Top 12 Best Gaming Chair Brands (and 4 You Should Avoid!)

Some Gaming chairs brands have become remarkably popular nowadays for making remarkable gaming chairs. Both pro and casual gamers are always looking to buy high-end gaming chairs. They are continuously searching for the best gaming chairs brands.

But, the problem is that a lot of new manufacturers of gaming chairs have sprung up in the past decade or so in order to capitalize on that demand. How do you know which brands are the best?

Well, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll be discussing the biggest brands that make the top-of-the-line gaming chairs in the world.

Here’s a rundown of the twelve best gaming chair brands in the market: 

  1. Secretlab
  3. DXRacer
  4. NobleChairs
  5. Corsair
  6. Arozzi
  7. Respawn 
  8. AKRacing 
  9. Verta Gear
  10. GT Omega
  11. X Rocker 
  12.  Herman Miller x Logitech 

Let’s go through each of these brands in great detail, and then you’ll understand why they got a spot on this list and why you should seriously consider buying a product made by these brands.


We’re kicking off our list with Secrectlab, which is widely regarded to be the best gaming chair brand in the world.

The founders of this company Alaric and Ian, got fed by the amount of work that was required to search for a decent gaming chair that they decided to make their own. 

And the rest was history. Secretlab is now the leading brand in the gaming chair industry because of its innovative and attractive gaming chair designs.

This company spends an exorbitant amount of time and resources on R&D to make sure its products are ergonomic, comfortable, and aesthetically gorgeous. 

Their 2020 Secretlab Series has some award-winning prototypes. And their best-selling gaming chairs have become the chairs of choice in esports tournaments. 

Some Popular Models of Secretlab Chairs are:

  • Secretlab Titan EVO 2022
  • Secretlab OMEGA 

Price range: $330 – $650

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If you’re in search of a trustworthy brand that produces outstanding gaming chairs, then you have to consider buying a product from GTRACING. The gaming chairs made by GTRACING have a sleek and racing-style design. 

Although this company has only been in the business for just a decade (since 2011), they have generated quite a fanbase of satisfied customers. 

These chairs look extremely cool, and they provide the ultimate comfort to the users. What more can you want from a gaming chair? They have good ergonomics that reduce the risk of pain and injury even after day-long gaming sessions. 

There are some models made by GTRACING that feature a Bluetooth-based audio system. This high-definition sound output system will provide you with an immersive and luxurious feel that gaming chairs from other brands can’t even dream of accomplishing. 

Some Popular Models of GTRACING Chairs are:

  • GTO99 – Pro Series 
  • GT890MF – Music Series 
  • GT208M – Reclining Chair 

Price range: $120 – $600


DXRacer is hailed as a best-selling gaming chair brand in around 52 countries, and this brand is trusted by more than 6 million users worldwide. Founded way back in 2001, DXRacer was a pioneer in the industry as they used their knowledge of building premium seats for luxury sports cars into building gaming chairs. 

The quality and design of the gaming chairs made by this company are unparalleled. And DXRacer has announced they will keep going forward until they’ve built the perfect gaming chair. 

The DXRacer gaming chairs are exceptionally comfortable, and it provides support in all the right places. DXRacer maintains a higher standard than other companies when it comes to quality assurance and that’s why they only use the highest quality materials. 

Some Popular Models of DXRacer are:

  • DXRacer Formula Series FD01 Black & Red
  • 2021 DXRacer Prince Series D600
  • 2021 DXRacer AIR Mesh Gaming Chair

Price Range: $250 – $600


Noblechairs is a German brand, which builds top-of-the-line gaming chairs for customers. They mostly ship their chairs to the US, UK, and Europe. 

Most of their chairs offer premium quality materials such as PU leather, Real leather, PU Hybrid leather, and fabric. They have three award-winning gaming chair series such as Icon Series, Epic Series, and Hero Series.

All of their series use the same kind of material with different designs and styling. I like the Icon series the most due to its aesthetically pleasing design.

Some Popular Models of Noblechairs are:

  • Noblechairs Icon
  • Noblechairs Epic
  • Noblechairs Hero

Price Range: $429 – $719


Corsair is a famous American brand. They made some of the most unique and popular gaming chairs out there.

I doubt that hardly anyone is into the gaming space who have never heard of them. Some of the most popular esports players in the world use their chairs.

I love their gaming chairs as they provide extra comfort. The design aesthetics of corsair gaming chairs are fantastic.

Most importantly, Corsair brands made the prices of their chairs very competitive.

Some Popular Models of Corsair are:

  • T3 RUSH Gaming Chair
  • TC60 FABRIC Gaming Chair
  • T2 ROAD WARRIOR Gaming Chair

Price Range: $250 – $400

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Arozzi is the one-stop-shop type that will take care of all of your gaming needs. And that goes for gaming chairs as well.

Their gaming chairs are ergonomic, and their mission is to make your time before your computer screen as comfortable as possible. 

You can enjoy your games to the fullest with comfort and style if you have an Arozzi gaming chair by your side.

And the best part is that they come in so many designs and styles that you can easily choose the features that matter to you the most. 

Arozzi provides so many high-quality gaming chairs that it has become a formidable brand in the whole gaming and esports industry. 

Some Popular Models of Arozzi are:

  • ENZO
  • MEZZO V2

Price Range: $200 – $500


Whether you’re a casual mobile gamer, streamer, or hardcore late-night gamer, RESPAWN has got you covered.

This company has been working tirelessly to provide you with gaming chairs with the ultimate quality and style. 

Your gaming experience will surely be ruined if you feel back pain and fatigue due to sitting for a long time on your chair. That’s why RESPAWN has created some innovative top-performing gaming chairs. 

These chairs are widely considered to be the pinnacle of gaming-related furniture. Furthermore, the biggest selling point of RSPAWN chairs is their affordability. 

So, if you don’t want to compromise on quality and comfort while shopping for a gaming chair, please consider purchasing a RESPAWN gaming chair. 

Here are some Popular Models of DXRacer are:

  • Respawn 110 Pro
  • Respawn 400
  • Respawn 205
  • Respawn 900

Price Range: $180 – $350

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Want to play games like a pro? Well then,  AKRacing will be your new best friend! This company has been in business since 2001, just like DXRacer.

Similar to DXRacer, this company was also primarily a chair manufacturer for automotive sports. 

All of the products made by  AKRacing have proprietary design, and their design, development, testing all take place in-house.

They have full control over the user’s experience, unlike any other brand in the market. 

Here are some Popular Models of AKRacing are:

  • AKRacing Core Series SX Gaming Chair 
  • AKRacing Masters  Series Pro Gaming Chair 
  • AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair 

Price Range: $300-$700


Vertagear is a relatively new brand in the industry, and they started their journey in 2015 with a vision to provide the ultimate products to the gamers.

This company is composed of gamers, innovators, engineers, and furniture specialists. 

So, you can rest assured you’ll be buying into a company that knows what they are doing.

The Vertagear gaming chairs are made out of premium materials in order to match all the nuances of day-to-day use. 

The Vertagear gaming chairs are unmatched when it comes to design, functionality, and comfort. They have it all! 

Here are some Popular Models of VertaGear are:

  • Vertagear SL2000
  • Vertagear SL4000
  • Vertagear PL4500
  • Vertagear PL6000

Price Range: $280 – $500

GT Omega  

GT Omega is one of the leading brands when it comes to gaming-related gear and accessories.

This company was established in the United Kingdom in 2009. They make gaming chairs, esports gaming accessories, and products for simulation racing. 

Their gaming chairs maintain the highest standard, and the best part is that they are quite budget-friendly as well.

This is the brand that you should choose if you want the supreme gaming experience. 

Overall, their gaming chairs have fantastic designs, and they are ideal for being used for long hours. 

Here are some Popular Models of VertaGear are:

  • GT Omega Pro Series 
  • GT Omega Elite Series
  • GT Omega Sport Series
  • GT Omega Element Series

Price Range: $300 – $600

X Rocker        

X  Rocker is a brand that broke into the scene in 2005 and has redefined high-end gaming chairs.

Their revolutionary design and craft are what makes their products so original and state of the art. 

They are most popular for their sound chairs that can provide unparalleled levels of immersiveness, interactibility, and comfort.

You’ll be able to enjoy games, movies, and music using the Audio Frequency Modulation or AFM that comes with the X Rocker gaming chairs. 

Here are some Popular Models of X Rocker are:

  • X Rocker Agility Sport PC gaming chair
  • Animal Rocker 2.0 – Tiger 
  • X Rocker SE+ 2.0

Price Range: $170 – $330

Herman Miller x Logitech        

Herman Miller has combined forces with Logitech G in order to study the different ways the gamers sit so that they can enhance their products to the fullest extent.

That’s why you can be sure that if you buy one of their gaming chairs, you’ll be in for a treat.

Their sleek, minimalist gaming chairs have rounded edges, and they provide a healthier and more comfortable feel to the gamers as they sit down to play for several hours a day. 

Herman Miller would be a solid choice for those gamers who don’t have budget constraints and want to get the premium experience. 

Here are some Popular Models of X Rocker are:

  • Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair
  • Special Gaming Edition Aeron Chair

Price Range: Over $1500

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Avoid These Brands:

Yoleny, Mellocom, Jummico, Furniwell. These brands make cheap gaming chairs that cost less than 100 bucks. Cheap gaming chairs from these brands won’t probably last for even a year. Also, you will not find any warranty.

Moreover, gamers spend long hours regularly. Cheap gaming chairs from these brands don’t have good back support.

So, I am concerned about the sitting posture. Avoid unknown cheap gaming chairs and brands and go for well-known brands if you want the best gaming and sitting experience.

Which One I’d Pick

Icon Gaming Chair from Noblechairs is the most aesthetically pleasing gaming chair that I really like and a comfortable gaming chair that I have ever seen.

A lot of professionals use this gaming chair. Due to its unique look, you can use this chair for gaming and for your office. This chair costs around $429, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Final Thoughts 

And that marks the end of our discussion regarding Best Gaming Chair Brands. In this article, we took an unbiased, objective look at the top ten gaming chairs in the industry. Hopefully, you’ve found this article helpful and informative.

We have even added the names of the most popular and highly-rated models made by these brands. We sincerely hope that these lists will help you make your purchasing decision. 

Finally, we wish you the very best in your journey to find the best gaming chair belonging to the best brand in the market. 

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