Should I Get a Loveseat or Two Chairs?

Picture this: You already have one or two sofas in your room. Now you added a loveseat in that room. Would that look appealing? Absolutely not. You have to take into account a lot of things before you can decide you should get a loveseat or two chairs instead.

It’s always advisable to buy two chairs instead of buying a loveseat if your room already has a sofa. Also, if space is smaller, it is better to get two chairs, not a loveseat, as it will provide more flexibility of sitting while saving some space.

If you are still planning what to get, either two chairs or a loveseat, then take some time to read this article before you rush to any particular decision. Space planning can be critical, and it’s easy to make mistakes.

In this article, I will discuss why I think it is better to buy two chairs instead of a loveseat for most people. I don’t want you to make a quick decision and regret it later. So, keep reading!

Why you Should Get Two Chairs Instead of a Loveseat?

Symmetry Looks Better

You might have heard that we love symmetry knowingly or unknowingly. According to an American Scientist named Alan Lightman, our brain always strives to watch things symmetrically. [Source]

So, a pair of any particular piece of furniture would look nice in a room to anyone naturally.

Whether it’s two loveseats or two sofas or two chairs, two’s or even three’s of any particular furniture would be fantastic for a room.

At least I think that way. You know design and space planning highly depend on individual taste.

So, instead of getting a loveseat, try to get two similar chairs. I don’t think getting two loveseats is a feasible option for anyone as it will be more costly and space-consuming. Of course, you can get two loveseats if your room has enough space and your budget is much higher.

The reason I am saying that is, on average a loveseat, has almost three times the width of an average-sized chair. Also, a loveseat will definitely cost more than two chairs.

So, placing two similar chairs instead of a loveseat will definitely look better and more aesthetically pleasing if you get two beautiful chairs for your room.

Saves Space

An average loveseat is more than two and a half times wider than an average chair. So, the loveseat will need more space.

Thus, if you place two chairs in your room, you can save a lot of space. 

Let’s see some real examples of dimensions of chairs and loveseats to see precisely how space-saving getting two chairs can be compared to getting a loveseat.

Chair Dimensions:

Chair ModelsDimensions (LxWxH)
Hbada Chair23.6 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches
Goujxcy Home Office Chair22.4″ x 24.2″ x 32~36.4 inches
Flash Furniture Chair25.5 x 24.5 x 41.25 inches
Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair23.62 x 22.83 x 33.46 Inches
VECELO Premium Mesh Chair18.7 x 19.7 x 37 inches

Loveseat Dimensions:

Loveseat ModelsDimensions (LxWxH)
Amazon Brand Tufted Loveseat39 x 78.7 x 30.3 Inches
EROMMY Soft FabricLoveseat 27 x 56 x 29 inches
LifeStyle Solutions Grayson Micro-Fabric Loveseat32 x 57.87 x 32.68 inches
Christopher Knight Mid-Century Modern Loveseat‎29.5 x 51.5 x 28.25 inches
Pawnova Upholstered Mid Century Loveseat31 x 55x 17 Inches

From the above data, we can find the average width of chairs and loveseats, which will give us a general idea if you can save space or not if you choose two chairs instead of a loveseat.

So, from the above data, The average width of the chair is 22.966 or 23 inches approximately.

On the other hand, The average width of the loveseat is 59.814 or 60 inches approximately.

Therefore, mathematically a love seat is 2.61 times wider than any chair. Therefore, we can conclude that you will be able to save some space if you go in with the option of two chairs.

Chairs are Easier to Clean

I have always faced trouble cleaning loveseats and sofas. They are usually heavy and challenging to clean, especially for older people. If you ever tried to clean loveseats, you must know this already.

On the other hand, cleaning chairs are comparatively more straightforward. So, for the lack of convenience, most people out there would choose the option of two chairs.

Flexibility of Arrangement

If I am given the option of choosing between two chairs or a loveseat for my room, I would definitely go for the choices that include two chairs. The biggest reason behind choosing this option is flexibility.

I personally think chairs provide more flexibility for me to sit comfortably. We also established before that getting chairs would be saving you more space. So taking all this into consideration, I think chairs will give you better flexibility to sit. 

Also, you will be able to move chairs very quickly. Place them anywhere or change their placement whenever you wish. You will be able to do it all by yourself pretty easily.

But if you want to move a loveseat, you might not do it all by yourself.

So, two chairs will definitely provide you with more flexibility of arrangement.

Loveseats might look Outdated.

I don’t like the combination of sofa and loveseats. Even the decorologists don’t support the combo of sofa and loveseats.

If you already have a sofa in your room, it is probably a bad idea to get a loveseat. I have asked many people. They said the tradition of keeping a loveseat and sofa in the same room is obsolete.

People in the past used to love this combo. But in modern times, no one is going to support this. I think the combination of a sofa and a loveseat will look dull. But the combination of a sofa with two chairs of the right aesthetics might look stunning.

Although this is ultimately your personal choice, I am just suggesting to you that if you already have a sofa in your room, never go for a loveseat if you have the option to buy two chairs instead.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! I think if you have the choice of getting a loveseat or two chairs, choosing the latter option is going to be the safest option. It is hard to go wrong with chairs.

Most furniture has a return policy these days. If you are unsure, you can try both and check out which one you prefer the most for your room.

So, if you want to save some space by going with the option of chairs and you are looking for chairs with pleasing aesthetics, check out our recommendations by clicking here. Thanks for reading. I hope this article was helpful for you.

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