Should you use a footrest at your desk?

Let’s say you’ve planned an amazing workspace for your office or home. You’ve got an ergonomic chair, great desk, great computer, mattress for your chair that makes your workspace pretty amazing and fun to work. But what about your feet? With all the great accessories of your office or home, you can now work efficiently. But after working for prolonged hours, you are sending pressure to the lower body that makes the blood circulation complicated to your legs, and you start to notice the difference between having the legs flat on the floor or held by any support. Now you might be thinking, “Should I get a footrest?” If yes, then this post is for you.

Generally, you should use a footrest at your desk if you spend a lot of time at your desk. People who have desk jobs spend more than 40 hours sitting every week. So, using a footrest can help them to improve blood circulation on their legs, reduce the risk of getting a bad posture, and improve the overall comfort level while working for long hours at a stretch.

Most of us don’t have a footrest at our office or workplace, but it’s essential furniture to the office that can promote not only a healthy lifestyle but also improve the efficiency of the workplace. We always get the best furniture for our office or home, but we often forget about this small thing that can reduce the risk of developing blood clots and other physical problems. Suppose you sit with your feet dangling or your knees at an odd angle all day long. That’s where footrest comes in. 

Benefits of using a footrest:

Initially, you might think that getting a footrest is totally irrelevant for you. But if you have a long sitting desk job, you will be astonished to know the difference a footrest can make on your sitting experience and your body. A footrest will serve you with a lot of benefits for your legs, back, and even circulation. The most important benefits of using a footrest are as follows:

1. Improves comfort levels:

Footrests are basically designed to provide your feet with comfort. You will definitely feel the difference between resting your feet on the floor and resting your feet on a footrest. At any given time, resting your feet on a footrest will make your feet more comfortable than resting it on the floor.

Besides, some footrests that we have seen are so well designed that they will match with the decoration of your office or home perfectly.

2. Improves Blood Circulation:

If you have to sit for long hours in front of your desk, you will definitely suffer from the various problems that arise due to poor blood circulation. If you get a good ergonomic Footrest for yourself, it can help you to improve your blood circulation from your feet and reduce the chances of developing any circulatory problems.

Besides, if you have a desk job, try to alter your feet position, move or stretch a bit once or twice every 30 minutes. This will help you much in the long run as this will help you to avoid circulatory problems by improving your blood circulation.

3. Proper sitting posture

For people like us who have desk jobs or have to sit in front of the computer all day, maintaining correct sitting posture is really important. Getting a good footrest can really aid in keeping your sitting posture correct.

The perfect footrest will assist you to relieve pressure from your legs and back. This will help you to maintain the perfect sitting posture for you. But to get this benefit, you have to make sure that the footrest is adjustable and supports your full feet. 

4. Reducing development of Back Problems:

If you sit all day, keeping your feet and knees all day, this will lay a bad impact on your sitting posture. Due to this, there are high chances that you might develop some sort of lower back pain.

If you use a footrest, the load on your lower limbs will decrease through shifting your weight, and thus, pressure on your back will be reduced, and you can avoid developing back pain.

5. Reduces pressure on legs:

We have already mentioned that a footrest can reduce pressure on your legs. You may already know chronic pressure on your feet due to sitting for prolonged hours may develop swelling of your feet, blood clots, or deep vein thrombosis.

The proper footrest can prevent these problems by relieving pressure from your feet when you are sitting for long hours. Some people nowadays go for adjustable footrests for massaging. If you are up to it, We really recommend that you can also go for it.


6. Encourage active sitting:

Getting an ergonomic footrest will make your sitting more comfortable, and thus it will encourage active sitting. By active sitting, we mean that you will be able to swing, rock, and sway your feet when you sit.

This is because footrest will help you to adjust your feet at different comfortable points of flexion and extension all day. We all have an innate desire to elevate our feet and sit comfortably naturally.

You might have also noticed that already. Even a non-dynamic or stationary footrest can encourage the movement of your feet by giving you a more comfortable position to set your feet. 

7. Footrests are Mandatory for short people:

Footrests are a great asset for people who are shorter than average. In certain situations, it can help them a lot. While there are chairs designed for an average height person, but the chair you have at your workplace doesn’t have the adjustable option to lower its seat, and now your feet dangle that might cause you a lot of issues.

If you are a short person, even adjustable chairs don’t always go low enough for your legs. That’s where a footrest can make this situation far more comfortable for you. It can also help you to raise the chair to put the keyboard at the right height.

You might make your desk lower to use your keyboard more effectively. But if you are in a workspace where making these types of adjustments are not always possible, then footrest can help you a lot. Even if you have the right chair height, sometimes for the comfortability and work efficiency, you need a footrest.

Commonly asked questions about footrest:

Where should your feet be when you are sitting at your desk?

You should keep your feet flat on the floor. But you can not do that for a long session of work, this sends pressure to the lower body. Just trying to put your toes on the floor and keeping your back straight is not enough.

You might know that your lower back has a natural curve which should be supported as well. For better posture and healthy workflow you should get an ergonomic chair.

Should you use a footrest while standing?

When you are working at a standing position at your workspace, try to keep your head, neck, torso, and legs in-lined and totally vertical. Ten, try to use an ergonomic footrest to shift your weight from one foot to another foot. You should also wear proper shoes which will provide you with proper support.

When should you use a footrest?

When your chair is basically too high for you and it does not allow you to rest your feet flat on the floor or your desk height is high enough and this does not allow you to lower your seat height then you have to use a footrest.

Sometimes even if you have the right height chair, for your maximum comfortability and efficiency of working for long hours, you should use a footrest.

Recommended Footrests:

We researched which footrest you should get. We came to this point that there are three footrests that we recommend you can go for.

  1. HUANUO Footrest (Link from amazon)
  2. ErgoFoam Adjustable Foot Rest (Link from amazon)
  3. AmazonBasics Foot Rest (Link from amazon)

Final thoughts:

Footrests are continuously overlooked unlike the ergonomic desks which have received enormous popularity for the last few years. Even if you are using a standing desk, a footrest is necessary to shift your weight.

There are a lot of solutions nowadays, to stay as healthy as possible in our workplace. If we take a look at the standing desks, it’s popularity is rising due to its adjustability features. However, a well-designed footrest can help you stand up to 30 percent longer at a standing desk and work more efficiently.

After reading this post, if you feel that you need a footrest for yourself. But for now, you don’t have one. You can try using a small stool or a stack of sturdy books instead.

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