Top 7 Problems With Stressless Chairs (Explained)

Stressless Chairs are considered to be one of the recliners that provides long-lasting comfort. Although Stressless chairs require big investments, they manufacture quality chairs keeping the environmental factors in mind. However, Are Stressless Chairs really Stress-less?

Top 7 Problems relating to Stressless Chairs

1. Stressless Chairs Are Overpriced

2. Stressless Chairs Can Be Unreliable 

3. Questionable Warranty Period

4. Leather Of Fabric Upholstery Has Less Warranty Period

5. Poor Quality Service

6. Replacement Are Not Good Enough

7. The Irritating Leather Smell

In this article, I will be focusing on all the issues you might face using a Stressless chair. In the end, I will also be mentioning various interesting benefits of Stressless Chairs. 

So, What are you waiting for? Keep on Reading. 

What Is Stressless Furniture?

After starting its journey in the seventies, Stressless Furniture gained much popularity due to its comfortable recliners. Stressless recliners provide one of the most comfortable sitting arrangements; still, they are unbeatable in the market. 

This Norway-based furniture company has been receiving popularity, and it still is at its peak. Other than recliners, Stressless also produces sofas and chairs. The furniture comes in various shapes, designs, and colors. 

Stressless care for environmental effects and tries to leave a minimal ecological footprint. They strongly believe in recycling and less wastage. 

Although Stressless is a furniture company, nowadays there are a ton of brands that makes streesless recliner chairs.

What Are The Problems With Stressless Chairs? – 7 Important Issues

Stressless chairs are comfortable, and you will love the sitting experience. However, every good thing has a few drawbacks. 

Let me list down the major problems relating to Stressless Chairs; 

1. Stressless Chairs Are Overpriced

Just like any other quality product, Stressless Chairs are expensive. To be honest, the price of Stressless Chairs starts at $1,695, and it can go well above $3,500. 

Yes, Stressless Chairs are comfortable, but this huge investment might not be worth it. Most of the time, the product does not last for a long time; as a result, the investment can go in vain. 

2. Stressless Chairs Can Be Unreliable 

Although Stressless Chairs are comfortable and give you cozy sitting arrangements, they can be unreliable. You might be thinking, they are expensive and will last for an extended period of time.

But in reality, they can damage sooner than you imagine. The leather can get cracked, the color gets faded, and sometimes the parts come off.  

3. Questionable Warranty Period

When you purchase an Office Chair, the warranty conditions give the assurance of the product’s durability. But when it comes to Stressless Chairs, the warranty period can be confusing and seems unreliable. 

Here is the table to make it more clear:

Warranty onDuration
Internal Mechanism 10 Years
Base, Foam, and Power Motor/Mechanisms5 Years
Power Batteries2 Years
Leather or Fabric Upholstery1 Year

Yes, only the internal mechanism can be guaranteed for up to 10 years. Although the power motor comes with five years warranty, it does not cover the labor/ installation fee. You will require to pay a $100 fee as a labor/ installation charge. 

4. Leather Of Fabric Upholstery Has Less Warranty Period

One of the most common complaints of Stressless Chairs users is that upholstery gets damaged pretty quickly. 

The chair’s appearance fades away, and it will look completely awful. Leather loses the original color only after two years of use.

Thus, the leather and fabric of Stressless Chairs do not last for long. It can get torn, or the color starts to fade away, and the sad part is it comes with only a 1-year warranty period. That is, no return policy after one year. 

5. Poor Quality Service

Another common complaint of Stressless Chairs are customer does not receive adequate service after the sale. Although the Company welcomes criticisms and complaints, they are mostly late when it comes to taking action.

Moreover, they only ensure after-purchase service only when you can show the receipt that says the purchase was made from authentic Stressless retailers. Mark that Stressless cannot act on a warranty issue until a claim is filed by a Stressless retailer, which is justifiable.

The unjustifiable thing is that customers need to wait an extended period of time for the replacement. Since the main branch is situated in Norway, it takes longer to deliver the replacement parts

6. Replacement Are Not Good Enough

Although Stressless takes a longer time to deliver the replacement, they make inexcusable mistakes while sending the replacement products. Most of the time they send the wrong products which make the customers angrier.

7. The Irritating Leather Smell

There is a common complaint that the leather of the Stressless Chairs has an irritating smell that can initiate headaches. 

Well, before going to any conclusion, why do not, we also discuss about the benefits that Stressless has to offer.

What Are The Benefits Of A Stressless Chair?

As mentioned earlier, Stressless Chairs are one of the most comfortable chairs you will find in the market. Other than that, it also offers various benefits. Here are the list of stressless chair benefits:

  1. The warranty period of the internal mechanism of Stressless Chairs is ten years
  2. The nine construction components ensure long-lasting comfort and ease of use. 
  3. A good quality Stressless Chair can last more than 25 years
  4. Stressless Chairs come in various sizes, small, medium, or large, which fit people of all ages.
  5. The Stressless chairs care about your posture, and the sitting arrangement ensures proper posture. 
  6. The best part of this luxurious brand is that it comes in various designs and colors. That is, you will definitely find the perfect one for you.  
  7. Stressless Chairs come with proper lumbar support and headrest. You can even read a book, watch TV or take a quick nap while sitting on the chair.
  8. The outstanding appearance of the Stressless Chairs gives your overall workplace a sophisticated look. 
  9. The Stressless chair online design selection tool gives you the privilege to choose the appropriate furniture piece with the perfect color and designs. 
  10. Stressless believes in enhancing the quality and reducing energy, time, and wastage.

Final Thoughts

Stressless has been in the market for a long time now. It has grabbed a huge number of customers by providing comfortable and uniquely designed Chairs. They not only look sophisticated but also change the overall atmosphere of the workplace. 

However, it also faces various complaints, which is driving the customers away mostly because people cannot trust the products and rely on its after-sale service.

In spite of this office chair’s various amazing facilities, they are failing to capture more customers. Nonetheless, if they can rebuild the trust, it will be beneficial for both the consumers and the brand. 

Back pain is a very common problem, often people ask “are stressless chairs good for my back?”. If you have the same question in mind, you have come to the right place.

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