Should You Get A Dinosaur Chair for your Office?

I was doing some research, and I found an Interesting type of Office Chair which is really fascinating and did some research on it. These days, many people are looking for unusual and creative ways to make their Office more interesting and a friendly Workspace. If you are looking for Quirky Shaped Dinosaur Office Chairs or Dino Chair to make your office environment look more fun, interesting and creative, then this article is definitely for you.

You should get a dinosaur Office chair if you want to make your working environment look more interesting and creative while making your office more productive. Otherwise, If you have to sit for long hours in your office like me, then you might want to think again and look into the pros and cons of a Dino-Chair before getting one for you or your office.

Pros and Cons of Getting Dinosaur Office Chairs:

I have found the following pros and cons of getting dinosaur chairs:


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1. Make your office environment creative and unique: 

Getting Dinosaur Office chairs will definitely make your Office more creative, unique, and less formal. The Dinosaur office chairs have looks and design that resembles long neck herbivore dinosaurs, which I think is quite fun and unique.

You will not run into many offices with dino -chairs, that’s for sure. So, If you want your office environment or workplace to look more unique and creative, you should get these chairs for sure.

2. Promotion of friendly working environment:

These unusual Dinosaur chairs will remove the formal vibe from your office and will give the workplace a more friendly and fruitful environment to work more creatively. We all know that the offices of big firms all over the world also promote a friendly environment in their office so that the employees can work better and at ease. You can also do the same by introducing these chairs in your Office.

3. Encourage friendships and Increase In Productivity:

As I discussed earlier, getting Dino-chairs for your office will give a friendly vibe to your workplace environment, and thus it will promote friendship and bond between the co-workers. This will have a good effect on your working speed and improve efficiency through better cooperation among the employees.

Besides, the workers will fill less formal and home-like environments, which will allow them to work in a stress-free environment, and thus, Getting office chairs can increase the productivity of your office.

4. Allows different Sitting Positions:

These Dinosaur Office Chairs allow you to sit in several positions as well. You can sit on the chair, keeping your legs to the side of the dino for a nice wide sit. Then you can also keep the neck of the dino in front if you want to sit bending or leaning on the neck of the dino for a while.

Finally, you can sit in the traditional way using the neck as back support and the head of the dino as a headrest. In simple words, we can say it will allow you to sit in a bunch of different positions, and thus it might strengthen your core muscles like sitting on a giant ball does.

5. Highly Customizable:

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You get to choose these Quirky dinosaur-shaped office chairs from 4 different colors. The available colors are pink, blue, yellow, green. We personally like the blue one. Besides, you can get a customized dino chair with a different color and even with your logo on them if you wish. I think this customizable option is really cool.

6. Great Build Quality and Long lasting:

These Dinosaur Office chairs are made from durable resin FRP that is very high-quality material. Besides, their colors are long-lasting and weather-resistant as well. Moreover, These chairs support up to 300 lbs of weight.


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Although dino chairs are interesting and create a friendly-looking place. However, it has some cons. You should really be aware of these cons, if you would like to purchase these chairs.

1. Less Ergonomic features:

You won’t get the ergonomic features in the dino office chair, which you get most of the traditional office chairs. Most of the people use ergonomic chairs in their office, workplace or home because they have adjustable height, armrests, headrests with lumbar support. If you would like to know more about the Ergonomic office chairs and their features, please check out this post.

2. Less Formal for the corporate world:

We all know that for the corporate world or office, we are adapted with a more formal environment. So, you will get to see traditional chairs with ergo features, as I discussed above. Dino office chairs aren’t formal or usual at all. They are unique in their own way but obviously totally informal. People use these chairs just to make their office environment more friendly.

3. Not Comfortable for long hours:

The way you will sit on Dinosaur chairs, it’s really hard to sit on them for long hours. Of course, you can use them for a few hours, but sitting on it for long 8 or 9 hours would be very difficult for the office employees. There is no proper headrest or the proper backrest or even armrest to the chair. If you have a long hour job or you need to sit on a chair for long hours, you should definitely avoid it.

4. Not very useful for Client and Business Meetings:

Business meetings are always a formal thing. For the client and business meetings, we get to see more formal & traditional desks and chairs, you won’t see gaming or other chairs at a business meeting. People use very formal chairs in their business meetings. So, you should definitely avoid these chairs in such places.

Where Can You Find a Dinosaur Office Chair?

If you are a huge dinosaur geek like Ross from FRIENDS TV show or Jurassic Park’s Murphy, and you are looking for Dino-Chairs, then I must say, finding a Dino chair can be difficult. Well, while I was researching on this chair. I didn’t get many online stores that sell these chairs; I have also checked amazon and other stores as well.

But I did not find these Dinosaur shaped Office Chairs there. However, there is one place you will find them, a Chinese store called is selling them. You can check out their store.

What is the Price?

On the website, you will find that they are selling these chairs right now at a discounted price of 560 USD. If you want a custom one with different colors and with your company’s logo printed on it, then you might have to pay a little more premium as well.

Dimensions of the Chair: 

These dinosaur Office chairs are 39 inches long x 17 inches wide x 39 inches tall, and as we mentioned earlier, it can support up to 300 lbs. The weight of each chair is about 28.6 lbs. If you are really into these chairs, then you might find this information might be useful.

Final Thoughts & Opinions:

I think getting dinosaur office chairs can give your workplace a more interesting look. If you want to make your office environment look cool and interesting, then you can buy these chairs.

These chairs definitely can make your office more friendly and might also increase productivity as well. But according to our personal experience, people like us sit for long hours on their office chairs at a stretch.

So, if you are someone like us who has a desk job and sits for like 7-8 hours every single day, I would suggest you to get a good ergonomic chair like the Nouhaus Ergo 3D. Check out its full review on our site by clicking here. It has great ergonomics and this chair is very durable. It also comes with 5 years of warranty, which is really cool and costs half the price of a dinosaur chair.

Thanks for reading! Before you go, take a minute out and check out our article on, Best Office Chair for Long Hours (6-12 Hours): A Detailed Guide With Pricing

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