Steelcase Think V1 Vs. V2: What’s The Difference?

Steelcase will never disappoint you with its amazing chairs and innovative features. The recent additions Steelcase Think V1 and V2 are great examples of that. They are claimed to be intelligent enough to hold your natural posture to ensure better sitting arrangement. 

So, What are the differences between Steelcase Think V1 and V2? The main difference between Steelcase Think V1 and V2 is the headrest. Whereas most of the versions of Think V2 come with a headrest, the Think V1 does not have the option to add a headrest. Moreover, the Think V2 is pricier than the Think V1.

In this article, you will get to know about Steelcase Think V1 and Think V2 chairs in detail so that you get a clear idea about these chairs and make an informed decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

Steelcase Think V1 Chair 

Steelcase Think V1 Chair is a great chair that comes with loads of important features that the users will need for a better sitting arrangement. The most amazing feature of the chair is that Steelcase Think V1 has a weight-activated mechanism that will hold your body the way you want. 

The Steelcase Think V1 chair has fantastic seat adjustments and armrests adjustments. Along with it, the chair comes with lumbar support adjustments so that you can make the most of it. 

A little overview of Steelcase Think V1 Chair;

  • Seat Height – 16.5 – 21.5 Inches 
  • Seat Width – 20.25 Inches
  • Overall Height – 37.25- 42 Inches  
  • Overall Width – 28.5 Inches 
  • Overall Depth – 18.5 Inches  
  • Lumbar Height from Seat – 6 to 10.25 Inches
  • Distance Between Armrests – 14 to 21.25 Inches

Notable Features Of Steelcase Think V1 Chair

The Steelcase Think V1 chair is an intelligent chair that supports and holds the body posture the way you need.

Let us look into all the benefits you will get by using Steelcase Think V1 Chair;


Steelcase Think V1 comes with height adjustments; you just need to pull or push the lever underneath the seat to increase or decrease the chair’s height. 

Seat Slider Adjustments:

The seat slider adjustment gives you the scope to adjust the seat depth so that you can keep the seat backward or inward as per your need just by using the bar present underneath the front edge of the seat.

Chair Back Adjustments:

You will also find a circular knob underneath the chair’s seat to adjust the chair’s back adjustments. This will have two positions;

  • Position 1 – will give you the scope to fully lean back without feeling any pressure and relax completely. For this, you need to rotate the knob fully into the counter-clockwise position. 
  • Position 2 – will be secured by rotating the knob 1 click clockwise from Position 1, and you will be able to lean backward in full motion yet with some tension. 
  • Position 3 will give you a little bit of learning and will stop halfway through. You just need 2 clicks from the first position. 
  • Position 4 – When you rotate the knob clockwise all the way through, the chair’s back will be locked, and the reclined will be restricted. However, you can still lean a bit but the upright back lock. 


The armrests have well padding to give you a soft surface, and they are completely adjustable. 

LiveBack Technology:

The integrated LiveBack System gives you lumbar support with a 4 inches adjustment range. 

Using the handles on the backrest of the chair, you can very easily adjust the lumbar support. When you move the chair pad up and down using the handles, you will see it moving, and you will be allowed to choose the perfect adjustments you need.


The weight-activated seat makes the chair smart which response to your weight to help you find a suitable position. 

Weight Capacity:

The chair can hold up to 400 lbs. weight which is greater than any other chairs present in the market. 

Cons Of Steelcase Think V1 Chair

The Steelcase Think V1 Chair has some drawbacks as well, which might be unappealing to many. Let me list down all the cons of Steelcase Think V1 here;

  1. Being a well-known chair brand, the chairs from Steelcase are expensive. Steelcase Think V1 is no different. 
  2. The headrest is missing in this chair. Yes, the chair itself has great height, but the lack of headrest might be an issue for many. 

Steelcase Think V2 Chair

The Steelcase Think V2 chair is specially designed for the people who need to work for an extensive hour by sitting in the office. Steelcase Think V2 is supposed to adapt your body adequately to provide you with the best experience. 

The Steelcase Think V2 chair is an intelligent chair that naturally adapts your movements and moves in such a way that ensures maximum benefits and comfort. 

Steelcase Think V2 is an environmentally qualified chair that has successfully reduced the level of waste, and the best part is that the chair is made of 28% recyclable materials. 

A little overview of Steelcase Think V2 Chair;

  • Seat Height – 578 mm
  • Seat Width – 515 mm
  • Overall Height – 997 mm – 1124 mm
  • Overall Width – 569 mm – 880 mm
  • Overall Depth – 534 mm – 601 mm
  • Lumbar Height from Seat – 153 mm – 261mm
  • Distance Between Armrests – 458 mm

Notable Features Of Steelcase Think V2 Chair

Now let us discuss all the benefits of using Steelcase Think V2 chair, which will help you experience the best sitting position;

Breathable Mesh Backrest: 

The Steelcase Think V2 chair comes with a mesh backrest and fabric seat, making it comfortable to sit comfortably during the warm seasons as the breathability becomes greater. 

Lumbar Support: 

The backrest has handles on both sides of it, which help you with the lumbar support. The lumbar support can be adjusted to the lumbar position just by pulling or pushing the handle.  

Adjustable Headrest: 

The Steelcase Think V2 comes with a headrest, but the point to be noted here is only a few colors will come with a headrest. The headrest adjustments are pretty straightforward; you can simply move the cushion by your hand and secure it to your desired position. 

Adjustable Armrests: 

The armrests are adjustable and have a unique hinge system. The armrests also have pretty soft & thick padding.

Adjustable Seat Height: 

The lever present underneath the chair allows you to lower or raise the seat’s height. 

Reclining Feature: 

There are four different recline positions present in the chair. This reclining feature will let you adjust the backrest in four different positions, so you can easily sit comfortably in your workspace.

Seat Depth Adjustments:

The seat depth adjustment is present, which is the easiest one I have seen so far. You just need to flip the flap present at the front edge of the seat.

Tilt Mechanism:

The weight-activated mechanism recognizes your weight and personalized adjustments to provide you with exactly what you need. 

Cons Of Steelcase Think V2 Chair

  1. The Lumbar support does not have tension, and you will just need to position it perfectly.
  2. The Steelcase Think V2 chair is extremely pricey and can be unaffordable for many. Check out the current price here

Differences Between Steelcase Think V1 And V2

When it comes to comparing Steelcase Think V1 and V2, you will hardly find any differences between these. Both are amazing chairs and can adapt the way you want to sit by ensuring the optimal posture. 

However, there are two main differences between Steelcase Think V1, and V2 are in price and the headrest. Whereas the Steelcase Think V2 comes with a well-adjustable and flexible headrest, the price of the chair is way higher than Steelcase Think V1.

If your budget is limited and you choose to buy a Steelcase Think V1 chair, you will not have the headrest with your chair. You might need to use the chair without the headrest. 

Moreover, you will find a few bit changes in the armrests. I found the armrest of Steelcase Think V2 to be the better one.

Therefore, now the choice is yours. If you want to compromise a bit because of the budget limit, then Steelcase Think V1 is the perfect chair for you.

But you should definitely go for Steelcase Think V2 when you do not have budget restrictions. Nonetheless, remember that all Steelcase Think V2 chairs do not come with a headrest, so choose accordingly. 

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