Which Herman Miller Chair Should I Buy? A Helpful Guide

Are you looking for a new Herman miller office chair and can’t decide which one to get? Then, you have come to the right place. To decide on which Herman Miller chair you should buy, I will help you to understand which one will be best for your needs.

If you spend a long time at your desk and you want the best sitting experience from an office chair, then you should buy the Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Aeron chairs have remarkable ergonomic features, which make them the most obvious choice among all other Herman Miller chairs.

In this article, I will tell you the differences between the most popular Herman Miller chairs, which will help you understand why I think the Aeron chair is the best choice for most people out there. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Most Popular Herman Miller Chairs:

  • Sayl Chair
  • Celle Chair
  • Mirra 2 Chair
  • Cosm Chair
  • Aeron Chair
  • Embody Chair

Difference Between Herman Miller Chairs:

FeaturesSaylCelleMirra 2CosmEmbodyAeron (Size B)
Back Support:Adjustable Lumbar SupportAdjustable Lumbar SupportAdjustable Lumbar SupportNatural CurveBackFit™ adjustmentAdjustable PostureFit SL
Tilt:Harmonic tilt mechanismHarmonic 2 tilt mechanismForward-Tilt mechanismAuto-Harmonic TiltHybrid TiltHarmonic tilt mechanism
Arms:4D armrests3D armrests3D armrestsOnly Height adjustable2D Armrests3D Armrests
Seat Height:15.5” – 20.5”15.5” – 20.25”14.75″ – 22.25″16.5’’ – 21’’16.5’’ – 21.5’’16” – 20.5”
User Height:4’8’’ – 6’4’’4’8’’ – 6’3’’4’5” – 6’10”5’1’’ – 6’6’’5’1’’ – 6’8’’5’ – 6’4”
Seat Depth:AdjustableAdjustableAdjustableNot AdjustableAdjustableNot Adjustable
Weight Capacity:350 lbs350 lbs350 lbs350 lbs300 lbs350 lbs
Price Range:$695 – 1295$675 – $895$892.5 – $1245$1545 – $1995$1,395 – $2,065$1095 – $1995

Herman Miller Sayl:

Sayl is the entry-level task chair from Herman Miller. Starting price of Herman Miller Sayl is $695; with the fully loaded feature, it can go up to $1295. 

You will find Sayl on their official website just by clicking here.


Herman Miller Sayl offers the most unique-looking backrest that you will find on the market. This backrest has vents in them for breathability, and this design is inspired by a suspension bridge. 

The backrest is very supportive and comfortable. You will also get an adjustable lumbar support system which will allow you to adjust the lumbar support height, but depth adjustment is not available on this chair.

You will find the seat of this chair a bit more firm, which has about two inches of foam, but you won’t sink into the seat, but it’s going to be comfortable for long hours of sitting.

You can also adjust the seat depth of this chair, which is important if you are tall or short.

The armrest of this chair has a fully adjustable feature, allowing you to adjust the height, width, depth, and pivot. So, you can place your arm wherever you want. However, the armrest won’t be as comfortable as high-end chairs as it’s an entry-level task chair.

This chair has a Harmonic tilt mechanism that offers a smooth reclining experience. You can also use the tilt limiter option to lock the backrest into different angles and the tilt-tension option to adjust the backrest firmness while reclining.

The forward-tilt feature is also available if you want to come forward if you want to be more focused at work.

You can adjust the seat height from 15.5’’ to 20.5’’, which is suitable for a person’s height ranging from 4’8’’ to 6’4’’.

Should You Consider this Chair?

Herman Miller Sayl task chair comes with a ton of adjustments that you can expect from a Herman Miller chair.

I really like the design and functions of this chair, but if you upgrade this chair to more features, you can see the price can go up to $1295. At this price, you can get the Herman Miller Aeron.

If you find your desired function at a lower price than $900 on this chair, I will suggest you consider it; otherwise, go for Herman Miller Aeron.

Herman Miller Celle:

Celle is another task chair from Herman Miller. Its starting price is $675, with the fully upgraded option, it’s going to cost you $895.


Herman Miller Celle offers a high-end mechanism like the rest of Herman Miller’s premium chairs.

If you look at the chair, you will notice its unique looking backrest, which is firm and comes with adjustable lumbar support. You can adjust the height and depth of the lumbar pad.

The armrest of this chair is quite adjustable. Although it’s not fully adjustable, you can adjust the height, width, and angle of the armrest, which is quite enough for most people. Be sure to upgrade the armrest from fixed arms to adjustable arms.

The armrest is padded but not as Herman Miller Aeron or Mirra 2. 

This chair comes with Harmonic 2 Tilt technology that ensures balanced movement while rocking or reclining.

While you are reclining on this chair, you are going to feel comfortable and natural like other Herman Miller chairs. This harmonic tilt is a combination of synchro-tilt and knee-tilt mechanisms.

You can upgrade this chair to a tilt limiter option that offers multiple locking positions while reclining and a forward seat tilt mechanism. You can also adjust the tilt tension when needed.

The seat of this chair is padded, but it’s firm. You will feel comfortable for long hours of sitting, this chair also has the option to upgrade the adjustable seat depth feature.

You can adjust the seat height from 15.5’’ to 20.25’’, which is suitable for a person’s height ranging from 4’8’’ to 6’3’’.

Should You Consider this Chair?

Herman Miller Celle offers amazing design and features at a lower price. You get almost all the premium features at an affordable price.

However, I will suggest you upgrade the adjustable features to this chair,; this and you will also get a 12-years warranty like the other Herman Miller chairs.

Herman Miller Mirra 2:

Mirra 2 is a mid-range office chair from Herman Miller. It has several impressive features for which it is very much popular in the market.

The base model of the Mirra 2 costs around 890 bucks. A fully upgraded model of this chair can cost you up to 1245 bucks.


Unlike most Herman Miller office chairs, Mirra 2 has adjustable lumbar support, which I truly appreciate. Also, the butterfly suspension back design of the Mirra 2 is very supportive and comfortable.

It has an adjustable seat height of 14.75″ – 22.25″. That’s why we recommend it for users of height 4’5” – 6’10”. So, even if you are a short or very tall person, the seat height of the Mirra 2 won’t disappoint you.

A forward tilt mechanism is built in this chair. Tilt limiter and seat angle adjustment are present. I think this is a nice feature to have.

Moreover, it has super adjustable 4D armrests, which make the use of arms very convenient.

The Mirra 2 has another ergonomic feature that is even absent in the flagship Aeron chair, which is the seat depth adjustment.

Yeah, Mirra 2 allows you to adjust the seat depth even the most iconic Herman Miller Aeron lacks this feature.

Should You Consider this Chair?

This chair is very comfortable without any doubt. It has more ergonomic features than the Aeron as well.

However, the chair feels too soft to me. This is the thing that bugs me a lot. If you like the chair more than the usual soft chair, then go for it. But I think the Aeron has a better balance of firmness and softness than the Mirra 2.

I have written a complete comparison comparing the Mirra 2 and the Aeron. You can find it here.

It has a fully adjustable 4D armrest which allows you to adjust perfectly for your comfort zone.

You can adjust the seat depth, which isn’t possible with the Aeron. 

ButteryFly suspension back offers flexible back support that conforms to your shape.

Herman Miller Cosm:

Herman Miller Cosm comes in a lower-back, mid-back, and high-back configuration. Depending on the configuration, the price will vary from $1545 – $1995.


If you look at the Cosm chair, you won’t find many; even adjustability options as you have seen on other Herman Miller chairs. However, this chair is engineered to add less adjustability while being ergonomic and comfortable.

Herman Miller has engineered the design of this chair to fit in different environments. You will just love the design and aesthetic of this chair.

This chair comes with six different color options, and you can choose any of them according to your preference.

One thing you will notice on this chair is a continuous mesh from the backrest to the seat, and there is no gap between the seat and the backrest, which most office chair does.

Although this chair doesn’t have adjustable lumbar support or seat depth feature, you will find it very comfortable. The natural curve of the back is quite good for lower back support. 

This chair does not have seat depth adjustment, which could be a problem for both shorter and taller people.

Cosm also features a weight-activated mechanism that does not have any tilt-lock or tilt tension adjustment. It automatically adjusts the recline tension according to your weight.

This chair offers three types of armrests, and I will suggest you go with the adjustable armrest as it’s more practical for computer-related tasks.

The seat height of this chair is adjustable from 16.5’’ to 21’’, which is suitable for a person’s height ranging from 5’1’’ to 6’6’’. So, a wide range of people can easily use this chair.

Should You Consider this Chair?

Herman Miller Cosm is a futuristic-looking chair. Some people will love it; some will hate it. But this chair is less adjustable while being ergonomic and comfortable.

If you are someone who doesn’t care about ergonomic adjustability, just wants to sit and get comfortable, you should get this chair.

Herman Miller Aeron:

Herman Miller Aeron Size B

Undoubtedly, Aeron is the most popular chair from Herman Miller. From my experience, the Aeron chair provides a better sitting experience than 99.99% of chairs in the market right now.

The Aeron chair costs around $1000 right now.  Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.


The Posturefit SL feature of the Aeron chair is amazing. The adjustable PostureFit SL pads not only stabilize the base of the spine but also provide adequate lumbar support.

The backrest of this chair is designed in such a way that you will effortlessly sit with the correct posture. That’s why I love Aeron chairs.

Aeron comes in 3 different sizes. Such as Size A, B, and C. You can say, Size B is the universal size of the Aeron chair.

If you are a very short guy, you can go with size A. Otherwise, Size B will be fine for you.

The Size B of the Aeron chair has a seat height of 16 – 20.5 inches. Our recommended user height for this chair is  5’ – 6’4”.

The backrest of the Aeron chair comes with breathable mesh fabric, which promotes airflow. So, during summer, your back will not sweat because of that.

Moreover, Aeron Chairs come with a 12-years warranty which is really cool.

I almost forgot to tell you that the Chair is delivered fully assembled or pre-assembled at your footstep. Isn’t that cool?

Should You Consider this Chair?

You should definitely consider buying this awesome office chair. The Aeron chair is very comfortable to sit on.

In my opinion, if you want a premium office chair with great ergonomic features and if your budget is around $1000, then Aeron is the best choice for sure. 

Herman Miller Embody

Embody is the most expensive flagship office chair from Herman Miller. It has a unique backrest design and strong build quality, which makes this chair special.

The Embody chair can cost you anywhere from $1,395 – $2,065, depending on the version you choose.


The seat and backrest of the embody are highly flexible. Although the lumbar support system is not manually adjustable, the flexible backrest compensates for that.

When you move your back, the backrest will keep moving with you and will continue providing support. It doesn’t matter if you are going to bend or stretch your back. You will find the backrest moving with you.

This feature is unique. Most office chairs in the market don’t have this feature. Also, the natural curve of this chair is quite good. It helps to maintain proper posture.

This chair features a very sophisticated hybrid tilting mechanism which is a combination of synchro-tilt and knee-tilt mechanisms.

Because of this tilting mechanism, the rocking and reclining experience is very smooth and peaceful. Also, you get multiple position tilt lock and tilt tension adjustment features which improve the sitting experience even more.

Now, let’s talk about the seat adjustments. The seat height of the embody can be adjusted from 16 – 20.5 inches. Because of the wide adjustment of seat height, this chair can support people of height 5’0″ – 6’4″, which is amazing.

Should You Consider this Chair?

The Embody chair is amazing for sure. But the price seems too high. To get a fully upgraded embody chair, you might have to spend over 2000 bucks which is not ideal for most people.

So, you might consider the Embody office chair if money is not a concern. But considering the price, I think the Aeron is an overall better choice.

The base price of the Embody model is $1,395.00. Herman Miller lets you choose between different upholsteries, finishes, and casters. 

Which Herman Miller Chair is The Best?

The Aeron is the best and most popular office chair from Herman Miller. It provides a better sitting experience than other Herman Miller office chairs out there in the market.

The back support of the Aeron chair is exceptional. I have not seen any other Herman Miller chair providing such awesome back support.

There are various reasons for which I think Herman Miller Aeron is the best. Let me point out these reasons for you to help you understand.

Herman Miller Aeron is The Best For The Following Reasons:

  1. Enhanced Lumbar Support: The adjustable PostureFit SL technology built-in within the chair provides adequate lumbar support. 
  2. Offers Better Ergonomic: It is a good example of a human-centered Chair and offers the best technologically advanced features for better posture. 
  3. Offers Breathable Mesh Fabric: It comes in a breathable mesh seat and back, which promotes airflow.
  4. Harmonic Tilt Support: The reclining experience is very smooth and balanced with the amazing Harmonic or synchro Tilt Supports. 
  5. Fully Adjustable Armrests: The armrests can be adjusted by height, depth, and angle. Also, the arms are well padded.
  6. Pre-assembled: The Aeron Chair comes completely assembled. So, no assembly hassle.
  7. Premium Build Quality & Extended Warranty: Aeron comes with 12 years of warranty from Herman Miller. That’s awesome.

What Size Herman Miller Chair Should I get?

Herman Miller Aeron is available in 3 different sizes which are Size A, B, and C.

  1. Go for Aeron Size A, if you are a short person, your Height is below 5 ft 10 inches, and your weight is below 300 pounds.
  2. Go for Aeron Size B, if you are a regular person and your height is above 5 ft 10 inches.
  3. Go for Aeron Size C, if you are an obese person and your weight is above 300 pounds.

Other Herman Miller sizes have adjustable seat height, width,, and depth adjustments which make them one size fits all.

So, if you are getting any Herman Miller chair, other than Aeron, there are no size choices.

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