Best Mesh Office Chair

Buying Mesh office chairs is a lot like buying an Ergonomic office chair, you can either purchase a decent one in the first try, or you can keep wasting your valuable time and money until you finally find something of great quality that is going to last for years to come.

This post is pretty deep with lots of info. Here’s the short summary of our recommendation on mesh office chairs:

It’s worth spending a little more on a mesh back chair which has ergonomic features. Mesh-back office chairs are very useful as the backrest promotes enough air flow when you sit for long hours. This improves your sitting experience while preventing your back to sweat when you sit for prolonged hour.

You don’t need to spend 500-1000 bucks to buy a good quality mesh back office chair with ergonomic features. There are some good options with in $200 range which provides the best value for money.

While people who push hard or want to spend the big bucks will see nice benefits in the $500+ Mesh back office chairs, you can really get a good ergonomic mesh back office chair for around $200. My recommendation for a good quality mesh office chair for a reasonable price is the SIHOO Mesh Office Chair (click here to see on Amazon). This is the chair that we would buy if we were looking for a mesh back office chair right now. More importantly, this chair also has all the adjustability features of ergonomic chairs.

Our Top Picks:

NameWeight CapacityHeight RangePrice
SIHOO Mesh Chair285 lbs17.3″-21.25″199.99
Hbada Mesh Chair250 lbs17.3″-20.5″179.99
SIDIZ T50 Mesh Chair265 lbs15.7″-18.7″339.00

Why We Chose the SIHOO Mesh Office Chair:

For us, the SIHOO office Mesh Chair is the Goldilocks option. This chair isn’t too expensive, but also isn’t too cheap. The chair has all the flashy and necessary ergonomic features that you will find in the high-end chairs, but this chair feels dramatically better than the cheap entry-level chairs.

Comparing the SIHOO Chair to the cheaper entry-level Mesh Back Chairs, there are some obvious differences. This mesh back chair is open for the most part. It’s breathable mesh will promote airflow, and the chair will allow better circulation of air while you are sitting. This means you will be cooler, and your back will not sweat much like it does when you sit on a leather chair for long hours on hot days.

Besides, it has an adjustable headrest that will provide you the most comfortable position for your neck. You can also adjust the backrest and height by tilting the locking lever according to your convenience. High-quality materials are used to build this chair. You will be able to feel the premium quality of the chair after just touching it. Also, the wheels are quiet and sturdy. They are suitable for almost all kinds of floors. Most importantly, you will find the installation of the chair to be easy, and the instruction manual is also very simple.

On cheap mesh office chairs, they feel like they are comfortable. But as they wear in, they do not last long. Their build quality is low. Most importantly, they fail to provide adjustability features that you want from this mesh office chair. That’s why we suggest you avoid cheap mesh back office chairs and go for The SIHOO office Ergonomic Chair.

The Advantages of Mesh Office Chairs

Better Ventilation:

In Mesh back chairs back, air circulation is usually better than other types of chairs. This promotes airflow from your back easily, and it helps to reduce sweating on hot days. This suggests that you will be cooler when you are sitting for long hours. Sweating is a big problem when you work on a leather chair for long hours. That’s why people like us who have long hours of desk jobs prefer Mesh back chairs.

Best Value For Money:

Usually, we see that good mesh back office chairs cost less than leather office chairs. In Spite of the lower price, you will get a comfortable sitting experience due to the mesh back, and their design also looks minimalistic and cool enough.

Easy Maintenance:

Mesh back office usually weighs less than most other bulky office chairs. This suggests that you can move them very easily. Their designs are simple, and it is very easy to clean them. If you want to clean them properly, you will need just to wipe them with a wet cloth and let the water dry. The possibility of rips is very less than leather and fabric chairs. This is because they are designed to be strong and durable.

The Disadvantages of Mesh Office Chairs

Less comfortable than Leather Office Chairs:

Most mesh office chairs are less comfortable than large leather office chairs. They do not provide the same level of comfort as a good leather office does. This is because most mesh office chairs do not have adjustability features and are stiff in nature. 

But the Mesh office chairs that we have suggested are also Ergonomic office chairs as well. These Mesh office chairs that we have suggested for you have all the adjustability features that an ergonomic chair has. For this reason, they can help you maintain better posture and aid back pain issues as well.

Less Design Choice:

Most Mesh office chairs are almost similar in design. Their colors are mostly grey and black. The variety in design is less. You will find lots of designs for other types of chairs. This limited design might be an issue for some people. However, the design is a personal choice. We think the chairs we have suggested look pretty cool. You can let us know your design choices in the comments section if you like.

Final Words:

Mesh chairs are a good choice for modern workplaces. Its breathable mesh helps you stay cool throughout the whole day; thus, you get most of your work. Another good advantage of a mesh chair is it typically won’t distribute a person’s body weight, as well as a fabric chair does. With every aspect, we researched the best mesh office chair that delivers ultimate comfort and adjustability at a very reasonable price. You can go ahead and purchase our recommended SIHOO mesh office chair without any hesitation.