Razer Enki Vs. Enki X: What’s The Difference?

Razer has been receiving a ton of positive reviews in its latest gaming chairs collections. Razer has recently introduced Razer Enki and Enki X. However, many people claim that there seem to be no differences between them. Is it true?

So, What is the difference between the Razer Enki and Enki X? The main difference between Razer Enki and Enki X is that Enki has 4D armrests, and the recline feature is reactive to your weight. But the Razer Enki X has 2D armrests, and the reactive recline feature is missing. Then again, the Enki X is $100 cheaper than the Enki.

This article focuses on providing you with a detailed comparison between Razer Enki and Razer Enki X chairs. I will introduce both the chairs separately and then compare them side by side for better understanding. 

So, let us get started. 

Razer Enki

Razer Enki Features

Razer Enki is an ideal gaming chair that comes at a very reasonable price. It is made in such a way that it will provide you the maximum comfort for a long-term sitting position. You can spend hours sitting in this chair. 

Not only for the game, but the amazing recline feature also makes the chair suitable for book reading or movie watching as well. The 156-degree recline angle with the reactive setting will give you the effortless recline setting. 

The next two amazing features of Razer Enki include the head support with the Premium Memory Foam Head Cushion and the 4D armrests. 

Pros Of Razer Enki

Let me list down all the benefits you will be getting from Razer Enki Gaming Chairs;

  1. Budget Friendly: A budget-friendly chair that provides numerous ergonomic features.
  2. Modern Design: It is a good-looking chair that can be found in three different color variations.
  3. Comfortable Seat: The seat of the chair is extremely firm and soft.
  4. Built-in Lumbar Support: The chair has built-in lumbar support, which comforts the back perfectly. 
  5. 4D Armrests: The armrests are 4-Dimensional adjustable; that is, you can adjust the height, width, depth, and angle of it. 
  6. Built-in Headrest: There is head support present on the backrest, which is made of premium memory foam that holds your head with maximum support. 
  7. Ergonomic Design: 110-degree extended shoulder arches with the 21-inches ultrawide seat base ensure the perfect weight distribution. 
  8. High quality Synthetic Leather: The dual texture feature of the leather provides plush texture finishing across core areas while providing smoother and more durable edges. 

Cons Of Razer Enki

The list of disadvantages of the Razer Enki chair are mentioned below;

  1. The tilt lock function is missing in the chair.
  2. The lumbar support of the chair is not adjustable.
  3. The head support is fixed.
  4. The seat depth adjustments are missing.

Razer Enki X

Razer Enki X Features

Razer Enki X is another version of the Razer Enki series with a few changes. The chair is also perfect for gaming purposes. Moreover, all the existing features make it suitable for extensive use. 

The perfect recline feature and the adequate lumbar support make the chair suitable for a gaming marathon. The armrests are adjustable, and you pull and push the armrest inward and backward as per your need.

Pros Of Razer Enki X

The pros of using Razer Enki X include;

  1. Durable Material: It is a well-made and comfortable chair that can beat most of the expensive gaming chairs in the market. 
  2. Comfortable Seat: The seat has a firm yet solid holding feature, which perfectly pampers your lower body. 
  3. 2D Armrests: The armrests can be adjusted by height. Moreover, you can pull and push the armrest inward and outward.
  4. Built-in Lumbar Support: The chair has excellent built-in lumbar support.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Razer Enki X’s 110-degree extended shoulder arches with the 21-inches ultrawide seat base ensure the perfect weight distribution of your body. 
  6. Comfortable Backrest: The backrest has firm padding, which has solid back support. 
  7. Synthetic Leather: The Razer Enki X also has a dual texture feature of the leather providing plush texture finishing across core areas while providing smoother and durable edges. 

Cons Of Razer Enki X

The Razer Enki X has a lot of features missing; as a result, it carries a lot of disadvantages which include;

  1. The tilt lock function is missing in the chair.
  2. The armrests can only be adjusted in 2-ways
  3. The lumbar support of the chair is not adjustable.
  4. The recline feature of the chair is not reactive to your weight.
  5. The seat depth adjustments are missing.

Comparison Between Razer Enki And Razer Enki X

Although Razer Enki and Razer Enki X belong to the same series, they have a few differences which can make you choose the different chairs. It is pretty common to have separate preferences from each other.

As a result, even though you are familiar with both the chairs, I would suggest you go through the differences and then make your final decision. 

Size And Weight Capacity

Let me provide an idea about the Razer Enki and Enki X size and recommended height and weight;

FeaturesRazer EnkiRazer Enki X
Chair Dimensions (DxWxH)26.79″ x 26.4″ x 55.51″26″ x 26.4″ x 53.35″
Recommended Height166.5-204 cm (5’5″ – 6’8″)156.5-194 cm (5’2″ – 6’4″)
Chair Weight 53.2 lbs47.6 lbs
Weight Limit136 kg or 299 lbs.136 kg or 299 lbs.

As you can see, both the chairs have almost the same dimensions, except the height of Razer Enki X is approximately two inches taller than Razer Enki.

On the other hand, even though the maximum weight capacity of both chairs is the same, they are suitable for people with different height ranges.

For instance, people with 166.5 cm – 204 cm or 5.6 inches to 6.9 inches height will be able to sit in the Razer Enki chair comfortably. On the flip side, the Razer Enki X is for people with 156.5 cm – 194 cm or 5.2 inches to 6.4 inches in height.

If you are a tall person and need a chair with a tall backrest, you might prefer the Razer Enki chair; if the case is opposite, you will be more comfortable with the Razer Enki X chair.

Build Quality

Let me first you can table containing all the necessary information of the materials used to build Razer Enki and Razer Enki X chairs;

FeaturesRazer EnkiRazer Enki X
Chair Cover Color OptionsBlackBlack and GreenQuartzBlack and Green
Chair Cover Material EPU synthetic leatherEPU synthetic leather
Base AluminumSteel
Form Factor Upholstered Upholstered 
Furniture Finish LeatherLeather
Caster Wheels 60 mm PU coated caster wheels60 mm PU coated caster wheels

From a broader picture, you can see Razer Enki is available in three different color patterns, whereas, in the case of Razer Enki X, you will have only one option. However, both the chairs have EPU synthetic leather covers. 

When it comes to the base, both the chairs have a Steel frame. But then again, the base of Razer Enki X is steel made, but Razer Enki has an Aluminum base.  

Both the chairs have almost the same build materials on the body components, and the same scenario is also visualized in the case of the Caster Wheels. They both have a 60 mm wheel which is coated with PU casters.  

Although the built quality is practically quite similar, the availability of different colored covers makes the Razer Enki a winner. 

Ergonomic Features

Nowadays, we first look for a chair that can provide the maximum ergonomic features. So, let us find out who is the winner in this category. 

Look at the chart for better understanding;

FeaturesRazer EnkiRazer Enki X
Gas Lift Class 44
Foam Type High-density PU molded foamHigh-density PU molded foam
Adjustable Back AngleUp to 152 degreesUp to 152 degrees
Adjustable Lumbar CushionAbsentAbsent
Built-in Lumbar SupportPresentPresent
Adjustable HeadrestPresent; Premium Memory Foam Head CushionAbsent
Armrests 4D2D

Seat Width:

Razer Enki X and Razer Enki come with 110-degree shoulder arches, and the seat base is 54 cm wide, which ensures the weight is distributed evenly without pressurizing your discs. That is, you can sit in for an extended period of time. 

Lumbar Support:

The built-in lumbar support is something great in both Razer Enki and Razer Enki X chairs. I was shocked to see the gaming chairs missing adjustable lumbar support, but, trust me, the support is maximum so that the comfort is not compromised. 

The lumbar support excellently curves your back by gently supporting it. As a result, you will most likely sit in your neutral position. 

Seat Cushion Optimization:

The Optimized cushions have the perfect density so that the seat gently contours your butt. The more firm seats ensure solid backing without any disturbances. No matter which chair you choose between Razer Enki and Razer Enki X, your buttcheeks will be pampered. 

Reclining & Tilting Feature:

The adjustable recline features of both the chairs come with a 152-degree tilting facility; that is, you can work, watch a movie or play gaming by keeping the chair’s backrest at your desired angle. 

However, the Razer Enki comes with a reactive tilting feature so that you can effortlessly lean back, and it will react as per your weight. 

Armrest Adjustments:

The Razer Enki comes with 4-dimensional armrests, which can be adjusted by height, width, and depth. You can even push and pull forward and backward, respectively, as per your need. 

What is missing in Razer Enki X is that the armrest comes with a 2-dimensional adjustment. This means the armrests of Razer Enki X can be adjusted only by height, and they can be pivoted inward and outward as per your need. 


The bonus mark goes to Razer Enki for having the perfect head cushion, which perfectly molds along with the shape of your head. When the cushion supports your key area, trust me, you are going to the head support. 

Without any doubt, I would say Razer Enki has the privilege to be the best in this category, and it is all because of the head support and the reactive recline feature.

Price And Warranty

Both Razer Enki and Razer Enki X belong to the same company; as a result, both come with the same warranty policy. That is, you will get a 3-years warranty for all moving parts and mechanisms. 

However, this warranty policy does not include the damage caused by the appearance of the chairs. The best part is that both chairs come with a 14-days risk-free trial period. Even so, there are some conditions applied. 

On the other hand, the price of Razer Enki is $100 more than Razer Enki X. You can buy the Razer Enki at $399. 

Let me provide you with the chart for better understanding;

FeaturesRazer EnkiRazer Enki X
14-Day Risk-Free TrialYesYes
Warranty 3 years (not including wear and tear)3 years (not including wear and tear)
The price of Razer Enki is a bit higher than Razer Enki X. However, they both have the same warranty facilities. So, the winner is Razer Enki X.

Is Razer Enki Better Than Razer Enki X?

After a detailed comparison, it can be said that Razer Enki is filled with more features than Razer Enki X, which is why it can be preferred by many users.

It is because the Razer Enki chair has 4D armrests and has head support which might be required when you need to spend a lot of time sitting in the chair. 

In addition to that, the recline feature can be adjusted effortlessly because it reacts as per your weight. All these can be availed with $399, whereas the Razer Enki X will only cost you $299.

If you have a budget around $349, I think the Razer Enki will be a better option for you. You can check the latest price of Razer Enki on Amazon by clicking here.

However, if you feel like you have a very minimum budget and can compromise with the armrests adjustments and the missing head support, you can definitely go with the Razer Enki X chair.

Right now, the price of Enki X around $299, which is $70 less than the regular Enki. However, the price changes regularly. So, check the current of the Enki X on Amazon by clicking here.

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