Where are Herman Miller Chairs Made?

I love Herman Miller office chairs. They are the most durable chairs in the market for years. You might have heard many times about the Herman Miller chairs. Herman Miller chairs are legends. Have you ever wondered where Herman Miller chairs made? If yes, this article is for you. I have researched on this topic for hours, and this is what I found:

Herman Miller chairs are made in the U.S., China, and the United Kingdom as well. Initially, the Herman Miller chairs were manufactured in Zeeland, Michigan, U.S. In 2007 Herman Miller established a factory in Ningbo, China, and then in the year 2012, Herman Miller acquired the Asian office manufacturer named POSH and started manufacturing and distributing their products throughout Asia. Soon after that, Herman Miller opens Portal-Mill, a 170,000 square ft. manufacturing and office space in the United Kingdom and starts making and distributing their chairs across Europe.

I dug out a lot of interesting information about the past and present of the giant chair making company. If you want to know more about Herman Miller, keep reading! 

A Little History:

  • The company was founded in 1905, and it was known by the name Star Furniture Company.
  • D. J. De Pree was hired as a clerk in 1909, and after a few years, he became the president of the company.
  • D. J. Pree’s Father-in-Law, Herman Miller purchased the majority of shares of the Star Furniture Company, and it was renamed Herman Miller after his name.
  • In 1970 Herman Miller went public and started selling shares to the public.
  • Herman Miller’s website, www.hermanmiller.com, went live in 1995. Coincidentally in the same year, I was born as well. Haha
  • In 2007 Herman Miller started manufacturing their chairs in China.
  • Herman Miller introduced one of the most popular chairs in history, the Embody chair, in 2008. This chair was designed by Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf.
  • Finally, in 2016, Herman Miller opened the New York Flagship, which brought the company’s all the family of brands under a single roof for the first time in history. [Source]

Where are Herman Miller Aeron Chairs Made?

Herman Miller chairs are manufactured in China, United States and as well as in the United Kingdom. But to be sure I did some more research and found that Herman Miller Aeron chairs are made in Zeeland, Michigan of the U.S.

Aeron chair is one of the top notch ergonomic chairs out there. Design and comfortability-wise this chair is assumed as a legendary chair. Likewise, equa chairs, Eames lounge chairs are also made there.

Related Questions: 

Is Herman Miller made in China?

Yes, Herman Miller chairs are manufactured in China. As I have noted earlier, in 2007, Herman Miller established a factory to manufacture Ningbo, China, and started manufacturing and distributing their products. They started manufacturing in China as the manufacturing cost was lower due to available raw materials and cheap labour in China.

Later in 2012 Herman Miller acquired an Asian company named POSH. This enabled the business to increase efficiency and serve the Asian market by distributing their chairs not only in China but also throughout Asia. 

Is Herman Miller still alive?

I don’t think that Herman Miller is still alive. Just do the maths, Herman Miller, the Father-in-Law of D.J. Pree would be more than 130 years old today(assuming) if he was alive. He acquired the Star Furniture company in 1923 and named it Herman Miller. 

This was around 100 years in the past. So while acquiring the company, if he was, let’s say, 30 years old. Then he would be 130 years old today. I am not sure about his age. This is my personal assumption. I could not find the actual birth and death information on Herman Miller anywhere over the internet. But we can assume he is no more.

However, the legend behind Herman Miller, D.J. Pree died in 1993. Without him the name of Herman Miller would not be as famous as it is today. Herman Miller & D. J. Pree left behind one of the successful and long lasting company in the history.

Other Things to Know:

  • D.J. Pree was the first president of Herman Miller.
  • Herman Miller was previously known as Star Furniture Company, and from that, it was renamed to Michigan Star Furniture Company before D. J. Pree’s father in law, Herman Miller, bought the company.
  • As of today, the Market Value / Mkt Cap Herman Miller is around 2.169 Billion U.S.D.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! Herman Miller chairs are made in the U.S., China, and the U.K. From there, their chairs are distributed throughout Asia, Europe and America. To most people, Herman Miller is not just a furniture brand; it is an emotion. Most people who use Herman Miller chairs develop strong brand preference and loyalty for the company. 

Along the journey of Herman Miller, they were able to create a good image in the mind of their customers by providing durable and sophisticated chairs over the years. For this reason, customers are always willing to pay a higher price for their office chairs.

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