Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair: Is it a Good Buy?

This is an honest and unbiased Nouhaus Ergo3d review.

Nouhaus Ergo3d is a pretty awesome office chair, a lot of people may already know this because you can find this one almost everywhere.

This ergonomic office chair is one of the best-selling office chairs available on the market right now.

The quality of the material is as good as it can get at its price point. Also, it comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, which confirms the brand’s confidence in the product.

It’s all about finding an office chair that feels good, looks good, and durable enough, and there is no argument in that. This office chair looks really awesome.

It is actually hard to believe that it costs less than 300 bucks. And this office chair is far better than its competitors.

Currently, it costs $329.99 in the USA. However, the price is always changing. So, check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Oh, this chair costs around Can$399.99 in Canada. If you are from Canada, check it’s current price on here.

Check out this video to get a better idea of its features:

Quick Overview:

Maximum Weight Capacity:

The Nouhaus Ergo3D ergonomic chair has a weight limit of 124.7 kg or 275 pounds. I think the limit will agree with most people out there.

I do not recommend this chair if you weigh more than 275 pounds as this will reduce the chair’s longevity.

 So, if you are a big guy and you are over 275 pounds, you should look into other office chairs with higher weight limits. You can check out my article on Best Office Chairs For Heavy People: A Detailed Guide with Pricing.

Adjustable Seat Height:

This ergonomic office chair has adjustable seat height, which is an essential feature for any ergonomic office chair. You can adjust the height of this chair from 18.5 inches to 22.44 inches.

The seat height range of the chair suggests that this chair will be an optimal choice for people of height from 5’7″ to 6’8″.

If your height falls in this range, this chair will fit you perfectly. To know more about the perfect seat height for your height, check out this article on our site: What Office Chair Size Should You Get For Your Height?

Materials Used:

The backrest and seat of this chair are made of High-quality mesh fabric, which is considered the best material for ergonomic office chairs. [Source]

If I am not wrong, this mesh fabric material that is used on the chair is called ElastoMesh HD.

As both the backrest and seat are made of breathable mesh fabric, it promotes air and heat flow better than any other chairs out there in the market.

Available Colors:

The Naushaus ergonomic office chair is available in four colors, such as:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Burgundy

I have not seen the grey and burgundy colored ones. Among the black and blue colors, I personally prefer the black one. It kinda feels more premium to me as black is my favorite color. The blue one is also cool.

Warranty Period:

The Nouhaus Ergo 3d comes with five years of warranty from the manufacturer. I think this will be one of the main selling points of this chair. If you compare this with other chairs at this price range, you will see that this chair has more warranty than its competitors.

Let’s compare the warranty period with that of other office chairs, which are close competitors of the Nouhaus Ergo 3d:

ModelPrice (USD)Warranty
SIHOO Office Chair$2301 year
Sidiz T50$3593 years
Nouhaus Ergo 3d$329.995 years
Sidiz T80$6995 years

Isn’t it awesome to have such a long warranty on any office chair at this price tag!!

Other Features to Consider:

The Nouhaus ergo3d office chair has a cool design and all the good ergonomic features of an expensive office chair, but it costs far less.

Seat height, armrests, the headrest of this chair can be easily adjusted. And once you adjust them perfectly, this chair provides a really good sitting experience.

Besides, it provides decent support for your back as it has dynamic lumbar support.

The good quality casters of this chair make rolling very fun. The rollerblade-style wheels of the chair make it possible to roll over the carpet smoothly as well.

Also, the caster wheels are coated with rubber which makes them gentle on hardwood and carpeted floors.

So, Is It Worth Buying?

I think Nouhaus Ergo 3D is going to be a great ergonomic office chair for sitting for long hours. It is very comfortable and durable for its price point.

If you have a desk job and work for 6-8 hours on a regular basis, this chair will add lots of value to your health and work.

So, if you want a comfortable and good quality office chair that will keep you comfortable for long hours and your budget is around $300, then this chair is definitely worth buying.

Final Thoughts:

I have not seen any other chair in its price that can compete with this one. That’s why I have become such a big fan of this office chair.

I shared my views on this chair. The ultimate decision may come down to your personal preference, but if you go with the Nouhaus Ergo 3D, it is safe to say that you will not regret it as this chair is very comfortable and it will last for many years!

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