Where Are Steelcase Chairs Made?

A few months back, I was wondering where Steelcase chairs are made. So, I did some digging and found out my answer and a lot of interesting information on this topic. Let me tell you what I have found!

Where Are Steelcase Chairs Made? Most Steelcase chairs are made in North America, Europe & Asia. Steelcase is a USA-based company and it has most of its manufacturing plants in North America. It has ten more plants in Europe and Asia.

In this article, I will provide various interesting information on Steelcase and also you will get to know about their products in detail.

Brief History Of Steelcase

Steelcase is an American-based company founded in 1921 as the Metal Office Furniture Company. Peter M. Wege, Walter D. Idema, and David D. Hunting jointly founded the company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This 100-years old company was always committed to doing business differently and sustainably. Their comprehensive portfolio is combined by two brands; Steelcase and Coalesse. 

They are driven by sustainable social, economic, and environmental changes which are completely reflected in their decisions and actions.

They produce architecture, furniture, and technological products and services designed to help people. Most of their chairs are manufactured from high-quality recycled materials.

Where Do Steelcase Manufacture Their Products?

Steelcase has manufacturing plants in North America, Europe, and Asia. Although a few North American plants are being shut down, still the highest number of manufacturing plants are situated in that area

Those areas are, Kentwood West in Michigan, Gaines Township, High Point, North Carolina, lastly two in Mexico.

However, Steelcase has ten manufacturing plants in Europe and Asia. It was reported that the size of the buildings was about 230,000 sq meters.

Are Steelcase chairs worth the investment?

People sometimes claim Steelcase chairs are much more expensive than other chairs in the market.

But what they don’t admit is that the chairs by Steelcase are manufactured using high-quality components, all the chairs are served with various ergonomic features and designs. 

Even though Steelcase chairs last for years, the company gives a 12-year-warranty to all their Steelcase chairs.

If you want to know that Steelcase chairs are worth it, you can read our dedicated article “Are Steelcase Chairs Worth It?â€. In this article, we have mentioned all features & policies that any Steelcase chair offers.

Moreover, Steelcase chairs are extremely flexible, perfectly blended providing you the best comfort and value better than any other ergonomic chair in the market.

It sometimes comes with unnecessarily large armrests and oddly elongated backrests and they are one of the better-looking chairs. Give your office an aesthetic environment.

The seats have a perfect balance of cushiness and firmness with their comfort foam which will prevent anybody aches away from you.

I would say, if your preference is a comfortable & adjustable chair and budget is not a factor, I would definitely suggest buying a Steelcase chair. Trust me, with its longevity, it will be worth the investment.

Then again, if you are a top-level officer, keeping a Steelcase chair in your office will boost up the standard of your office with its exceptional & functional features. 

What Is The Best Steelcase Chair?

If you are interested to know about chairs manufactured by Steelcase Company, then you can read my article, Which Steelcase Chair Is The Best? In this article, you will get detailed information on various Steelcase Chairs.

However, if you ask me which one is the best Steelcase chair, my answer would always be the Steelcase leap chair. Even though the price is high it comes with top quality materials and ergonomic features.

After using it for 12 years Steelcase chairs hold their resale value. Just add a little love to them and they come out looking brand new.

I bet you will get the ultimate comfort sitting in a Steelcase leap chair, even if you work for a longer period. As it has 4-way adjustable arms move in height, width, depth, and pivot to better support the neck and shoulder.

It’s Natural Glide System technology enables you to comfortably recline while keeping your body aligned and leap’s live back changes shape to mimic the movement of your spine.

The casters also have carpet protectors and don’t damage your floors. You can check the latest price of Steelcase Leap Chair on Amazon. 

Why is Steelcase Chair so Expensive?

1.  Constant Focus on Sustainability

Over the past 100 years, Steelcase has been recognized as a sustainable and corporately responsible company. Three of their main focuses were: investing in renewable energy, strengthening communities, and partnering with customers.  

They started working to conserve more, use less valuable resources. They innovated better ways to produce products so that materials are used in better and responsible ways.

They set a legacy of positive change that benefits us all and following the path of sustainability is necessary.

2.  Perfect Blend with Ergonomic Features

Nowadays, ergonomic chairs have become essential for any office worker, as adults spend more than 8-hours a day sitting on a chair and a chair that supports human posture is necessary.

For the betterment of long-term health benefits, Steelcase always comes up with various innovative features that will provide you the utmost comfort and adjustable backrest & seat. It naturally mimics the natural curve of the spine, providing you with a healthier way to sit.

3.  Strongest Warranty

Steelcase claims they provide the strongest warranty in the market. They have always been confident with their products and claim it will give you a limited lifetime warranty.

Just imagine your one-time purchase from Steelcase will ensure your lifelong repair option. This shows how trustable their products are; cause the company wouldn’t have given such facility if the product was faulty.

Is It Safe To Buy Used Steelcase Chairs?

Definitely, the chair with such facilities is bound to be highly-priced. As a result, you might skip buying chairs from Steelcase.

Do you know a fun fact? You can always buy a second-hand Steelcase chair without breaking the bank. You might worry about the quality and durability.

Let me tell you, as stated earlier, Steelcase chairs come with a limited lifetime warranty and the company is always confident with its products. The quality won’t differ; even after a long time period.

Another thing to worry about is the cleanliness. No need to worry, if the delivered product is uncleaned. Feel free to read this article on How to Deep Clean a Fabric Office Chair?

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