The 8 Best Office Chair Brands (and 4 You Should Avoid!)

I have been in the furniture industry for a while now. I have literally encountered hundreds of office chair brands. As there are many options these days, it can be challenging to separate the good brands from the bad ones. Let’s look at some of the best office chair brands that we recommend. 

We consider the following office chair brands to be the best based on overall ergonomics, durability, and pricing of their chairs:

  1. Herman Miller
  2. Steelcase
  3. IKEA
  4. Nouhaus
  5. Sihoo
  6. Knoll
  7. Hbada
  8. All33

In this article, I will discuss why we always recommend these office chair brands and what makes them the best in the market today. I will also mention a few brands that you must avoid at all costs. So, keep reading!

So, let’s start by taking a quick look at each office chair brand and discuss what makes them unique.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is probably the most popular office chair brand in America. I love Herman Miller office chairs. Their legendary office chair, the Herman Miller Embody was introduced in 2008, and soon it became the most popular office chair in the world.

Herman Miller manufactures the most durable office chairs out there. Their chairs have a reputation for lasting for generations.

People use their chairs for more than ten years and even sell those chairs at a reasonable price in the second-hand market.

They spend a lot of money in R&D to improve the ergonomics of the chairs. The ergonomic features that you will get from their chair are unique.

However, they don’t make chairs for ordinary people. Most models of Herman miller chairs cost over a thousand bucks. Not everyone in the market has such a budget to invest in an office chair.

But if you think in the long run, if you buy their chairs, it’s a good investment on yourself. That’s why I highly recommend Herman Miller chairs.

Oh, there is one more thing that I need to tell you. I have heard that Herman Miller is merging with the brand knoll. So, maybe in the future, we will get some great office chairs with the name Miller Knoll, I suppose. Fingers crossed!

Some Popular Models of Herman Miller Office Chair:

  • Herman Miller Embody
  • Herman Miller Aeron
  • Herman Miller Sayl
  • Herman Miller Mirra 2
  • Herman Miller Cosm

Price range: $600- $2000

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The company Steelcase is a USA-based company founded in 1912. Soon they became well known for manufacturing furniture, and currently, they have more than 12,000 employees worldwide. In 2021 their revenue crossed over $2.6 B. [Source]

Steelcase office chairs are very well known not only in America but all over the world. They have shown their creativity and innovation through their awesome office chairs from time to time.

Like the Herman Miller chairs, Steelcase office chairs are also very expensive. However, despite being so expensive, these chairs are very popular because of their unique design, extended lifespan, and great ergonomic features.

All the Steelcase office chairs are ergonomically designed. All of the Steelcase office chairs have one thing in common, which is an extended warranty period. Even the least expensive office chair from Steelcase has 12 years of warranty.

Yeah, I am talking about the Steelcase Series 1. It costs only 419 USD right now. But it has 12 years of warranty from Steelcase. Can you imagine the level of confidence they have in their office chairs?

Right now, Steelcase Series 1 is the most trending office chair, and it is selling like crazy. There are also other flagship office chairs from Steelcase, which are also very popular.

Let’s check some of the popular Steelcase office chairs out.

Some Popular Models of Steelcase Office Chair:

  • Steelcase Series 1
  • Steelcase Series 2
  • Steelcase Gesture
  • Steelcase Leap
  • Steelcase SILQ

Price range: $400- $1100

Steelcase chairs are slightly cheaper than Steelcase but still way expensive compared to most other office chairs in the market. These are the popular models of office chairs from Steelcase. I think these office chairs are worth every penny.

These office chairs will last for generations, and in the long run, they provide better value for money than any cheap chairs. Also, these chairs are designed by the best designers out there who prioritize your comfort and health first.

If you are following my blogs, you already know that I am a fan of Steelcase Series 1. I have reviewed this office chair before. You can find the review of this chair in one of our previous articles here.

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IKEA is a Sweden-based company and was founded in 1943. Their office chairs are very popular all around the world.

Right now, IKEA operates its business in 30 different countries, and its Net Worth is around US$44.6 billion.

 As of today, IKEA has 456 stores worldwide ( 274 in Europe, 87 in Asia, 67 in North America, 14 in the Middle East, 11 in Australia, and 3 in Africa). [Source]

IKEA Markus is probably the most popular office chair out there. There are also many other popular office chairs from this brand. These chairs are very durable and elegant looking.

Some Popular IKEA Chairs:


Price range: $50- $300

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Nouhaus is also American-based furniture manufacturing brand. Their office chairs are trendy in the USA, UK, Canada, and even in Australia.

Until now, we talked about the top-tier company and office chairs made for a small segment of people. But the story with Nouhaus is completely different.

Nouhaus makes the best mid-range office chair out there. Their office chairs are made with sophisticated designs.

I would say they are the mid-range king in the industry. The nouhaus Ergo3D has been my favorite office chair for a while now. You can check its full review on our site by clicking here. It costs around 300 bucks and still has five years of warranty which is really cool.

Some of the top Nouhaus Office Chairs are as follows:

  • Nouhaus Ergo3D
  • Nouhaus Ergo Flip
  • Nouhaus palette

Price range: $200- $400



Sihoo is a Chinese furniture manufacturing company that was founded in 2011. It’s not a very old company. But they have been around for more than ten years now.

They are mainly popular for manufacturing mid-range ergonomic office chairs with very competitive pricing.

They have invested highly in R & D, and they currently own several national patents. Although it’s a Chinese company, sihoo office chairs are very popular in the western world.

Some of the Popular office chairs from Sihoo are:

  • Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Sihoo Mesh Office Chair
  • Sihoo Task Chair with Flip-up Arm 

Price range: $130- $300


Knoll is also another American-based furniture manufacturing company that was founded in 1938 by Hans G. Knoll. Right now, it is one of the leading furniture manufacturing brands in the USA.

As of 2021, the net worth of the company is $1.26 Billion. They manufacture mid-range to high-end office chairs.

Some of the most popular knoll office chairs are as follows:

  • Knoll ReGeneration
  • Knoll Remix
  • Knoll Fiber
  • Knoll Multigeneration

Price range: $400- $1000


Hbada is a relatively new company compared to all the other brands that we have discussed so far. It was established in China in the year 2016. Their headquarter is situated in Hangzhou, China.

It’s been out there only for a few years and became very popular so fast as hbada office chairs are very affordable.

If you want a decent ergonomic office chair at a very affordable price, you must go for a Hbada Office Chair.

Some popular office chairs from Hbada:

  • Hbada Task Chair
  • Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

Price range: $100- $170



William Howenstein founded All33 in 2009. The 33 in the name of this brand represent the 33 bones of our vertebral column or backbone.

All33 backstrong C1 is the only iconic office chair from this brand right now. It is very well designed and has excellent ergonomic values. A chiropractor designed this chair.

This chair is endorsed by the top celebrities of our time, like Justin Biber. The design of this chair is very scientific. Their chair is perfect for people with back and neck pain. I think All33 has a bright future in the coming days.

There are two versions of this chair:

  • Backstrong C1 Leather
  • Backstrong C1 Fabric 

Price: $799

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Avoid These Brands:

Yaheetech, RIF6, Kealive, HomeGoGo. Most of these are cheap Chinese brands that sell office chairs at very low prices. You will get some chairs from these brands in the market, which will cost you below 100 bucks. But they won’t last more than a year. So, Always go for well-known brands and avoid unknown brands if you want a comfortable and durable office chair for yourself. 

Final Thoughts:

Well, as I said, there are hundreds of office chair brands out there. As an office chair enthusiast, I try my best to stay impartial. I don’t have brand loyalties. I also don’t have any preferences of one company over another.

I always try to find what is the best options available right now for someone who is looking to buy a new office chair.

Thanks for reading! Before you go, check out my article, Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair: Is it a Good Buy?

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