Razer Enki Vs. Enki Pro: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to Razer, you will hardly find a faulty chair. Razer is popularly known for producing some of the best gaming chairs in the market. You might have heard and used Razer Enki and Razer Enki X in the past. The new edition to the Enki series is Razer Enki Pro which is yet to be released. 

What is the difference between the Razer Enki and Enki Pro? When you compare Razer Enki and Razer Enki Pro, the most noticeable difference is the D-box which is only available with Razer Enki Pro to give you a real theater experience at home. Another difference you will notice is the in the headrest  

Razer Enki Pro is something new that no one has ever experienced before. The amazing technology and the innovative features will surely make your jaw drop. In this article, I will cover the amazing features of the Razer Enki Pro and compare it with the Razer Enki Chair. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Happy Reading!

Razer Enki Chair 

Razer Enki is a comfortable chair specially designed for gamers who need to spend a long time sitting and playing games. The chair comes with built-in lumbar support to ensure users’ optimal posture.

The chair is covered in synthetic leather, which is eco-friendly, and its dual texture maximizes comfort. The 110-degree shoulder arches and wide seat make sure you sit comfortably by evenly distributing the overall body weight. 

The Razer Enki chair comes with an armrest that can be adjusted four ways. The chair comes with the best head cushion, which supports and beautifully holds your head and neck to minimize the pain.

The chair is a lot cheaper than the regular ergonomic gaming chairs but comes with only a 3-years of warranty. The Razer Enki chair is spacious and holds your body, maintaining the natural curve to encourage your optimal posture. 

The price of this chair is currently $399.00, but you can check the latest price here.

Features Of Razer Enki Chair

Let me list down the notable features of the Razer Enki Chair;

  1. Razer Enki Chair comes with a head cushion that has premium memory foam. 
  2. The chair’s head cushion will hold your head and neck perfectly so that you do not suffer from back pain, even after sitting for prolonged hours.
  3. The armrest can be adjusted 4-ways; that is, you can adjust the armrests’ height, width, depth, and angle. 
  4. The Razer Enki has 110-degree shoulder arches, and the chair’s seat is wider, which ensures the equal distribution of the weight. 
  5. The Razer Enki chair has built-in lumbar support that reduces fatigue from a prolonged sitting position. 
  6. The lumbar support is not adjustable but will help you sit in a neutral position by naturally promoting the S-shape of each user’s spine. 
  7. The lumbar support and the head cushion mandate the overall back support lower and upper back support. 
  8. The optimized cushion density will provide imaginary comfort with the softer and comfy seat and solid backrest support. 
  9. The seat of Razer Enki comes with reactive tilt and will be reclined up to 152-degree, making it suitable for short napping sessions. 
  10. The best thing about the recline feature of Razer Enki is that it will react with your weight to provide the best outcome and extreme comfort. 
  11. The chair’s mechanism and moving parts come with a 3-year warranty period. 

Razer Enki Pro Chair 

Razer Enki Pro is the first gaming chair to have a haptics engine to ensure a real-time motion experience like with the game and movies. The vibrating chair, Razer Enki Pro, is made in collaboration with D-Box. 

The Razer Enki Pro chair is compatible with many racing or action games. It has also tied with many new movies and series to give you a better experience. 

Netflix, Disney plus, and many more are linked with the D-Box activity.

The chair is comfortable and has the best cushioning with Alcantara® dual-density cushions. The softer cushioning will surely make you feel heavenly. Another best thing about the Razer Enki Pro chair is that it comes with a head cushion that has a magnetic memory cushion. 

As the chair is not released yet, we could not gather the price of the chair it. But it is assumed that the pricing of the Razer Enki Pro will fall in between $999 – $2999

Features Of Razer Enki Pro Chair

Let me now list down all the notable features of the Razer Enki Pro Chair;

  1. The Razer Enki Pro chair is the only chair that will provide you with the ultimate all-day comfort. 
  2. The backrest of the Razer Enki Pro features a premium Alcantara® dual-density backrest cushion for the utmost comfort. 
  3. The backrest has firmer edges and a softer center so that you can comfortably cradle your back to both support and comfort it. 
  4. The chair is pulled auto-stop to the perfect position just to make sure you are at your finest point of comfort.  
  5. The upholstery of the Razer Enki Pro chair has a dual-textured finish making it plusher and softer with the touch of Alcantara® material. 
  6. The Seat base will give you a premium feel, and outer edges are lined with smooth sustainable leatherette, which resists any kind of wear and tears making it long-lasting. 
  7. The Razer Enki Pro chair comes with 110-degree extended shoulder arches and a 21-inches ultrawide seat base. 
  8. Even during the long-lasting gaming marathon, the Razer Enki Pro chair will ensure the weight is perfectly distributed to provide maximum comfort.
  9. Just like Razer Enki, Razer Enki Pro also has built-in lumbar support that gently curves your lower back so that you never leave the best sitting posture.
  10. The Razer Enki Pro chair comes with intuitive, weight-adjusting tilting, which will help you to recline while your back stays supported without the help of any manual adjustments. 
  11. The weight reactive recline feature comes with a 152-degree recline feature
  12. The natural posture also ensures you maintain the right position even when you spend long periods in front of the computer. 
  13. The Razer Enki Pro chair will make sure and maintain the right position so that you feel less or no fatigue. 
  14. The head cushion is just amazing because it comes with magnetic memory foam, which completely supports your head and neck. 
  15. The perfectly curved and soft head cushion is adjustable and resists any unwanted movements. 
  16. The Razer Enki Pro chair also comes with a D-box, making sure you enjoy a high-end theater experience at home.
  17. The D-box actually connects with the real movements that are happening in games or movies by actually vibrating. 
  18. It has a giant haptics engine that helps the chair with the real-time theater experience. With a latency of 5 ms, it is capable of 65,000 hepatic variations

Should I Buy Razer Enki Or Wait For Razer Enki Pro?

There is no denying that Razer Enki and Razer Enki Pro are, in a word, amazing gaming chairs. But Razer Enki Pro will give you out of a world experience. The D-Box will provide you with a theater experience simply by sitting at home.

Although all the features of both these chairs are almost identical, the D-Box experience will surely stand out. If you have motion sickness, then you should avoid buying Razer Enki Pro as the vibrations and the movements can be bothersome. 

But if you want to experience life and have a handsome budget on your hand, you should definitely wait for the Razer Enki Pro. 

Now it is your choice; let us know your preference in the comment. But if you want to know about the previous chairs from the Enki series, check out our article on Razer Enki Vs. Razer Enki X: What’s The Difference?

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