Razer Iskur Vs. Enki: Which One Is Better?

Razer is one of the world’s largest game-focused manufacturing companies that has been in the market for a long time and has gained popularity, especially for gaming chairs. You must have come across the triple-headed snake logo of Razer. 

The gaming chairs by Razer, Iskur, and Enki are among the popular ones. So, what is the basic difference between Razer Iskur and Enki?

The main difference between Razer Iskur and Enki chairs is that Enki is the cheaper one while providing almost all the features of Iskur. The Enki is the lighter one and has a spacious seat, it also offers built-in lumbar support. 

In this article, I will provide all the information regarding Razer Iskur and Enki chairs, including the pros and cons. Later, I will be comparing them side by side on different criteria and help you determine the suitable option for you. 

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Razer Iskur Gaming Chair 

Razer Iskur is the perfect gaming chair with built-in lumbar support, which will perfectly blend in with your body structure. The multi-layered synthetic leather finish provides you with the smoothest surface, and the foam padding makes it more comfortable.

They will provide you with the Chair with the assurance that you are going to love it, which can be visualized with the 14-days trial period. And why not?

The Razer Iskur Gaming Chair has excellent lumbar support, high-density cushions, adjustable armrests, and a lot more. All these in total provide the utmost comfort even if you have to spend a lot of time sitting in the Chair.

Let me provide you an overview table of the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair:

FeaturesRazer Iskur Gaming Chair
Dimension 26.2″ D x 29.35″ W x 53.98″ H
Chair Cover Material PVC Leather 
FrameMetal & Plywood
Adjustable Back Angle139 degrees
Adjustable Lumbar Support  Fully Sculpted 
Armrests4 Dimensional 
Recommended Height(Iskur Standard)170 cm – 190 cm or 5.6” to 6.2”
Weight Capacity136 kgs or 300 lbs. 

Pros Of Razer Iskur Gaming Chair 

Now let me list down all the benefits you will be enjoying from Razer Iskur Gaming Chair;

  1. Densely Cushioned Headrest: The Iskur chair’s head cushion has a highly dense and malleable memory foam. It can be molded into different head shapes based on the pressure you apply, ensuring the right amount of support and comfort.
  2. Angled Seat Edge: Iskur has angled seat edges that maximize the comfort on thighs..
  3. Adjustable Lumbar Support:The fully adjustable lumbar curves that aligns to your spine by ensuring the optimal posture for your desired comfort, increasing productivity.

The total lower back support with built-in lumbar support prevents back pain.

  1. 4D Armrests: The four-dimensional adjustments of the armrests make sure that you can adjust them by height and angle. Moreover, you can also move them forward and backward for a position tailored in such a way you want to sit. 
  2. Durable Pu Leather: The Iskur chair is built with tougher and more durable than any other standard PU leather. This Chair has multi-layered synthetic leather wrapped around it.
  3. Offers Durability: The Chair is suitable for long-term use and eradicating back pain. The Iskur chair is damage-resistant and free of any kind of wear and tear. That is, it can be a suitable chair for heavy use. 
  4. 3-year-warranty: The Chair comes with a 3-years warranty for mechanisms and moving parts. 

Cons Of Razer Iskur Gaming Chair 

There are a few drawbacks of using Razer Iskur Gaming Chair, which include;

  1. The Chair can be uncomfortable for short people as the supports will not be placed in the right positions.
  2. Although the cushion is filled with high-density molded foam, many people find it uncomfortable and seek additional cushioning. 
  3. You might require some upper body support if you have a bodybuilding body.  

Razer Enki Gaming Chair 

Razer Enki Gaming Chair is specially designed for gamers who need to spend a lot of time on their Chair sitting and playing on the computer. The built-in lumbar support is a specialty of this Chair.

The Razer Enki Gaming Chair ensures the optimal sitting position by providing optimal support and distributing the weight evenly. The eco-friendly synthetic leather with dual texture ensures refined comfort.

The seat is reactive in nature and can be tilted up to 152-degree. It also has 4D armrests and has premium memory foam head cushion. 

Let me provide you an overview table of the Razer Enki Gaming Chair:

FeaturesRazer Enki Gaming Chair
Dimension 26.79″ D x 26.4″ W x 55.51″ H
Chair Cover Material EPU Synthetic Leather
FrameSteel Frame
Adjustable Back Angle152 Degrees
Adjustable Lumbar Support  Absent
Armrests4 Dimensional 
Recommended Height166.5 cm – 204 cm or 5’5’’ – 6’8’’
Weight Capacity136 kgs or 300 lbs. 

Pros Of Razer Enki Gaming Chair 

The advantages of the Razer Enki Gaming Chair include:

  1. Offers Good Design: The Razer Enki Gaming Chair is the perfect Chair for gamers with its 110-degree shoulder arches and wide seats.
  2. Evenly Distributes Weight: The Enki chair makes sure your overall weight is distributed evenly on the seat.
  3. Enhanced Lumbar Support: The built-in lumbar support reduces fatigue even after sitting for a long period of time. The lumbar support ensures a neutral sitting position, gently curves the S-shape of your spine and supports your lower back.
  4. Comfortable Cushioning: The optimized cushion density provides you unparalleled comfort because of the softer seat base and seat backing for solid support. 
  5. Offers Better Reclining Angle: The seat has a reactive tilt and can be reclined up to 152-degree. The recline feature reacts with your weight and ensures the best outcome.
  6. 4D Armrests: The armrests have 4D adjustments; that is, you can adjust the height angle and move them as per your need.
  7. Cushioned Headrest: The head cushion has premium memory foam while supporting your head and neck.
  8. 3-year-warranty: The Chair comes with a 3-years warranty for mechanism and moving parts.

Cons Of Razer Enki Gaming Chair 

Let me now list down all the disadvantages of the Razer Enki Gaming Chair:

  1. The lumbar is not adjustable, which can be troublesome. 
  2. The 3-years warranty period does not include any kind of wear and tear. 

Comparisons Between Razer Iskur Gaming Chair And Razer Enki Gaming Chair

Now that you are familiar with Iskur and Enki gaming chairs let us compare them side by side and find out which one is better.

Ergonomic Features

For a gaming chair, ergonomic features should be adequate, and the adjustments should be straightforward so that you can enjoy them satisfyingly. 

Razer Iskur has the adjustable lumbar support that looks after your back, armrests with 4-ways adjustments, headrest for good neck and head support, and they can be adjusted very easily.

Although all the features are also present in Razer Enki, your lumbar support will not have adjustment features. Enki has built-in lumbar support, which has got mixed reviews. But from my experience, I have found it to be an effective one

Moreover, I have found out the seat of Enki chair is a more spacious one, and the seat of Iskur has a curved arrangement. The backrests of both the Chair promote healthy posture while eliminating excessive slouching. 

The armrests are well-adjustable and can be moved up & down, side by side, and you have the privilege to adjust the angles. 

The memory foam in the cushions holds your head, neck, and back perfectly so that it fits better as per your requirement. 

Summary: Razer Enki is the winner for having a comfortable synthetic seat that is also spacious, holds your natural curve, and encourages optimal posture. 

Design & Comfort

Both the chairs come with great adjustments, and the seat & backrest are covered with comfy covering that offers you the perfect sitting arrangement for an extended period of time. 

They are the perfect example of gaming chairs for their design, and the level of comfort is unbeatable. Both are almost similar looking with the luminous green stitching and the triple-headed logo in the same position (on the center of the headrest). 

Enki is considered to be the successor of the Iskur, which is not Razer’s motive. The Enki was introduced one year after the production of Iskur in 2020. The back and the backrest of Enki are way more comfortable than that of Iskur. 

Enki has a more leveled and wider seat base, whereas Iskur has a bucket-like seat. However, the missing lumbar support in Enki can be troublesome for many users. 

Nonetheless, many users have provided feedback claiming the built-in lumbar support of Razer Enki to be the most favorable one. As it perfectly supports your lower back and encourages you to sit in an upright position while promoting ideal posture. 

Summary: Although the preferences can be different from person to person, I would say Razer Enki is the more favorable one as it provides more comfort. 

Build Quality & Durability

These gaming chairs are built with high-quality materials that ensure both comfort and ergonomic features. As a result, claiming one is better will be wrong, but before coming to a conclusion, let us compare them first. 

The Razer Iskur has fame made of metal & plywood, and the Chair is covered with PVC leather. Then again, the Razer Enki has a steel frame and EPU synthetic leather. 

Although the Chair comes with a 3-years warranty, it will last more than that time period. You can even test the Chair for 14-day with a risk-free money-back policy. 

Summary: It is definitely a tie

Weight Capacity & Size

Let me provide you a table containing the size and weight capacity of Iskur and Enki Gaming Chairs,

FeaturesRazer Iskur Gaming ChairRazer Enki Gaming Chair
Dimension26.2″ D x 29.35″ W x 53.98″ H26.79″ D x 26.4″ W x 55.51″ H
Weight of the Chair66.8 pounds53.2 pounds
Weight Capacity300 Pounds300 Pounds

The Enki has more height than Iskur, whereas the width is greater in Iskur. Nevertheless, the Razer Enki has less weight than Iskur; that is, moving the Chair will be much easier than Iskur.

However, both the chairs have the same weight capacity. 

Summary: I would give extra points to Razer Enki extra points on this category for being the lighter one yet providing the same features.


The amazing Razer Iskur Gaming Chair will cost $499.00. Various colors are available; however, the dark green one looks more elegant and enhances the gaming chair vibe. You will find it in different shapes.

On the other hand, the Razer Enki Gaming Chair costs only $399.99 and will be available in three different colors.

It is not that the cheaper one will win here, but such facilities and adjustments at such a great price are rare.

Summary: Being a reasonably priced chair that carries such ergonomic features, I think Razer Enki is the clear winner here. 

Warranty And Return Policy

Both Razer Iskur and Enki gaming chairs come with a 3-years warranty period for the mechanism and moving parts. However, you need to remember that the warranty period does not include any wear and tear.

The best part is that both Iskur and Enki chairs will give you a 14-days risk-free trial, and if you do not like the Chair, you can give back the Chair, and the company will cover the cost of return. 

Summary: In this category, both gaming chairs offer the same benefits; they both are the winners. So, it is a tie.

Is The Razer Iskur Gaming Chair Better Than The Razer Enki Gaming Chair?

The Razer Iskur was first introduced in 2020 and gained much acceptance from the user. However, there have been a few complaints as well. 

Keeping those in mind, a better version of Razer Enki was introduced in the year after that with many advancements and ensured the customer with great comfort. 

Razer Enki Gaming Chair has more ergonomic features and provides more comfort than the Razer Iskur Gaming Chair. The best part is Enki will cost you less when compared to Iskur.

Therefore, undoubtedly Razer Enki is the better option when compared to Iskur. Trust me, when you sit in the Chair, you will feel the difference by yourself.

Among these two razer gaming chair, I would recommend you to choose the Razer Enki. Currently, it costs around $399. But the price of Razer Enki changes regularly. So, check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

Oh, this chair costs around £349.98 in the UK. If you are from UK, check its current price on Amazon.co.uk by clicking here.

Also, if you are from Canada, you can check the Enki chair out from Amazon.ca by clicking here.

I have also written a complete article comparing Razer Enki with Enki X. Before you choose the Razer Enki, You can read this article: Razer Enki Vs. Enki X: What’s The Difference?

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