Standing Desk Mats: 10 Things You Should Know

Standing desks, current favorite among the office workers. Undoubtedly, many organizations are installing standing desks instead of sitting desks because of all the benefits a standing desk provides. 

Then again, when you are using a standing desk, it becomes mandatory to use Standing Desk Mats. 

Let me share 10 important things you need to know about Standing Desk Mats. 

1. What Is A Standing Desk Mat?

A Standing Desk Mat is an essential that ensures comfort while you work in a standing or sit-stand desk. Standing Desk Mats reduce the feelings of fatigue by eliminating the discomfort you might face while standing.  

Standing Desk Mats are often known as Anti-Fatigue Mat that is mostly made of pliant, and shock-absorbent material. 

Most common materials for these mats are gel, vinyl, rubber, and Polyurethane foam. It helps to relieve pain that you might experience from extended standing. 

The micro-movements enhanced by Standing Desk Mats allows your leg muscles to contract and expand in a manner that keeps your leg pain and numbness free. 

2. Do Standing Desk Mats Work?

An Anti-Fatigue Mat enables you with micromovements while you stand in a standing desk. These micromovements ensure subtle contraction and expansion of your muscles, which further enhances the blood flow and carries oxygen towards your heart. 

Surely, when you stand for a long time, you will face pain and numbness in your legs, which can lead towards your other body parts. It gets worse when you need to do the same things every day for 5 to 6 hours. In such cases, a Standing Desk Mat comes handy.

That is why, experts suggest not to skip the Standing Desk Mat, while using a Standing desk. 

3. Do Standing Desk Mats Make A Difference?

Standing Desk Mats are essential when you are working in a standing desk, and makes a huge difference when you skip it. Standing on a hard surface for extended periods instead of using a Standing Desk Mat, it can become uncomfortable and cause physical fatigue.  

On the other hand, when you use a Standing Desk Mat, you feel more comfortable and it will restrict the chance of getting your legs numb. Moreover, it will enhance the blood flow, and offer more stability and support when you stand. 

Instead of keeping your legs in an uncomfortable position, Standing Desk Mats help you to frequently change the position and the cushion of the mats offers you a limited range of motion. 

The micro-movements of the Standing Desk Mats helps to diminish the stain that you experience on your muscles and joints. Additionally, it helps to improve the blood circulation and distribute the constant pressure you might feel in your lower limbs while standing. 

So, you can imagine using a Standing Desk Mats positively impacts your standing experience at work. 

4. Should You Use A Standing Mat With A Standing Desk?

You should use a standing desk mat with a standing desk as you know, standing for an extended period of time can be troublesome for anyone. It is not only uncomfortable, but also invites numerous health issues. That is why, Standing Desk Mats become compulsory when you work in a standing desk for a longer period of time. 

To give you detailed information, let me share what I have gathered from my research. You should use a Standing Desk Mat for this four reasons, 

Eliminates Muscle Fatigue

Constant barefooting standing on a hard surface is not at all an ergonomic option. Instead of standing on the hard floors, you should definitely use Standing Desk Mat in order to reduce the fatigue that is caused by standing for a long time. 

Stimulates Blood Circulation & Oxygen Transmission 

The frequent micromovements of the Standing Desk Mat provides your muscles a scope to contract and expand, which further simulates the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. 

Reduce Numbness And Pain

The micromovements of the Standing Desk Mat also reduce pain you might face from long-time standing position. If you currently use a standing desk, you will know how hard it is to stand for a long time on the hard floor. 

It increases the pressure on your foot, upper limbs, and legs, which can cause pain. The pain can then transmit all over your body.

The pressure can also cause numbness, that is, you will lose the feeling or sensation in your lower body. Gradually, the numbness can spread all over your body. As a result, the use of Standing Desk Mat becomes mandatory. 

Diminish The Risk Of Health Issues

The ergonomic features of a Standing Desk Mat can eliminate the risk of various health issues. For instance, when you use a Standing Desk Mat, there remains less chance of developing heart diseases. The continuous shifting of your position prevents the risk of an inactive lifestyle. 

5. Different Types Of Standing Desk Mats

If you search Standing Desk Mats, you will come across two types of Standing Desk Mats; one is Normal Standing Desk Mats, and another Topographical Standing Desk Mats.

Normal Standing Desk Mats

The Normal Standing Desk Mats are the traditional Standing Desk Mats that comes with a flat surface. They are mostly 1 – 2 inches thick. They provide relieve from pain and stress from prolonged standing, but the benefits are restricted to a certain extent. 

You will find the Normal Standing Desk Mats in any of your nearest stores, and also you can check it out on Amazon.

Comfilife is an anti-fatigue mat that costs only 40 bucks. This mat is made out of high-quality material that will offer better support while standing. You will find this mat on Amazon, by clicking here.

Topographical Standing Desk Mats

The Topographical Standing Desk Mats come with a 3D like feature that not only help to provide comfort but also help to massage your feet. It provides you the opportunity to change your posture and stance in a manner that promotes comfort. 

This is my favorite type of Standing Desk Mat, as they pamper the feet and the soft surface lift up the pressure from your lower body. 

Ergodriven topographical mat costs about 99 bucks, It offers anti-fatigue feature along with a variety of standing options. Check out the Topographic Standing Desk Mat by Ergodriven on Amazon. 

6. Are Standing Desk Mats Worth It?

If you want an ergonomic workstation, and prefer Standing Desks over Sitting Desks, you should definitely use a Standing Desk Mat. It will reduce stress and fatigue, in turn, increase productivity. It will also eliminate regular health risks. So, Standing Desk Mats are worth it. 

A small investment can save you a lot of money, and trouble. Trust me, when you use a standing desk you will definitely need a Standing Desk Mat. It will provide you the ultimate comfort that you will be seeking while eliminating various health issues. 

7. Benefits Of Using Standing Desk Mat

There is no doubt that a Standing Desk Mat offers various advantages. Check out this list of all the benefits a Standing Desk Mat offers, 

  1. The constant regular movements of the standing desk mat increase your blood circulation.
  2. Standing Desk Mat can give you relief from pain and stiffness. 
  3. The fatigue that you might experience while working on a standing desk can be relieved by using Standing Desks Mat.
  4. Your foot and legs can be pressure free when you choose to stand in a Standing Desks Mats
  5. Standing Desk Mat helps in smooth transportation of oxygen throughout your body and especially to your heart. 
  6. Standing Desk Mat also help to develop your overall posture. 
  7. Lowering discomfort, and pain, Standing Desk Mat ensures productivity.

8. How To Choose The Right Standing Desk Mats?

Unquestionably, Standing Desk Mats are necessary if your work demands a long standing position. But the right Standing Desk Mat is a must. So, how to find the appropriate Standing Desk Mat?

  • Thicker Standing Desk Mat ensures more comfort for your feet and all the way up to your lower body. 
  • When it comes to the material, it is wise to avoid the Vinyl covers, as it can conceal defects. 
  • Check the Standing Desk Mat that has high-quality foam, and is made of non-slip material. 
  • Make sure to buy an active Standing Desk Mat, because it has a contoured surface. The active mat comes with a ball at the center, which helps to massage and stretch your feet. 
  • Try to find a Standing Desk Mat with beveled edges, so that the edges are secured from curling. 
  • Remember the Standing Desk Mat should not trip or slip. Check it before buying one. 
  • The size of the mat will depend on the area of your movement in your workstation. Therefore, the mat size will differ according to your preferences.

Therefore, choose a thick active Standing Desk Mat that has beveled edges. The style and size can be as per your preferences, but avoid the vinyl covers. 

9. Why Do You Need An Anti-fatigue Mat For Standing Desks?

An Anti-fatigue Mat is an ergonomic product that completes your standing desk. It can prevent repetitive stress injury, numbness, and pain, with its micromovements. Moreover, it keeps you active by increasing the overall physical movement. 

When your work requires you to stand for a longer period of time, you should use an Anti-fatigue Mat so that your feet, and lower body stays pressure & stress free. The cushioned surface also prevents fatigue. 

Therefore, in order to stay active and prevent the health threats of long-time standing, you should definitely use an Anti-fatigue Mat.

10. Are Anti-fatigue Mats Worth It?

 A long standing position can invite discomfort, numbness, tiredness, and unbearable pain. Anti-fatigue Mats can prevent these from occurring and provide comfort. The small investment can help you eliminate stress & fatigue. Therefore, Anti-fatigue Mats are worth it. 

Anti-fatigue Mats are mostly used by the workers who need to spend most of their time standing in their workstation. Anti-fatigue Mats provide you a soft surface to stand in, and an opportunity to frequently change your position. 

The Anti-fatigue Mats help you to stay active and stress-free. That is, the investment will definitely give you higher returns both physically and mentally. It diminishes the negative effects of prolonged standing. 

Final Thoughts

Standing Desk has become the appropriate alternative of Sitting Desks, as a result, the use of Standing Desk is increasing. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to use a Standing Desk Mat while working in a Standing Desk.

The use of Standing Desk Mat will reduce pain, numbness and fatigue from prolonged standing. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate Standing Desk Mat so make your working experience efficient. 

Meraj Jahan

Hey, I am a co-author at Office Chair Trends. Not only have I experience working for extended hours behind the desks at my workstation, but I also have seen people in my surroundings suffer from body aches. Being a reader by day and writer by night, I have researched this matter and gathered knowledge along the way. I am sharing all my experiences on this site.