured because there are various benefits they carry. Have you wondered why manufacturers use wood, an ancient way of making Chairs?

So, Why Are Chair Made of Wood? 

Chairs are made of wood for the following reasons:

  1. Wood Chairs Are Economical
  2. Wood Chairs Are Sustainable
  3. Wood Chairs Are Stronger & Durable
  4. Wood Chair Are Renewable
  5. Wood Chairs Are Weather Friendly
  6. Wooden Chairs Look More Elegant

In this article, you will get to know about various facts about wooden Furniture, along with its advantages and disadvantages. You will also learn about the reasons for using wood for manufacturing Chairs. 

6 Reasons For Making Chairs With Wood:

One of the ancient ways of manufacturing Chairs is using wood. With the advancements, manufacturers started adding fabrics and foams with wood. 

Nonetheless, Wooden Chairs have been popular over the years, and manufacturers chose to use wood when it came to chairs. Let us discuss the reasons for it.

1. Wood Chairs Are Economical

Building a wood chair is pretty cheap. If you have $20 to $100 in your hand, you can easily make a wood chair on your own. Well, the cost can vary depending on the type of wood. 

Moreover, people also prefer wood chairs since they require less maintenance. They prefer wood chairs for outdoor views, which is why manufacturers choose wood for Patio Furniture or Adirondack Chairs. 

Therefore, along with reducing manufacturing costs, wood chairs are more demandable than any other type of chair. 

2. Wood Chairs Are Sustainable

Another interesting fact about wood chairs is that they are sustainable products responsible for producing zero waste.

Therefore, the bi-products from the manufacturing process of wood are reusable. Moreover, the leftover wood can be used for other purposes as well. 

3. Wood Chairs Are Stronger & Durable

Well, undoubtedly, wood is stronger, and wood furniture lasts for years. Even though wood furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear, this material is capable of giving long-lasting service. 

If you are searching for a chair that is robust and has greater longevity, then wood chairs are chosen; as a result, manufacturers prefer to choose chairs made of wood.

In addition to that, the durability of wood chairs is remarkable. They are also used for outdoor décor or sitting arrangements. A little maintenance of wood chairs can make them last longer, ever the outdoor ones. 

4. Wood Chairs Are Renewable

Well, it is common to refurbish the wood chairs and make them look new. This is one of the interesting facts about Wood Chairs. You can even paint them and follow specific procedures to prevent any harmful effects.

Being a natural product, the wood from wood furniture can be renewable. Even during the manufacturing process, the extra woods can be used for other purposes, which reduces wastage and costs. 

5. Wooden Chairs Are Weather Friendly

As a natural material, wooden chairs are most likely to stay weather-friendly throughout the year. Not only do Wood chairs reduce the amount of wastage, but they also consume less energy to build.

Since wood chairs are even suitable for every weather, they stay protected and last longer.

For instance, Adirondack Chairs are also weather-friendly; just one layer of sealant also adds up to that.

If you are worried about whether your Adirondack Chairs are weather-proof or not, you can even do it by yourself. Check out this article, How to Weatherproof Adirondack Chairs?

6. Wooden Chairs Look More Elegant

People love wooden furniture for their premium and elegant looks. Although wooden chair designs are a bit mainstream, chairs made of wood look very elegant.

Of course, the quality of wood and finishing of the chair has to be good. Otherwise, wooden chairs can also look cheap.

Wood is probably the most popular material to make chairs on the entire planet right now, and among all reasons, the aesthetics of wooden chairs is definitely one of the main reasons.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wooden Furniture

As stated earlier, wooden Furniture is suitable and can be chosen for various purposes. However, Wooden Furniture also carries many drawbacks as well.

Advantages Of A Wooden Furniture:

Wooden Furniture has many benefits, and even now old generation prefers wood over other furniture materials. But why is that? 

What are the advantages of Wooden Furniture? Check the list of advantages of Wooden Furniture provided below;

  1. Wood is a sustainable product, and the cost of manufacturing Wooden Furniture is much lower; that is, it is also economical.
  2. Wooden Furniture adds an aesthetic look to the room you put the Furniture in. They are one of the important outdoor Furniture.
  3. Furniture made of wood lasts longer due to its more robust feature.
  4. Most of the Wooden Furniture are weather friendly.
  5. The maintenance cost of wood furniture is way cheaper than any other chair material. 
  6. The best part of owning wood furniture is keeping it for generations and passing it to your descendants because of the replenishing feature.  
  7. The process of producing Wooden Furniture does not have any bi-product; that is, it is a zero-waste mechanism
  8. Wooden Furniture is a versatile product due to its ability to be produced in various sizes, shapes, and designs. That is, there remain various options for you to choose from. 

Disadvantages Of A Wooden Furniture:

Wooden Furniture is very sensitive and sometimes requires too much care. If proper care is missing, it can get damaged. Wooden Furniture also has a few disadvantages, making them weak in front of other furniture materials.

So, What are the disadvantages of Wooden Furniture? Go through the provided list to acknowledge all the drawbacks of Wooden Furniture.

  1. Wooden Furniture is prone to wood-destroying pests, such as Termites, Wood Bores, Powerpost Beetles, or Carpenter Ants. Moreover, it is hard to identify those pests.
  2. Wooden Furniture becomes vulnerable when it comes in contact with water. This is the reason; you need to protect the outdoor Furniture from rain. 
  3. Sunlight can also leave a bad impact on Wooden Furniture; for instance, it can damage the surface and its color. 
  4. Like any other sensitive furniture material, Wooden Furniture can also get scratched or harmed by any sharp object. 
  5. Although you can easily make or fix any damaged Wooden Furniture at home, it requires a lot of time and patience
  6. Humidity, unfriendly temperature, or even when the Furniture gets old, you will notice warps which leads the wood to shrink or swell. 
  7. Wood is a serious flammable product and can emit dangerous chemicals. 

Is Wooden Furniture Better?

Wooden Furniture is better than most other types of Furniture in the market. Being a natural material, Woods gives the Furniture a stronger and long-lasting finish. 

Not only are they weather-friendly, but also, they are renewable. You can replenish it or color it to maintain its beautiful appearance. 

Although for Furniture, people now choose many synthetic materials instead of woods, woods are more reliable. 

Let us now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wood, to get a clear idea.  

Best Wood For Chairs

The tradition of using wood furniture has been in the present for many years now, which is why people now know about the best wood that is required to make the perfect wood chairs.

Among all types of wood that are used for manufacturing, Wooden Chairs, Oak, Mahogany, and Maple are the top ones. Chairs made of Oak surely last longer and are stronger than others. 

Due to the availability of Mahogany wood, Mahogany chairs have also gained worldwide popularity. Whereas Chairs made of Maple give a more aesthetic look than other Woods, they are sensitive and require much care. 

Related Questions

Why Is Hardwood Used For Furniture?

Hardwood is used to build Furniture because it cares not only for the atheistic appearance but also for durability. Hardwoods last longer and stay protected from any harmful effects compared to softwoods and other material materials. 

A few hardwoods, like Oak and Mahogany, can be pretty expensive but will last for years; that is, you get more value than its cost. In addition to that, they require less maintenance. 

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