What Color Adirondack Chair Should I Get?

Adirondack Chairs are my favorite when I think of outdoor chairs for my backyard. The atheistic look and iconic design are what make them perfect. But how to choose the perfect Adirondack Chair? Well, it can be confusing to find the perfect color.   

What Color Adirondack Chair Should I Get? You should get the blue color as you can never go wrong with the blue color. Other than that, you can go for Mahogany Adirondack Chairs, my personal favorite. Based on the sitting setting, the preferred color of the Adirondack Chair can change.

Adirondack chairs are available in a variety of colors and shades. In this article, I will help you decide which color Adirondack Chair to choose in which environment. Lastly, I will provide various tips that will help you decide the perfect color for your Adirondack Chairs. 

Different Popular Adirondack Chair Colors:

Before searching for the best color for Adirondack Chairs, let me briefly tell you about the available colors you will find in the market.

1. Blue Adirondack Chairs:

The most preferable and seen among all other shades are Blue Adirondack Chairs. It gives a coastal décor when paired with your beach view garden. Placing it with while, red and yellow tables & other props, you can brighten your garden. 

2. Navy Adirondack Chairs:

It is a darker shade than blue; however, it provides a more elegant look that perfectly matches your modern decor. Pair it with bright color cushions to brighten up the appearance.  

3. Red Adirondack Chairs:

Red Adirondack Chairs are bold and represent power & strength. The vibrant red color makes the perfect sitting area in the outdoor area. Pair it with different colors of cushions. 

4. Yellow Adirondack Chairs:

This is the perfect color for any resort as it just helps to brighten up the mood and lift up the spirits. Yellow color Adirondack Chairs will be perfect if you want to brighten up your restaurant facing the beach.

5. Orange Adirondack Chairs:

During my research, orange was the least preferred one. Although the orange color Adirondack Chairs help to bring enthusiasm, people prefer to choose other colors over orange. Nonetheless, if you pair your red & blue Adirondack Chairs and cushions with the orange Adirondack Chairs, it will just magically change the sitting area’s vibe. 

6. Green Adirondack Chairs:

Green is the color of nature and gives an environmentally-friendly vibe. It is also proven to reduce stress and balance out emotions. The dark green Adirondack Chairs bring elegance and class to your home décor.

7. Lemon Adirondack Chairs:

The lemon color Adirondack Chairs are the same as the green ones but are lighter. It looks perfect in the garden while having a picnic. 

8. Lime Adirondack Chairs:

It is a very vibrant and eye-popping color, giving a subtle look to your sitting area. Lime Adirondack Chairs go perfectly with an ocean view or poolside setting. 

9. Purple Adirondack Chairs:

Purple is chosen by the people who have a sense of beauty. It looks perfect in any setting. For instance, Purple Adirondack Chairs always center the mood in the garden, poolside view, resort, or ocean view. 

10. Black Adirondack Chairs

Black Adirondack Chairs exhibits sophistication, elegance, and power.  I personally like the black Adirondack Chairs in a poolside view, paired with colorful cushions and a blanket. 

11. Sand Adirondack Chairs

Sand color Adirondack Chairs complements various types of décor while giving the sitting area an earthly look. By pairing it with different shades of blue and green decors, you can give your sitting space a coastal vibe.

12. Aruba Adirondack Chairs

Aruba also goes perfectly in a pool-sided area. You just need to pair it with white and red colored pillows and blankets to change the overall view of the sitting area. 

13. Mahogany Adirondack Chairs

To be honest, it is my personal favorite, and it just changes the overall sitting environment. I love the way it looks with the white blanket and pillows in the outdoor view. 

14. White Adirondack Chairs

The white Adirondack Chairs give a fresh and refreshing look. However, white Adirondack Chairs can be prone to dirt, and the color might get worse.     

Among all these Blue colors, Adirondack chairs are a safe option, as it goes with almost every environment. It is a color of creativity and calmness. You will never go wrong with Blue Adirondack Chairs. 

Without Blue, you can choose among Mahogany, Black, and Green will go perfectly when you prefer to give a modern touch to your traditional outdoor view. Mahogany and Black both carry an elegant and sophisticated look.

Best Color For Adirondack Chair

When I did some research on the popular Adirondack Chairs colors, the results were a bit unexpected. Yellow, blue, green, and purple were the topmost preferred Adirondack Chair colors.

Blue color is the best and versatile Adirondack chair color for most people. Moreover, it is claimed that blue Adirondack Chairs can match with any kind of environment, i.e., you can never go wrong with Blue Adirondack Chairs. 

However, Purple is considered the best option when it comes to replacing the usual chairs from the backyard. The purple Adirondack Chairs will simply change the vibe. The exciting part is that it looks perfect in any given area. 

How To Decide Between These 14 Colors Of Adirondack Chairs?

Although you know about different colors, you will find Adirondack Chairs, and it can be tough to choose the perfect one for a given situation. Let us discuss it further,

Which Color Adirondack Chairs To Use In A Resort Or Restaurant?

Mostly Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Aruba looks vibrant in a restaurant, as these colors can brighten up the mood while giving a refreshing vibe. You can even use a mixture of these colors with white pillows or blankets to excentre the overall look. 

Which Color Adirondack Chairs To Use In My Garden?

Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Aruba, and Mahogany are the most popular for a garden setup. With the green surrounding, these colors will simply change the vibe into a more cheerful one. 

You can even pair the Adirondack Chairs with footstools to make the sitting arrangement more comfortable.  You can check out my favorite footstool for Adirondack chairs on Amazon by clicking here.

Even when arranging a barbeque party in the garden, the bonfire will make these chairs look more vibrant.

Which Color Adirondack Chairs To Use In A Poolside Or Ocean View?

You can go wrong choosing the perfect color for a poolside or ocean view sitting setting because every color will go perfectly in this setting. Nonetheless, Aruba, Yellow, Red, and blue are the most preferred ones. 

With these color Adirondack Chairs, you can decorate the sitting arrangement with colorful pillows and blankets. 

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Color For Adirondack Chair

  1. When in doubt, just go for blue Adirondack Chairs. It suits any weather and any sitting arrangement. 
  2. You can mix up 3 to 4 colors to give your backyard a more vibrant look. 
  3. If you live in a dry or cold area, avoid using the white-colored Adirondack Chairs, as they can catch dirt effortlessly. Moreover, due to moisture & dry weather, the paint can get off quickly. 
  4. If you live in a hilly area, try to choose between vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, or Aruba. 
  5. If you have already brought an Adirondack Chair but don’t like its color, you can always paint it in your preferred color. 

Check out my favorite Adirondack chair on Amazon by clicking here. It’s available in 10 different color options and currently costs around 200 bucks, and offers excellent design and durable wood material

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! Blue is so far my favorite color for adirondack chair. It is completely a personal preference. You should get the color that goes with your taste and the surrounding environment.

In the market most popular colors of adirondack chairs are yellow, blue, green, and purple. I hope, by now you have decided on the best color for adirondack chair for yourself.

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