Standing Desk Vs. Ergonomic Chair: 25 Pros And Cons

Although Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair belong to two different categories, their purpose can be the same, that is, to make the workplace suitable to work while providing the appropriate comfort and holding the natural posture. 

Well, I know there can be a lot of confusion, so you might face trouble choosing the appropriate one for you. But you have got nothing to worry about as this article will provide you with all the information you need. 

I will list down 25 Pros and Cons to help you decide which one you should choose between Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair. 

1. Standing Desk Can Be Used As Sitting And Standing Desk

The best thing about using a Standing Desk is that you can choose to stand and sit while using a Standing Desk. This is the reason many people call Standing Desks, Sit-Stand Desk. However, not all Standing Desks offer this privilege. 

A few Standing Desks come with pre-set functionality. These Standing Desks can be set to two or more height adjustments so that you can adjust them just with a few clicks. 

On the other hand, Manual Standing Desks can be adjusted to your preferred height manually, just by using the knob. That is, Adjustable Standing Desks work as both Sitting & Standing Desks simultaneously. 

Both types of Standing Desks can be adjusted for sitting arrangements as well as standing arrangements. But when you use Ergonomic Chairs, you can only use them while sitting.

Remember changing posture from sitting to standing and standing to sitting throughout the day is mandatory. 

2. Ergonomic Chairs Are Suitable For Physically Challenged People

Those who are physically challenged might not feel comfortable using Standing Desks. There are no companies that offer adjusted Standing Desks for disabled people.  

On the contrary, various special changes in Ergonomic Chairs can be done as needed. Disabled people can custom-made their Chairs to adjust to their requirements.

3. Standing Desk Enables Frequent Change Of Posture

When work demands staying in a particular position for a long time, most of us prefer to sit without changing our posture. Yes, there is no doubt that Ergonomic Chairs help us to sit comfortably while maintaining our natural posture. 

But did you know that studies suggest changing the posture every 30 to 60 minutes? Well, spending too much time in a sitting position not only invites health issues but also makes the work unproductive. 

While using a Standing Desk, it is normal to take a short break from the standing position and sit or go for a walk amidst work. Then again, once it becomes a habit, you start taking breaks from the sitting position as well.

Work is never greater than health. Even if there are lots of deadlines to meet, you need to take a break once in a while. Even experts recommend taking a minimum of a 30-minutes break in every 2 or 3 hours. 

It is not about standing or sitting for a longer period of time; it is about staying in the same position for an extended period. 

While using an Ergonomic Chair, you might tend to forget about the postural change, but Standing Desks can remind you and make you take short breaks. 

4. Generally Ergonomic Chairs Are Less Expensive Than Standing Desk

A good quality Standing Desks can cost from $400 to $1500. Nevertheless, you can find the best Ergonomic Chair at a very reasonable price, ranging from $300 to $800. 

To make it clearer, let me list down three top-quality Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair with their respective prices;

Standing DeskPriceErgonomic ChairPrice
Fully Jarvis Standing Desk$590.00SIHOO office Ergonomic Chair$279.99
Flexispot EC8 3 Stages Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk$679.99NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair$329.99
Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium$699.00Steelcase Series 1$492.00

5. Standing Desk Is The Preferred Option If Health Is Your Priority

Standing Desk keeps you active with its facilities. When you work while standing, you tend to be more active, and the activeness keeps you fit both physically and mentally. 

Whereas sitting in an Ergonomic Chair makes you nothing but lazy. Then again, when you have smooth wheels attached to it, you are never going to get up from the chair; rather, you will scroll around. 

Moreover, Standing Desk has proven to be scientifically good for the human body, which I will discuss in the latter part of the article. 

6. Finding The Suitable Ergonomic Chair Is Easier Than Finding The Suitable Standing Desk

Standing Desk comes in two categories; Manual Standing Desks and Electric Standing Desks. However, any of the Standing Desks might not be suitable for you.

Electric Standing Desks need a bit of technological knowledge, and Manual Standing Desks need physical strength. 

Considering all these factors might make it difficult to find a suitable Standing Desk for you.

On the other hand, the presence of various brands and the options to make Office Chairs. 

Ergonomic make it easier to find suitable Ergonomic Chairs. Moreover, the Ergonomic Chairs are designed for all users.

7. When You Use Standing Desk Existing Body Pain Might Get Worse

If you already suffer from body pain or have recently gone through a severe accident, using a Standing Desk can be risky. Instead of helping you, it will make things worse. 

Standing for a long time can aggravate postural problems, and it is very risky if you have been facing any posture difficulties beforehand.

Then again, it is dangerous when you are suffering from Physical Problems; on top of that, you use Manually Adjustable Standing Desks. You need to use so much strength and provide huge pressure in order to adjust the height. 

8. Ergonomic Chair Might Lead To Obesity

You will not disagree if I told you once you sit in an Ergonomic Chair, you hardly get up from that. Well, it is normal for most other users as well. We love to scroll around while sitting in a chair.

Whether to chat with a colleague or to have food, we prefer to stay in the Ergonomic Chair. Well, why would we not? Ergonomic Chairs are becoming more comfortable, especially the wheels becoming smoother to roll. 

Joke apart! We are truly becoming lazy and less active, which is why we need Standing Desks. Standing Desks can be helpful when it comes to reducing weight because it helps to burn calories. 

As being lazy, we will hardly do physical exercise, but simply choosing to stand instead of sitting in a comfortable Ergonomic Chair, you can burn calories. It is proven that approximately 1000 calories can be burned each week just by replacing sitting by standing on your feet. 

Moreover, continuous movement while using a Standing Desk can also reduce the chances of obesity. To be honest, if you are gaining weight lately, you can use a Standing Desk to reduce the risk. 

However, please do not overdo it; that is, do not stand continuously for a long time. Take an adequate amount of break. 

9. Standing Desk Increase Productivity (Scientifically Proven)

Yes, I know it can seem to vary vague when someone says Standing Desk can increase productivity. I, myself, could not believe it at the beginning. 

However, my research findings have proven all these assumptions wrong. One study by Texas A&M University’s Health Science Center School of Public Health proved that users using standing desks were 45% more productive compared to those who worked sitting all day. 

Standing desks help to increase the sense of wellness and also lift the mood, which is why you stay more energetic. Till now, numerous studies have shown that workplace productivity can be increased by using Standing Desks rather than making them work in a sitting position. 

For better understanding, I highly recommend you to read my article on Do Standing Desks Increase Productivity?

10. Ergonomic Chairs Come With More Adjustments

The technological advancements and well-researched studies have gifted us with the Ergonomic Chairs with lots of ergonomic features and adjustments. Even if the Ergonomic Chairs seem uncomfortable, you can always make the proper adjustments as per your needs.

Making adjustments in Ergonomic Chairs are becoming more convenient, whereas adjusting the Standing Desk, both the automatic one or the manual one, might seem overwhelming to you. 

11. Standing Desk Is Not Recommended For The Patients Suffering From Blood Pressure 

Although people who use Standing Desk are considered healthier than the other group of people who prefer to work while sitting on an Ergonomic Chair, there remains a risk for the people who suffer from Blood Pressure Problems. 

That is why it is recommended to skip using the Standing Desk if you are a blood pressure patient. Both who have hypertension or hypotension should be standing for a longer period of time. 

12. Keeping Upright Posture While Sitting On an Ergonomic chair Is Harder

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers are introducing numerous features to make the Office Chair more ergonomic and comfortable. But are we following the basic rules of sitting in an Ergonomic Chair that will hold our natural posture?

Let us be honest; maybe for a day or two, we maintain the rules by sitting at the back of the chair, keeping the arms perpendicular to the desk, or keeping the feet flat to the floor by maintaining a 90-degree angle between the hips and thighs.

After that, we will slouch forward to sit on the chair by keeping our legs crossed, which is why we tend to suffer from physical problems even after buying the perfect Ergonomic Chair. But mostly, our posture is hampered.

But when you use the Standing Desk, keep the arms parallel to the desk and maintain eye level with the PC screen; you will be maintaining a good posture. 

Moreover, you do have to worry about staying in a definite position for a long time. As most Standing Desks come with adjustable features, you can sit and change your posture every 2 or 3 hours. 

13. Standing Desk Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

Standing for a definite period of time can decrease the risk of Heart Disease. In a study, it was discovered that a bus conductor who needed to stand for a longer period of time had half the risk of heart disease-related death than the driver who needed to sit for that amount of time. 

Moreover, extensive Sitting can increase the threat of cardiovascular-related death by 147%. Standing Desks give you the privilege to change the sitting position to a standing position and vice-versa, which further positively affects your body. 

14. Standing Desk Promotes More Physical Work

Standing Desk can keep you active as you need to walk towards the other end of the desk to take a pen, you will have to walk towards your colleague to have a conversation, and a lot more. 

The things that you would have done by scrolling the Ergonomic Chair, the Standing Desk will make you do those things by making you walk, providing you a scope to stretch your body.

In the case of using the Manual Standing Desk, the work becomes double as you need to move the desk up and down manually several times throughout the day. Even if you skip the morning exercise, it will be all covered up.

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15. Standing Desk Increase Life Expectancy (Scientifically Proven)

Many studies have proved sitting for prolonged hours does nothing but invite death. It increases the chances of many common diseases, like Diabetes and Cardiovascular disorder.   

Sedentary Sitting can intensify the risk of early death, whereas reducing sitting time just by 3-hours each day would increase the average life expectancy of a group of people. 

16. Ergonomic Chairs Are More Comfortable

Both Ergonomic Chairs and Standing Desks effectively maintain good posture in the workplace. But compared to Standing desks, Ergonomic Chairs are more comfortable. 

If you wonder why Ergonomic Chairs are more comfortable than Standing desks, then the simple answer is that you can comfortably sit on the Ergonomic Chairs instead of standing.

Even if you maintain the proper sitting posture, you will feel comfortable without experiencing any swelling or body pain. Moreover, the adjustments of an Ergonomic Chair and the customization option will help you sit comfortably and maintain a natural S-shape of your spine. 

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17. Using Standing Desk For A Long Time Can Lead Body Pain And Fatigue

As you know, standing for a longer period of time can be harmful to your health; it gives rise to many health problems. For instance, standing for prolonged hours cause joint pain and body aches. 

Moreover, standing for a long time can compress your discs and imitate lower back problems. If you are habituated to stand for a long time, you will most likely get swelling, fatigue, and pain. These can be minimized by properly sitting in an Ergonomic Chair. 

18. Ergonomic Chair Reduces Hip Pressure

The best part of using an Ergonomic Chair is that your body weight is balanced out when you sit in the chair, which keeps the pressure off the hips.

The suitable seat height and seat depth adjustments of Ergonomic Chairs help you sit comfortably while evenly distributing your overall body weight.  

19. Standing Desk Adjustments Might Be Difficult To Operate.

There are two groups of people, the one who finds the Standing Desk is easy to operate and the other who find it pretty confusing. 

Unless you are using a Non-Adjustable Standing Desk, you need to either manually adjust the height or use the help of technology to bring the desk to a perfect height. 

Some might not be physically fit to manually increase or decrease the desk’s height. In contrast, some people might not be tech-savvy to understand the electronic function of an Electric Standing Desk. 

Nonetheless, I recommend you to buy the appropriate one for you, and then read the manual before using the Standing Desk. I highly recommend you check out my other article on Electric Vs. Manual Standing Desk: Which One Is Better?  

20. Ergonomic Chairs Reduce Back And Lower Back Pain

The most satisfying advantage of using an Ergonomic Chair is that it eliminates your back and hips pressure. The adjustable lumbar support helps to hold the natural S-shape of your spine. 

An Ergonomic Chair removes the pressure from the discs and gently holds your back with the soft padding of the seat and backrest. Your entire back stays relaxed and does not feel any pressure, so the chances of experiencing back or lower back pain are reduced. 

Remember to maintain the proper sitting posture, and you are good to go. 

21. Standing Desk Are Not Recommended For Cardiovascular Patients

Yes, Standing Desk should not be used by people with heart disease. If those who suffer from heart disease stand for a long period of time, it increases the risk.

In addition to that, many studies have shown the risk can be doubled if you constantly stand for a longer period. I suggest you use an Ergonomic Chair and sitting desk in order to minimize the risk. 

22. Working On A Standing Desk Might Seem Exposing

Some people would love to have some privacy while working. Well, while using a Standing Desk, you will surely not have any privacy. 

Your monitor will be completely exposed to the people working behind you, as the height of your monitor will be higher. 

Moreover, it can cut your and your colleague’s concentration while working. If you want to take a break from work and play some games on your computer, you will not be able to do that either. 

23. Higher Investment Is Needed For Ergonomic Chair Than Standing Desk

Although a good quality Ergonomic Chair might be less expensive than a good quality Standing Desk, the hidden cost can be the opposite. No, I need to be scared; let me explain.

With an Ergonomic Chair, you will need a Sitting Desk and Chair Mat. Now, let us take the average price of good quality products and estimate the total cost.

ProductEstimated Price
Ergonomic Chair$400
Sitting Desk$300
Chair Mat$40
Total Expenditure$740

Then again, Standing Desks require only one thing: Standing Desk Mats. Yes, Standing Desk Mats are extremely necessary. Read the article on Standing Desk Mats: 10 Things You Should Know.

So, let us take the average price of the Standing Desk and Standing Desk Mat (or Anti-Fatigue Mat) and estimate the total cost.

ProductEstimated Price
Standing Desk$600
Standing Desk Mat$80
Total Expenditure$680

As you can see, although the average price of a good-quality Ergonomic Chair is $200 less than the price of a suitable Standing Desk, the overall cost can be higher when you choose to buy an Ergonomic Chair. 

24. Initial Adjustments With The Standing Desk Can Be Troublesome

Getting accustomed to an Ergonomic Chair is no big deal, but things are different in the case of Standing Desks. People are not habituated to spending a lot of time standing, and it is not different for you and me. 

As a result, when you first start using a Standing Desk, you are most likely to experience body pain and swelling. 

When I first started using the Standing Desk, it was hard for me to stand for such a long time, and at night I could not sleep due to bad body pain.

However, once you get accustomed to the process and take a small break to sit in or take short walks, you will be good to go. Do not try harder; take your time and let it be a practice eventually, or else you will suffer from serious health problems. 

25. Ergonomic Chairs Is The Only Option When You Are Sick

Yes, Standing Desks can help you lead an active and healthy life. However, I know you will agree that health stays the same every day. On such days, you will definitely need something comfortable to sit in.

Standing all day long for a sick person is not possible, and the body strength does not allow that as well. Then, the Ergonomic Chairs is the only option left for you. 

Then again, a pregnant person should not be using Standing Desks, rather comfortable sitting in Ergonomic Chairs.

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Since now you are aware of the 20 pros and cons of the Standing Desk and Ergonomic Chair, it is now your turn to choose the appropriate one according to your preference. 

Meraj Jahan

Hey, I am a co-author at Office Chair Trends. Not only have I experience working for extended hours behind the desks at my workstation, but I also have seen people in my surroundings suffer from body aches. Being a reader by day and writer by night, I have researched this matter and gathered knowledge along the way. I am sharing all my experiences on this site.