Standing Desk Vs. Converter: Which One To Choose?

People now know the benefit of switching the position amidst work; after standing for a few hours, you might want to sit down for a bit, and vice-versa. So, it is pretty expected that some people will prefer a standing desk over the traditional sitting desk. However, confusion arises when you need to choose between a standing desk and a converter.

The main difference between a standing desk and a converter is that, standing desk is a whole desk which allows you to stand and work whereas a converter just transforms a regular desk into a standing one. Standing desk usually costs 3-4 times more than a converter. It’s better to choose a standing desk converter if you already have a traditional desk.

In this article, I will help you develop your understanding of a standing desk and a standing desk converter. By highlighting the pros and cons of both standing desk and converter, you will get to decide which one is the perfect suit for you.

I will also recommend my favorite standing desk and a converter at the end so that you can have your perfect desk setup. So, keep reading the article! 

What Is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks are designed for those who prefer to stand at their workstation. Yes, you guessed it right. As the name suggests, Standing Desks are the desks that you can use while you stand up. You can purchase a standalone one of the adjustable standing desks.

The height of a standing desk usually falls between 24 – 30 inches tall, and the width is between 40 – 80 inches. A standing desk has either two or four legs and they help adjust the desktop to a range of height. 

The standing desk can have an electric motor and is mainly operated using a push of a button. You will also find standing desks with a manual setting with crank handles to adjust the height. The standing desks come with additional features like keyboard trays or monitor stands. 

The standing desk offers numerous health benefits which are scientifically proven. Suppose you have to rely on sedentary behavior heavily. In that case, I highly recommend choosing an adjustable standing desk because sedentary behavior increases the risks of anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, and depression, which can further create resistance to productivity. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Standing Desk?

Now that you are familiar with a standing desk let me tell you all the benefits and the drawbacks that are carried by standing desks.

The Pros Of A Standing Desk

  1. Using a standing desk alleviated common health concerns like blood sugar and blood pressure problems.
  2. Standing desks make you more productive by boosting focus and concentration.
  3. Standing desks help improve your posture. 
  4. Standing desks also eliminate the risk of musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disorders. 
  5. Working on a standing desk helps to cheer you up and diminish the risk of anxiety and depression. 
  6. Standing desks give you a scope to stretch your body between work, which further prevents body aches. 
  7. Research has proved standing desks help to lower the risk of weight gain and obesity. 
  8. Studies have also proved using a standing desk amidst work for 3-hours per day raises life expectancy. 

The Cons Of A Standing Desk

Now, let’s focus on the drawbacks that you might experience while using a standing desk. 

  1. Using standing desks for an extended period of time can lead to body pain and fatigue.
  2. Getting habituated to standing desks can be troublesome.
  3. Some people find the adjusting setup of the standing desks to be overwhelming.
  4. The use of standing desks can be problematic for heart patients.
  5. Using Standing desks for prolonged hours can cause postural problems.
  6. People who already suffer from musculoskeletal disorders should avoid standing desks. 
  7. Using a Standing desk for a long time can cause numbness on your legs, further spreading towards different parts of the body. 

What Is A Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter simply converts your current desk into a standing workplace. The height of a standing desk converter is around 4’’ to 20’’ off the ground. Then again, some standing desk converters are smaller in size, which you can place on an existing desk. When added at the top of the pre-existing desk, the height goes up to 40 – 50 inches.  

Just like standing desks, a standing desks converter comes with both electric and manual adjusting features. Moreover, they can also be found in multi-tiered designs with a working surface and a separate keyboard surface. 

The most exciting part is that you can also use them while sitting. In addition to that, standing desk converters being portable, you can simply remove them from the table and keep it side on different occasions. 

Standing desk converters are for those who want to shift towards active sitting arrangements rather than staying in excessive sedentary behaviors. It would be good for you to use a standing desk converter when you have an existing desk.  

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Standing Desk Converter?

Let us move on and check out what are the advantages and disadvantages of a standing desk converter. 

The Pros Of A Standing Desk Converter:

Check out the list of the pros of a Standing Desk Converter:

  1. Standing Desk Converters are portable; that is, you can quickly move the Desk Converter whenever you want. 
  2. You can use a Standing Desk Converter even with a traditional pre-existent desk. 
  3. It cost a bit less than a standing desk. Since they are affordable, they will quickly fall in your budget. 
  4. You can use a Standing Desk Converter both ways; sitting and standing
  5. Most of the Standing Desk Converters come with additional trays and holders. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about placing the keyboard, laptop, or mouse. 
  6. Most of the Standing Desk Converters have an electrical operator, which makes it easy to adjust. 

The Cons Of A Standing Desk Converter:

  1. Standing Desk Converters are less ergonomic as they don’t provide the exact height while sitting. 
  2. Although Standing Desk converters are portable, they are so heavy and cannot be easily shifted.
  3. When you use a Standing Desk Converter, it can be troublesome to shift the wires of the laptop. Sometimes it can get tangled.   

Comparison Between Standing Desk And Standing Desk Converter

Choosing between a Standing Desk and a Standing Desk Converter is a pretty easy task to do. You just need to know your needs, as they can vary according to the nature of your work. 

To illustrate, when you have to do sedentary tasks, but are an active person and want to lead a better lifestyle, then you should go for a Standing Desk. 

On the contrary, if you are used to working at a sitting desk and the idea of active sitting is new to you, you should consider buying a Standing Desk Converter to make the transition smooth. 

Moreover, if you have a budget constraint, I recommend you buy a standing desk converter, as they are cheaper than standing desks. Unlike standing desks, standing desk converters require less space since you can easily place them on the top of an existing desk. 

To conclude the discussion, you can see that both standing desk and standing desk converters come with various benefits of use, and they can also have some drawbacks. I suggest you analyze your demand, and see which one is suitable for you. 

My Recommendation: If you ask me, I would recommend purchasing a height adjustable standing desk as it is more convenient to use. You could just push the button to increase or decrease the height at your convenience and they come at a very affordable price. 

Five Tips To Find The Right Office Standing Desks

There are numerous standing desks out there, so finding the appropriate one can be difficult. Therefore, you need to know a few things to choose the best one for you. 

1.  Know If You Want A Single Or Dual Motors Desk

There remains a difference between the desks in their strength and capacity, which can differ due to the number of motors the standing desk has. 

Motors help to lift the desk to move upwards or downwards. A standing desk that has one motor is slightly cheaper, but it might not hold the weight you want. Then it does not necessarily mean the standing desk will be of bad quality. 

So, buy the one as per your need, and check how much weight the standing desk can hold. Checking the adjustable height range and weight capacity is essential while choosing for a standing desk.

Most of the standing desks with single motors have 150lbs of average weight capacity.

2. Check the Weight Capacity of the Standing desk

The standing desk should be strong enough to hold the weight of the things you plan on putting on the desk. If the standing desk is weak, you might end up breaking it. So, before purchasing the standing desk, make sure to check how much weight it can hold. 

A good quality standing desk will pay for itself, so never hesitate to buy a durable standing desk. Especially if the standing desk has to go through heavy-duty, then you should definitely buy a stable and robust standing desk.  

3. Check The Standing Desk’s Legs Size

Some standing desks can have uneven legs, and it can be troublesome to work properly on them. Before buying the standing desk, check if the legs of the desk are of equal size.

4. Check The Warranty Coverage

Before buying the standing desk, you need to check the warranty period and the conditions. The more the warranty period and the stronger the conditions are, you will most likely get the best standing desk. 

The more confident brand with its product and service is more likely to give an extended warranty. 

5. Buy A Good Quality Standing Desk

You do your research and find the best quality standing desk. The name of the brand matters, so choose the brand which has gained the certification of authorized institutes. 

If any brand is offering a standing desk claiming the desk to the best quality, do not fall for the trap. Purchase the one that is authentic and has a great review. Remember that a good quality standing desk doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. 

My Recommended Standing Desks 

Flexispot EC1 Electric Standing Desk is very smooth, and can be uplifted up to 46.7 inches tall. You can conveniently transform a sitting desk to standing height with the press of a button. With two buttons, you can easily increase or decrease the desk height.

This standing desk has the weight capacity of 154lbs and it has the speed of 1’’/second with a slightly low noise about 50dB while running.

This standing desk comes with different sizes, if you want a two monitor setup on your desk you can easily get the bigger size of this desk. 

It also comes with a wood material at the top and the construction is made out of steel so, you will always have a sturdy desk while working.

There are a ton of electric desks that you can find on the market but Flexispot really stand out due to it’s design, price and functionality.  

Felxispot EC1 currently costs $234.99. Check out the most updated price just by clicking here.

My Recommended Standing Desk Converter 

FlexiSpot 28-Inch Standing Desk Converter is one of the top-rated desk converters you will find. It is easy to set up and easy to use. You can put the laptop(s) on the upper shelf and use the lower shelf for your mouse and keyboard with two attached shelves.

The desk’s high-powered gas springs offer smooth & stable straight up & down operation, and the height can be adjusted 4.7 inches – 19.7 inches. The heavy-duty steel frame & high-quality surface have a weight capacity of 33 lbs. on the upper shelf and the lower shelf 4.4 lbs. 

FLEXISPOT Standing Desk Converter currently costs 110 bucks. If you are interested, you can check the converter on Amazon, by clicking here

Related Question:

Is A Standing Desk Converter Worth It?

Well, it depends. For example, if you have an existing traditional desk, and your budget is minimal, you can definitely invest in a standing desk converter. Because you can simply put the converter on the traditional desk, it will allow you to use the converter while standing. 

Therefore, investing in the standing desk is worth it in this particular situation.  

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