Steelcase Leap Features & Adjustments: 13 Things You Should Know

Steelcase has been in the market for a long time and has been gaining massive popularity for introducing many beneficiary features on their chairs. 

When I say the most amazing chair from Steelcase Chair is Leap, I know very few people will disagree. 

Therefore, in this article, let us discuss 13 important things you need to know about the Steelcase Leap Chair. 

1. Does Steelcase Leap Recline?

Steelcase Leap has an amazing recline feature with five different back stop settings. The recline feature is smooth and easy to adjust as per your preference.  

The Recline feature of Steelcase Leap can blend with everybody’s shapes and contour with them. Even when you recline in different positions, the chair’s back holds your back perfectly. 

The LiveBack Technology makes the recline more comfortable. The Steelcase Leap chair is always there to provide constant support to your lower and upper body.  

The recline feature has five different positions ranging from 96-degree to 120-degree. You can set the back stop according to your personal preference. The range of motion will increase or decrease as you change the back stop settings. 

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2. Does Steelcase Leap Have Forward Tilt?

Unfortunately, the forward tilt mechanism is missing from the Steelcase Leap chair, which can be cumbersome for people who requires forward sitting at work. 

If you are wondering, what actually is a forward tilt mechanism and how does it work? 

Forward tilt enables you to come forward to your desk as you sit. This feature helps to reduce the pressure from the lower back and disc in order to ensure proper posture. 

This feature also alleviates the blood flow to the legs and feet, which further resists any kind of lower body pain. 

A few chairs come with forward tilt mechanism, such as Herman Miller Aeron and Sidiz T50.

3. Where Should Leap V2 Lumbar Support Be?

When you sit in an Office Chair, it is the intervertebral discs that you should care about the most. You need to make sure your weight does not pressurize the lumbar intervertebral discs but is evenly distributed. 

For all these reasons, the lumbar support requirements might vary from each other. The lumbar support of Leap V2 should be at the back of lumbar spine where it will offer utmost support to lower back.

Leap V2 has adjustable lumbar support so you can easily adjust it according to your preference.

What Happens When You Place Your Lumbar Support Very High Or Very Low? When you place the lumbar support very high, it might be ineffective for your physique, and when placed very low, you might end up slouching, which you should not desire. 

The upper portion of the lumbar support should be placed around the 4th lumbar vertebra. Usually, the lumbar support position is at the perfect position for the taller and average height people. 

However, I recommend you position the lumbar support according to need every time you recline. If required, you can purchase an extra lumbar pillow

4. How Do You Adjust the Steelcase Leap Lumbar Support?

Steelcase Leap comes with adjustable lumbar support, which can be adjusted by sliding the handles on both sides of the backrest. 

To fix the lumbar support, all you need to do is sit on the chair and relax your back on the backrest, and then by grabbing both the handles using your hands, you need to adjust the lumbar support. 

Remember to position the lumbar support to fit the curve of your lower back so that you can sit comfortably so that the back pain is not intensified or initiated. 

5. Can You Add A Headrest To A Steelcase Leap?

Steelcase Leap comes with its own headrest; nonetheless, you will need to pay some extra cash to get the headrest. The headrest can be attached and detached as per your choice. 

That is, when you prefer the headrest, you can simply attach it with the backrest and adjust it as per your need. If you do not feel like using the headrest, you can keep it aside by detaching the headrest from the backrest.

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6. Should I Get The Headrest With The Steelcase Leap?

No matter what kind of chair you use, I will always recommend you to use the headrest for maximum support. The situation is indifferent to the Steelcase Leap chair, i.e., do not skip the headrest. 

Why To Use A Headrest With An Office Chair? The headrest will help you balance your upper body posture, which keeps your head, neck and shoulders aligned. 

While working for longer hours, you need to maintain the proper posture to minimize the bad health effects.

You can adjust the height of the headrest up to a 5-inches range and the backward & forward movement up to a 4-inch range. That is, you will be able to maintain your overall posture.

Headrest offers you maximum comfort while you rock or recline.

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7. How Do You Replace Steelcase Leap Casters?

In order to replace the casters, you need first need to search for the proper casters for your leap chair. After removing the casters from the chair’s base, you need to replace them with the new ones. 

The process includes three different stages;

The Purchase Stage

At this stage, you need to buy the appropriate casters for your chair. You can find out the caster suitable for the Steelcase Leap chair on this link(Amazon). 

The Removal Stage

After purchasing the proper wheels, you need to get rid of the old ones. That is, you need to detach the old casters from the chair. The steps include;

  1. Put Steelcase Leap Chair upside down on a desk and then carefully detach the base from the chair.
  2. Hit the bottom of the cylinder with a hammer or mallet. At that time, remember to pull the chair base forward.
  3. Tap base with a rubber mallet while pulling the glider or caster.
  4. Try to remove each caster from the stem, utilize the pliers to pull off the stem make sure to tap the base with a rubber mallet. 

The Attachment Stage

Now it is time to attach the new casters to the chair’s base. Now for the last stage, follow the instructions written below;

  1. Unpack the new caster and prepare them for the assembling process. 
  2. Put them on a plane surface, and make sure to clean the base before attaching the new wheels; you can use a vacuum cleaner for that.
  3. Now insert the caster wheels carefully into the holes (the ones located at the bottom of the 5-star base).
  4. Delicately push the metal locking mechanism firmly into the holes to lock the new casters in their definite place.
  5. Now place the base on the floor, keeping the side with the casters on the ground. 
  6. Then attach the base with the rest of the chair. 

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8. How Do You Make A Leap Taller In Steelcase?

In order to make your Leap chair taller than the usual, you can implement a few tricks, which includes;

  1. Add a denser seat cushion to your seat. It will increase the height and make the seat firmer with soft padding.
  2. Add extra large casters to increase the height of the chair. Make sure to use the ones suitable for heavy-duty.
  3. Use a stool to place your chair on top of it. Make sure the weight capacity of the stool matches with the chair’s weight capacity. 

How Does The Chair’s Height Help? Remember, your desk’s proper height is mandatory to maximize the comfort level and provide the opportunity to build a strong relationship with the work surface (desk) and the work tools (chair, computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard). 

It would help to make sure the height is in a perfect ratio so that your feet stay flat on the floor and your hand parallelly placed on the desk.

9. How To Remove Seat From Steelcase Leap?

In order to separate the Steelcase Leap Chair’s seat from the chair, you need to follow the following steps;

  1. Bring the seat all the way forward by using the seat depth mechanism
  2. Now move to the back of the chair, and between the seat pan and mechanism, you will notice a gap.
  3. On the left side of the chair, you will find a white lever whose main work is to activate the seat depth. Use a long-headed screwdriver to wedge the seat up.
  4. Push the screwdriver’s long head underneath the tab and try to activate the seat depth. 
  5. Try to angle the screwdriver upwards while activating the seat depth mechanism, and then push it further and keep it in its desired place, which is the weighted depth mechanism area
  6. Now depress the seat depth lever and pull the seat pan from the front side of the chair. 

Tada! Now the seat is separated from the Steelcase Leap Chair. 

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10. How Do You Adjust A Steelcase Leap V2?

Steelcase Leap V2 offers a ton of adjustability for the utmost comfort while sitting for prolonged hours.

Here’s how you can adjust the Steelcase Leap V2:

4D Armrests:

You will find a lift button under arm caps to adjust armrest height. To adjust the width, pivot or depth; grasp the arm caps and move in your preferable directions.

Seat Height:

To raise the seat height, lift your body and pull the lever up and to lower the seat height, remain seated and pull the lever up.

Seat Depth:

You will find the adjustable seat depth lever on the left side of your Leap V2 chair. To adjust the seat depth, lift and hold the lever; now you can slide the seat forward or backward; then release the lever to lock. 

Adjustable Lumbar:

Adjusting the lumbar support is the easiest, just grab both handles and slide up or down to adjust the lumbar support.

Backrest Tension:

Backrest tension allows you to increase or decrease the firmness of your back. You will find the backrest tension knob on the right side of the backrest. To increase the backrest tension, turn the knob forward or backward to decrease.

Back Stop:

Back stop feature will allow you to adjust the seat angle according to your preference. It has five different position settings; just click the paddle on the right side of your chair to set the preferred back angle.

Tilt Tension: 

Tilt tension knob is the same paddle you used to change the backrest angle setting. To increase recline tension, turn the knob forward, backward to decrease.

11. How To Get The Recycled Material Out From The Seat Of Steelcase Leap Chair?

The steps of disassembling the seat from Steelcase Leap include;

  1. Carefully slide the seat forward while holding the seat slide lever. 
  2. Swiftly locate the white quick release tab, which is located on the left-hand side of the chair between the plates. 
  3. Pull the seat slide lever and slide the seat forward while lifting the quick release tab. 
  4. Now start removing the screws from the bottom. You will find 11 screws on the outer seat shell.
  5. Take off two screws that fasten the panel cover and top plate to remove the panel cover. 
  6. Now remove the top panel. Then the grommet and two depth bearing. 
  7. You will find two front slide pads and a leaf spring; remove these both. 
  8. Now it is time to take the seat depth lever and handle away from the seat. Remember to separate the hinge adjustment plate and seat depth. 
  9. In order to fasten the support plate, remove the two screws you will find attached to the seat.
  10. Finally, cut the fabric drawstring all around the inner shell. Just by simply lifting the fabric cover, separate the cushion and different fabric layers. 

Thus, you get all the recycled material from the Steelcase Leap chair’s seat. 

12. Is Steelcase Leap Worth?

Undeniably, Steelcase Leap is a very good fit for any office environment, and with the great adjustment and features, your every penny will be worth it. 

It is claimed that Steelcase Leap is the best creation by Steelcase, which has the ability to beat Herman Miller Aeron Chair. The best part is that although it provides better service than Aeron, the cost is very minimum.

You can check the most updated price of this chair on Amazon By clicking here

13. How Long Does A Steelcase Leap Chair Last?

Steelcase Leap chair comes with a high-quality, premium materials that lasts over a decade. Steelcase chairs mostly come with a 12-year warranty period. If anything goes wrong down the road, you can claim warranty and get the parts replaced. 

So, make your investment worthwhile and make the right purchase. Depending on the preferred features, Steelcase Leap can be the best task chair you require. 

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