Standing Desk Balance Board Vs. Mat: Which One is Better?

Nowadays, Standing Desks are getting popular due to all the benefits they serve, but standing for a long time can be troublesome. Well, let’s be honest, just like a coin, everything has two sides, one bad and a good side. 

In order to make your standing experience comfortable, Standing Desk Balance Board and Mat were introduced. However, the real question is which one to choose between the Standing Desk Balance Board and Mat?

Balancing Board will be a better option for you than getting a mat if you want something challenging, which will enhance more movement and positions. You should consider an Anti-Fatigue mat only if you want more stability and comfort while standing.

In this article, I will provide great information on the Standing Desk Balancing Board and Mat so that we can pick the right one for you. So, keep reading!

What is a Standing Desk Balance Board?

Balancing boards are typically used as a fitness tool that you can stand on while conducting an exercise to develop your balance and posture.

According to research, Balancing Boards prevent lower-body injuries and increase core strength, among other benefits. 

Usually, a balancing board is made of wood. One side of it has a flat top for long standing, and the other side has a dome shape. The unstable bottom in the center of the board allows the balancing board to move in different directions. 

Through various exercises, the use of a balancing board can improve your balance. Nonetheless, if not correctly used, a balancing board can also invite unwanted accidents. 

Why Should You Use a Standing Desk Balancing Board?

Undoubtedly, the advantages of standing desks surely outweigh the ones of sitting desks. If you are still in doubt if a standing desk is better than a sitting desk or not, check out this article, Sitting Vs. Standing desk: Which One Is Better For You? 

Standing desks carry lots of health benefits and physical benefits if you want to know about it more check out the article on, The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Standing Desks.

You Should Use a Balancing Board With Standing For The Following Reasons:

Using a balancing board while working at a standing desk offers various benefits. By improving your balance, the balancing board enhances your ability to control your body.

Standing desks balancing board helps you to maintain a proper posture and helps to develop your overall agility.

Balancing Boards Improves Your Performance:

This improvement in coordination & agility helps to improve your performance, feel more confident with your body.

Using a balancing board can make your standing desk using experience comfortable; you might even forget about the extended period of standing.

Encourages Activity & Proper Posture:

When you get exhausted for a long standing position, the balancing board encourages activity by implementing micro-movement into your stance.

Nonetheless, the main focus of a standing desk balancing board is to improve your balance while maintaining the appropriate posture while providing your body with a workout. 

Improves Blood Flow:

With the micro-movements, the balancing boards improve blood flow and make you feel less tired.

Although you will find various balancing boards in the market, you will find specifically designed ones for standing desks. 

What is a Standing Desk Mat?

When you speak of standing desk mats, the most common name that comes to mind is an anti-fatigue mat. Anti-Fatigue Mats reduce the feelings of fatigue and discomfort that you experience from a long time standing. 

These fatigue-reducing mats provide proper support and cushioning for better comfort when you stand.

It further reduces the pain on your lower body and feet that you might experience from working at a standing desk for a more extended period. 

Anti-fatigue mats are available in various materials. To state a few, gel, vinyl, rubber, and Polyurethane foam are the most common ones. 

Why use an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

When you stand on a hard surface for extended periods instead of standing on an anti-fatigue mat, the standing experience can become uncomfortable and cause physical fatigue. 

If you avoid using a fatigue-reducing mat, your leg muscles will become totally static and constricted for working in an upright position for an extended period of time. It will also hamper the blood flow, causing pain and numbness. 

Offers Stable Standing Position:

Anti-Fatigue Mats give you a stable landing as they are firmly positioned on the ground.

They offer a range of terrains and feature flat and raised surfaces, channels, and massage points on the fatigue-reducing mat that promotes continuous movement while you stand.  

Keeps Pain & Numbness Away:

An Anti-Fatigue Mat helps your muscles to subtly contract and expand, which further enhances the blood flow, keeping the pain and numbness away from you.

Increases Oxygen Level:

Along with the blood flow, this also helps to increase the volume of oxygen reaching your heart. 

Comparison Between Standing Desk Balance Board and Anti-Fatigue Mat

So, what are the differences between the Standing Desk Balance Board and Anti-Fatigue Mat? Well, for that, let’s briefly check out this list first,

Standing Desk Balance BoardAnti-Fatigue Mat
Offer more movement, range of position.Less focus and offers more stability and support. 
Strengthen your balance and muscles.Limited range of movement. 
More challenging to stand in, although more fun.Less challenging and not so much fun. 
Increase your level of activity.A lower level of activity.
Encourage micro-movementYou need to initiate movement
May detract you from your work.Less possibility to distract. 
There is a possibility that you might fall and get injured.Fewer chances to get injured. 
Balancing boards have concave shapes, which can be moved in definite directions. An anti-fatigue mat allows you to shift your feet around to many positions. 
Balancing board’s price falls under $20 – $350The price of anti-fatigue mats can vary according to their size; the price range typically falls $37 – $245. 

Therefore, the Standing desk’s balancing board offers more range of positions and micro-movement. It also strengthens your muscles and helps you balance your body. 

Balance board increases your activity level, which further increases blood flow throughout your body to the heart. 

The price range of standing desks balancing boards falls between $20 – $350. Though there are numerous benefits a standing desk balancing board offers, they carry few drawbacks. 

For example, balancing a balancing board can be tricky; there are chances you might trip and get injured. 

On the other hand, the price of anti-fatigue mats falls in the range of $37 – $245. It allows you to shift your feet around to adjust to the position you like.

Anti-fatigue mats don’t keep you distracted from your work, and there is less chance of getting injured.  Additionally, anti-fatigue mats are less challenging but offer more stability and support.  

So, Which One to Choose Between the Standing Desk Balance Board and Mat? 

For most people, using a decent balance board with a standing desk will be a better choice than any mat. 

I found this Whirly Balance Board a great option which offers a great design and functions. You can use it for fun, work and for any physical activity. This balance board has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. I’m sure you will love it.

Whirly Balance board currently costs 139 bucks. You can check the most updated price on Amazon, here.

Standing desk balancing board offers more frequent movement, range of position, and has the intention to strengthen your muscles and balance. 

But if you want something that requires less focus and more support, stability, and comfort for standing in a particular area, then an anti-fatigue mat will be the best option for you.

The cushion of the anti-fatigue mat will offer you a limited range of motion.  Now the choice is yours, pick the one according to your preferences. 

Related Questions

Are Standing Desk Balance Boards Worth It?

Standing desk balance boards are definitely worth it as they can improve your productivity while working by engaging your mind and body.

Balance boards also help you focus better and you can find decent balance boards at very cheap prices.

Balancing boards are engineered to provide perfect stability and mobility for our bodies. When you are standing on the board even a little movement feels great.

According to experts the movements usually have lots of positive effects on the body including strengthening the core muscles and perfecting posture.  

Do Desk Balance Boards Work?

The answer is a resounding yes! Balance boards will work really well for you if you want to improve your body’s balance at work while improving your focus and productivity.

According to several studies, balancing boards increase calorie expenditure by more than 19%. As a person who values healthy living more than anything person, I would definitely say banancing boards do work.

Is Standing On a Balance Board Good Exercise?

Standing on a balance board is a good exercise for your core muscles. Standing on a balance board helps you engage your core muscles while you are standing on them, and this might make your core muscles stronger in the long run.

Most people out there don’t train their core muscles which makes their cores weak. But standing on a balance can make core muscles stronger and if you have ever been to any gym, you must know the importance of core muscle strength.

That’s why I think standing on a balance board is good exercise for your body.

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