Sitting Vs. Standing Desk: Which One Is Better For You?

Recent studies claim Standing rather than Sitting is beneficial, as it helps with weight control. On the other hand, the Prolonged Standing position is also harmful to many people. Ahh! So confusing, isn’t it? 

Everything feels confusing and also contradictory. If both Standing Desks and Sitting Desks are harmful, which one to choose? Well, it’s nothing complicated. Let me briefly explain it. 

The main difference between sitting and standing desks is actually in the height and position of use. Undoubtedly, Adjustable Standing Desks are taller and are more preferable to Sitting Desk. However, sitting for a long time sitting position is also harmful. It is recommended to use a mix of both types of desks to make things easier for your body.

It is normal to get confused sometimes, and I was also confused to choose between Sitting Desk and Standing Desk. That is the reason I started to go deep and choose the appropriate one. 

Now, I will share all my findings in this article and point out all the pros and cons of Sitting Desks and Standing Desks. Keep reading!

What Is A Standing Desk?

As the name suggests, Standing Desks are the desks that you can use while you stand up. Most of the standing desks are adjustable. As a result, you can choose your preferred height, whereas others come with a fixed height. 

Then again, some standing desks work as an extension that you can place on the top of an existing desk, and some come as standalone units. 

Why To Choose A Standing Desk?

Standing desks offer various health benefits. As a study by Mayo Clinic claimed, sitting desks are more dangerous, as sitting for an extended period can do severe damage to your health

Since your work requires spending much time in a single position, standing desks can encourage you to hold a better posture at work. Maintaining good posture is mandatory when you are working for longer hours.

Check out these two articles to know about maintaining good posture in two different situations:

When you use a standing chair, you will find it helps to prevent chronic pain and stress. Moreover, it enhances your natural posture and reduces back pain. Over time, it strengthens your stomach muscles and allows them to support your body instead of using the wrong muscles or pressurizing them. 

One of the recent studies of Texas A&M University discovered employees who used sit-stand desks were more productive (46%) than those who used traditional desks. 

Let’s make things a bit interesting and compare the pros and cons of Standing Desks and Sitting Desks side by side in order to get a clear picture.

Advantages Of The Standing Desks And The Sitting Desks

Now that you are familiar with the standing desks and know about sitting desks, also known as traditional desks, it is time to know about the benefits of both Standing Desks and Sitting Desks.

Standing DesksSitting Desks
Most of the standing desks are adjustable. You can use the height, adjust as per your need, and change it for a different posture.When you suffer from existing body pain, especially back pain, or in the case of injury, it is recommended to use a Sitting Desk.
They are suitable for extended periods of working hours.Standing all day long is very challenging. In such a case, a sitting desk can work as a relief.  
They are better for your health.They can be suitable for obese people.
They are more ergonomic and good for your posture.They are usually affordable and easily accessible.
Easy way to get rid of poor posture. Replacement parts and accessories are easy to find. 
Prevent Chronic pain and body stain. Variety of designs and colors available. 

To briefly compare the advantages of Standing Desks and Sitting Desks, you can see that the standing desk comes with adjustable height features to adjust the height accordingly.

As the standing desks have more ergonomic features and diminish lousy posture, they are suitable for extensive periods. Moreover, they are proven to provide productive results than the ones who use traditional or sitting desks.

On the contrary, sitting desks are recommended for those who suffer from body pain or injury and circulatory illness.

After a hectic day, sitting desks are considered to be preferable. Finally, sitting desks being the traditional ones, are more accessible, and the components are also easy to find.   

Disadvantages Of The Standing Desks And The Sitting Desks

Let me share the disadvantages of Standing Desks and Sitting Desks for making a definitive decision. Check out the list below,

Standing DesksSitting Desks
When you are new to standing up for an extended period, you might find it hard to use a Standing Desk. Sitting for too long is unhealthy, and the vast majority of people invite body pain by sitting on a sitting desk. 
Adjusting the Standing Desks can be troublesome. It can be challenging to maintain good posture.   
Standing Desks can be difficult to find.Difficult to adjust or personalize the desk. 
Finding the perfect Standing Desk for your office can be problematic.Most sitting desks do not come with the adjustable features
Standing chairs have fewer options available, and the accessories are also hard to find.  They can make you less productive and result in weight gain.  

Therefore, although standing desks offer many benefits, they still carry some disadvantages, like standing for an extended period of time might initiate leg and waist stain. You will find very few options for standing desks, and their accessories can be challenging to find. 

On the other hand, Sitting Desks can make you adapt to bad posture, which will further cause damage to your body. Sitting desks can make you less productive and increase your body weight. 

Related Questions:

Is Standing At A Desk Better Than Sitting?

Yes, a standing desk is way better than a sitting desk. Unlike, Sitting Desks, Standing Desks carry many advantages. To point out the benefits of standing desks, 

  • Standing desks help enlighten your mood & energy levels.
  • Standing desks are beneficial to reduce back pain.
  • Standing lowers the risk of weight gain & obesity.
  • Standing desks can boost productivity & concentration.
  • Standing may lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Using a standing desk can be effective in reducing blood sugar levels.

Do You Burn Calories At A Standing Desk?

Standing Desks help to reduce weight, as it helps to burn calories. It can be hard to burn calories with exercise, but simply choosing to stand rather than sit can also burn calories. 

You can simply burn an extra 1000 calories approximately every week by standing as your body loses more calories while on your feet than in a seating position. 

Final Thoughts

According to my research, Standing Desks are more advantageous than Sitting Desks. However, they are hard to find but are good for your health in the long run.

Also, if you are finding it difficult to find the perfect standing desk for yourself, you can check out my favorite standing desk on Amazon by clicking here. It has an electric height adjustment, which is really cool. You will definitely like its simple and elegant design.

However, if you already have a traditional desk, you don’t need to buy an entire standing desk. It’s a better idea to use a standing desk converter. If you are wondering what I am talking about! Check out the picture below:

Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk converter lets you transform a traditional sitting desk into a standing one. I have found a decent and inexpensive one on Amazon; it’s from the brand TechOrbits. You can check it out by clicking here.

For a modern office environment, the standing desk will give you a better experience. Whether you stay seated or stay in a standing position, you can adjust the height as per your preferences with an adjustable standing desk. 

Therefore, I recommend you to use Standing Desk over any Sitting Desk. However, if you are starting to use a standing desk, I recommend you split your working time equally between standing and sitting so that you can get comfortable with it by the time you can get comfortable with it. 

Meraj Jahan

Hey, I am a co-author at Office Chair Trends. Not only have I experience working for extended hours behind the desks at my workstation, but I also have seen people in my surroundings suffer from body aches. Being a reader by day and writer by night, I have researched this matter and gathered knowledge along the way. I am sharing all my experiences on this site.