SIDIZ T50 Vs. SIDIZ T80: Which One Is Better?

It is pretty common to see Ergonomic Chairs from Herman Miller, Steelcase, and other popular brands. But did you know SIDIZ, a South Korean company, has also gained popularity for all the excellent ergonomic chairs, especially SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80?

So, What is the difference between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80? The differences between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 chairs include weight capacity, size, and design. Then again, the lumbar support and armrests are better in SIDIZ T50, whereas SIDIZ T80 has better materials and headrest. 

This article will provide you with an understanding of SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 by mentioning all the advantages and disadvantages. 

Lastly, look at the detailed comparison between them to know which one to buy.

So, without any further ado, enjoy the reading. 

Sidiz T50 

The award-winning company has been producing 1.5 million chairs annually, and SIDIZ T50 is one of the popular ones who received numerous awards.

The Chair has always kept up to the standards, and customers were rarely disappointed with the office chair. 

They have great built quality and come with a 30-days trial and 3 years of the warranty period. The SIDIZ T50 chair is easy to assemble. The best part is that you do not have to waste your time and energy attaching the wheels with the wheelbase. 

The SIDIZ T50 chair comes with a multiple tilt locking option that can be tilted up to a great distance. It also holds your posture, and with the tilting options, you can enjoy your reading and short nap in a more relaxed way. 

Let me provide an overview of the SIDIZ T50 chair, 

FeaturesSIDIZ T50
Chair Dimensions28.9″ D x 28.9″ W x 51.6″ H
Seat Height17” – 21”
Seat Depth18.3″ – 21″
Chair Base MovementSwivel
Lumbar SupportAdjustable
Armrests3D Adjustable
HeadrestCurved Adjustable
Tilt TypeMulti-limited Tilt
Tilt Lock5 Lock Positions
Chair’s Weight49 lbs.
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Recommended Height5’3” – 6’6″

Pros Of The Sidiz T50 Chair

SIDIZ is a great ergonomic chair that carries lots of advantages. Let me mention all of these for you; 

  1. Great Ergonomic Design: SIDIZ T50 is a comfortable chair that is filled with many ergonomic features and has a modern look.
  2. Highly Adjustable Headrest: Have a curved adjustable leather headrest that can be adjusted both height and angle-wise. 
  3. 3D Armrests: The 3D adjustable armrests’ height can be adjusted up to 2 inches. Also, you can adjust the angle by moving the armrests inward and backward.
  4. Multiple Tilt Locking Options: The SIDIZ T50 chair comes with recline into 5 fixed positions.
  5. Superior Breathability: The Chair is built with lightweight and breathable mesh material on its backrest. 
  6. Comfortable For Long Hours: Due to the mesh material and amazing tilt quality that conforms to your body shape, you can sit on the Chair for a longer period of time. 
  7. Good Quality Fabric: The seat is also made of smooth and soft fabric. It feels very premium by touch.
  8. Smooth & Silent Casters: The SIDIZ T50 Chair has hard nylon dual casters that provide a smooth and quiet roll.
  9. Forward Seat tilt is present.
  10. Easy Maintenance: The fabric seat cushion can be removed for cleaning purposes. 
  11. Waterfall Seat Design: The waterfall seat edges and seat depth adjustments make the seat more comfortable to sit in. Learn more about waterfall seats here.

Cons Of The Sidiz T50 Chair 

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of the Chair, let me mention all the disadvantages of SIDIZ T50 in this section;

  1. The Headrest can feel a bit stiff and might feel uncomfortable to many as proper neck support might lack. 
  2. Chair rolling can be uncomfortable on carpeted floors. 
  3. The seat cushion can get thinned over time. 

Sidiz T80

SIDIZ T80 is one of the chairs that has received loads of customer appreciation. Compared to other SIDIZ chairs, the SIDIZ T80 is relatively bigger and broader. 

The Chair looks absolutely amazing, especially if you are a Marble fan; you can buy either the Captain America version or the Iron Man version for your workspace. 

The build quality is top-notch and makes the chair look and feel good. The Chair is suitable for long-term use. The Urethane Casters effortlessly make the chair roll on soft and hard floors. 

When you compare the SIDIZ T80 chair with other ergonomic chairs, you will notice numerous advanced adjustments. You are surely going to love sitting in this Chair because it will hold the natural posture and provide you with the utmost comfort.

Check the SIDIZ T80 chairs overview, 

FeaturesSIDIZ T50
Chair Dimensions21.9″ D x 28.9″ W x 51.9″ H
Seat Depth17” – 20.5″
Seat Height18″ – 22″
Suitable User Height5’7″ – 6’9″
Chair Base MovementSwivel
Lumbar SupportAdjustable
Armrests3D Adjustable
Tilt TypeUnlimited Sync Tilt
Tilt Lock4 lock positions
Chair’s Weight49 lbs.
Weight Capacity250 lbs.

Pros Of The Sidiz T80 Chairs

Now, let us discuss all the benefits the SIDIZ T80 chair has got to offer;

  1. Comfortable for Long Hours: It is an extremely comfortable chair, even if you have to sit for more than 8 hours.
  2. Strong Build Quality: The Chair has great build quality. The frame feels very strong and the materials are really durable.
  3. Spacious Seat: SIDIZ T80 is a spacious and comfortable chair that will provide a luxurious experience.  
  4. Well-padded Cushions: The cushioning is perfectly padded and stays the same for a longer period of time. 
  5. Great Breathability: The breathable materials prevent any kind of sweating and hotness. 
  6. Easy Maintenance: The Seat cushion can be uncovered and put into the washing machine for cleaning purposes. 
  7. Forward Tilting: The forward tilting seat function and the locking facility make the seating arrangement more comfortable. 
  8. Good Tilt Mechanism: The tilt mechanism comes with four different tilt angles and is pretty straightforward and easy to adjust. 
  9. Adjustable Headrest: The headrest is very comfortable, and the height and depth of it can be adjusted. It stays in the adjusted place and does not move very easily. 
  10. 3D Arms: The SIDIZ T80 chair’s armrests can be adjusted in 3-dimensional ways; height, depth, and angle wise 
  11. Quick Assembly Process: The Chair is easy to assemble and takes a maximum of 30 minutes to assemble. 

Cons Of The Sidiz T80 Chairs

Now, let us look into the probable disadvantages of using SIDIZ T80;

  1. The plastic lumbar support can seem uncomfortable to a few people.
  2. The depth adjustment is missing on lumbar support.
  3. The armrests adjustments can also seem inflexible. 
  4. The armrests move along with the lumbar support, which can seem disturbing. 

Comparison Between Sidiz T50 And Sidiz T80

Now that you are aware of both SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 individually, let us compare them side by side to get a clear picture. 

General Overview

Let me provide you the general difference between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80;

FeaturesSIDIZ T50SIDIZ T80
Seat Height17” – 21”18″ – 22″
Seat Width19.9”20.1”
Seat Depth18.9” – 21.6”18.9” – 21.9”
Back Width15.0” – 18.7”17.4” – 21.9”
Backrest Height (from Seat)20.5”20.8”
Headrest Height7.2” – 9.6”7.2” – 9.2” 
Lumbar Support Height4.7” – 6.7”3.5” – 5.5”
Chair Width28.9”28.9”
Seat Tilt Lock5 positions4 positions
Recommended Height5’3” – 6’6″5’7″ – 6’9″

Summary: Although there is no huge difference between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80, but in various cases, SIDIZ T80 is a bit broader and bigger which provides some added space and comfort. Moreover, it fits a wide range of body shapes and sizes.  

Ergonomic Feature 

You will find minimum differences between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80. For instance, in the SIDIZ T50 design, a bit of change of the armrests and the lumbar support makes it less comfortable.

The headrest of the SIDIZ T50 feels a bit flimsy and lacks proper support. Nonetheless, it is a curved headrest that is attached to the backrest. 

I feel the headrest of SIDIZ T80 more comfortably resting on my head, which holds the neck in a perfect position. The best part is that the headrest does not move with the pressure, which would have been pretty disturbing. 

Both have adjustable armrests that can be changed in height width and can be pivoted to bring them inward and outward. The bad side of the SIDIZ T80 armrests is that the lumbar support moves along with it when you change the height. 

The Mesh Backrest of the SIDIZ T80 is much smoother and more durable than that of the SIDIZ T50. As a result, the SIDIZ T80 is more comfortable and breathable at the same time.

Both the SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 come with great tilting angles, and the adjustments are made in the same manner. However, the SIDIZ T50 has 5 tilt lock positions, whereas the SIDIZ T80 has a maximum of 4 different lock positions. 

The lumbar support of both the chairs are perfectly curved and contour the body. However, the lumbar support of the SIDIZ T80 has a hard frame, and the lumbar depth adjustments are missing. 

Summary: In terms of ergonomic features and adjustments, SIDIZ T80 is a clear winner

Build Quality & Durability

Both the chairs, SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80, have exceptional built quality. They have a mesh backrest and fabric seat covering. The mesh covering provides plenty of airflow and supports your back adequately. 

However, the softness of the fabrics in the SIDIZ T80 surely adds some extra points. Then again, the structural frame of SIDIZ T50 is sturdy and can be uncomfortable compared to SIDIZ T50. 

SIDIZ T80 is an upgraded version of SIDIZ T50, and its durability is also far better than SIDIZ T50.

Summary: When it comes to design, both are extremely classy but when it comes to comfort level, SIDIZ T80 being the upgraded one, is a more comfortable one. 

Design & Comfort

SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 both are classy-looking chairs that will fit in any work environment. But when it comes to comfort, there are slight differences. 

The headrest of the SIDIZ T80 has softer padding and hardly moves when you rest your head on it. Then again, SIDIZ T50 has a better armrest. But the materials of SIDIZ T80 provide a more comfy sitting arrangement that is ergonomic at the same time.

On the other hand, the SIDIZ T50 has better and appropriate lumbar support. As a result, you need to consider these facts before purchasing one. 

Summary: Both the chairs are comfortable and there are a few differences which can make your choice from others. 

Price & Warranty 

Although the structural differences between the SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80 chairs are very minimal, the price difference is huge. 

The SIDIZ T50 will cost you only $399.00, and it includes the headrest. Check out the latest price just by clicking here.

The price of SIDIZ T80 will cost you almost double of SIDIZ T50, which is $674.00. However, if you are a Marble fan, the great news is that you can buy either the Iron Man or Captain America version. Check them by clicking here.

Both the chairs will have a 30-days trial period; within this time, you can easily return the Chair if you like it. The replacements have a 3-years warranty period, whereas the upholstery and foam have only 1-year. 

Summary: Being less expensive, SIDIZ T50 is the clear winner here.

Weight Capacity & Size 

Let me provide you with a table containing some required information;

FeaturesSIDIZ T50SIDIZ T80
Dimension28.9″D x 28.9″W x 51.6″H21.9″D x 28.9″W x 51.9″H
Chair Weight49 pounds49 pounds
Weight Capacity300 pounds250 pounds

As you can see, there is a slight difference in the size of the chairs but the weight is the same 49 pounds. However, the weight capacity of SIDIZ T80 is a bit lower than that of SIDIZ T50.

Summary: In this category, the winner is SIDIZ T50

Is The SIDIZ T50 Better Compared To The SIDIZ T80?

After the overall discussion, it is clear that SIDIZ T80 has more advanced features and better winning options than SIDIZ T50. Not only the headrest but also the comfortable mesh backrest makes the sitting arrangements more comfortable.

You will see there are slight differences between SIDIZ T50 and SIDIZ T80. The SIDIZ T50 being inexpensive, can make you choose it. Then again, the armrest and the better lumbar support will definitely add some more value to it.

Although the SIDIZ T80 has slightly bigger dimensions, you will see that the weight capacity of the SIDIZ T80 is only 250 pounds, whereas the SIDIZ T50 can hold up to 300 pounds. 

The best part is that both the chairs’ seat cushions can be separated for cleaning purposes. Being manufactured by the same company, both come with a 30-days trial period and a 3-years warranty period. 

No matter which one you choose, you need to set your preferences first and then match them with the features so that you do not regret buying.

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