What are Ergonomic Office Chairs and When Are They Necessary?

Ergonomic office chairs are getting popular day by day. People like me who have desk jobs sit from 6 to 8 hours regularly, which causes discomfort and various physical issues like back pain and whatnot. To minimize these issues and to work more comfortably and efficiently, people look for ergonomic office chairs. In the past, I suffered from back pain as well. So, I did lots of research on what are ergonomic office chairs? Let’s check out what I have found!

What are Ergonomic Office Chairs? Ergonomic office chairs are those chairs which are built to provide extra comfort and to reduce physical issues for the users so that the overall efficiency of the user increases while sitting and working at the desk.

If you’re still getting familiar with ergonomic office chairs, then this is one blog you are not going to miss. I will answer all your most burning queries about the ergonomic office chair, including more on what they do, when you should get one, and which ergonomic office chair material is best.

Let’s begin!

What are Ergonomic Office Chairs?

If you have already read some of our recent articles, you might already know that an ergonomic office chair is like any other standard office chair serving the same purpose of sitting, but it contains some extra adjustable ergonomic features.

These features give you the ability to adjust everything on a chair up to your comfort level.

Besides, ergonomic office chairs provide extra back support. The backrest of ergonomic office chairs is designed to fit the natural curve of your back.

For this reason, ergonomic office chairs can minimize the chances of developing physical issues like back pain and fix your posture.

All these results in an increase in efficiency while you are sitting and working at your desk.

What is a Good Ergonomic Office Chair?

A good ergonomic office chair is that chair with all adjustable ergonomic features like great lumbar support, adjustable lumbar support, armrests, etc. At the same time, the chair should be durable and comfortable as well.

Good ergonomic office chairs usually have a longer lifespan and extended warranty periods. Also, they are very much comfortable and supportive of your back.

How do you know if a Chair is Ergonomic?

It is very easy to understand if a chair is ergonomic or not. You have to look for certain ergonomic features. If a chair contains those features, you can say the chair is ergonomic.

The features that make a chair ergonomic are as follows:

Adjustable Seat Height:

By far this is one of the most important ergonomic features of an office chair. Not everyone has the same height. Also, the desk height varies a lot.

For this reason, the height of the chair should be adjustable. Otherwise, the angle by which you look at the computer screen will change. The ability to read and write on your desk will also be problematic.

Besides, if you do not or can not adjust the height of your chair as per your height, you will not be able to sit comfortably.

All these things will affect the productivity of your work and your physical well-being. That’s why adjustable seat height is really important.

Adjustable Armrests:

Armrests work as a support for your elbows. It provides a surface on which you can rest your arms and elbows when you sit for prolonged hours on your office chair.

When you sit for long hours, and if your office chair doesn’t have armrests, you have no surface to rest your arms and elbows. This will cause strain on the elbow muscles.

So, armrests are essential. Again, everybody is different. So, the height and angle of the armrest that will fit everyone should be different as well. If the armrests are fixed, you will not be able to adjust the angle and height of the armrests. But if they are adjustable, they will provide extra comfort, and you will be able to sit more comfortably.

Adjustable Back and Lumbar Support:

I think this is the most important feature for which people should consider ergonomic office chairs over regular office chairs. 

Most ergonomic chairs always come with adjustable backrests. They allow you to adjust the backrest as per your requirement and also allows you to adjust the angle.

Besides, the backrests of ergonomic chairs are built to support your spine and thus are designed according to the curvature of your spine.

Moreover, the lumbar support also lets you keep an upright posture while sitting. This is really important to avoid back pain-related issues in the long run.

Better Mobility:

Ergonomic office chairs contain a 360-degree swivel feature that lets you rotate your chair. At the same time, they include good quality caster wheels to ensure smooth mobility.

The swivel feature, along with good quality wheels, makes rolling very smooth and comfortable. I love these features, as rolling my office chairs allows me to pick up nearby things around my workspace without getting up.

Also, when you are doing group discussions in your office, and there are people all around you, swivel features come in handy. Sometimes, I sit with my colleagues to discuss projects or anything else; at that time, the swivel features allow me to rotate and talk with them more effectively.

Adjustable Headrest:

Having an adjustable headrest is an excellent feature to have, especially when you sit for long hours. It allows you to rest your head and neck once a while when your neck muscles start to ache as you sit for a long time.

Also, when you are not working, the headrest allows you to sit in a more relaxed manner and provides extra comfort.

What Is the Best Material for an Ergonomic Office Chair?

Mesh-fabric is considered the best material for an ergonomic office chair. Mesh-back and seat are used on most of the ergonomic office chairs out there.

Mesh back allows the flow of heat and air from the back, and thus this prevents you from sweating during the summer season when you sit for long hours.

Also, mesh fabric is comparatively easier to clean and maintain than leather material.

To know which office chair material people prefer the most, I have conducted a small survey. The results were pretty exciting. Let’s check it out, shall we?

In the above illustration, as you can see, I have asked people which office chair material they prefer.

The majority of people (over 44%) prefer Mesh fabric. Leather is in the second position. Only 29.6% of people prefer leather material. And the rest prefers wood and plastic.

The survey shows some interesting data. It shows that leather and mesh are the most popular office chair material, which is quite obvious. But I was pretty surprised when I saw people prefer mesh over leather as an office chair material.

When Do You Need to Use an Ergonomic Office Chair?

When you have a desk job that requires you to sit for more than six hours a day, then it is time for you to get an ergonomic office chair for ensuring better comfort, more productivity, and fewer physical issues in the long run.

Also, if you spend a long time sitting while gaming or watching movies, an ergonomic office chair would be beneficial for your health in the long run.

Do I Need an Ergonomic Office Chair?

If you spend long hours sitting and working at your desk like me and want to minimize the consequences of sitting all day, you need an ergonomic office chair.

Sitting for long hours has a lot of physical and mental effects on your body. I suggest you check out my article on, What Happens When You Sit at a Desk All Day?

So, if you are serious about your well-being and productivity, I think it is a good idea for you to get an ergonomic office chair.

How Long Does the Ergonomic Office Chairs Last?

On average, a good quality ergonomic office chair will last around 5-10 years, considering the fact that you will spend around six hours sitting on your office chair. 

However, there are other factors that determine the longevity of an ergonomic office chair. Besides the amount of time used, the maintenance of the chair also determines the lifespan of any office chair.

If you take good care of your ergonomic office chair, it will definitely last longer.

Ergonomic Office Chair Maintenance

Here are some great tips that you can use for proper maintenance and care of your ergonomic office chair.

  • Clean regularly: You should clean your ergonomic office chair regularly. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt that settles on it.
  • Don’t forget to clean the casters: Dirts and hairs often get stuck inside the caster wheels of any office chair. To protect the wheels and keep them rolling, clean them every month.
  • Tighten the screws properly: Before using an ergonomic office chair, you should ensure that all the screws and bolts are tight. You should not tight them regularly. Just check them every 5-6 months.

Final Thoughts

Ergonomic office chairs will provide you more comfort than other office chairs while boosting your productivity.

They also reduce the chances of developing back pain and neck pain from sitting for hours in the long run.

Because of our sedentary lifestyle, the necessity of getting an ergonomic office chair has increased manifold.

Now that you know more about your ergonomic office chair, you can begin taking better care of yourself as well as your ergonomic office chair. Best of luck!

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