Noblechairs Epic Vs. Icon: Which One is Better?

When it comes to choosing from popular options like Noblechair Epic or Icon, it can be quite confusing at times. To know which gaming chair is a better choice for you, it’s mandatory to know the difference between the Noblechairs Epic and Nobelchairs Icon first.

The pricing and weight capacity are the key differences between Epic and Icon. The Noblechair Epic is $20–$30 less expensive than the Noblechair Icon. The Icon, on the other hand, can support up to 330 pounds, while the Epic can only support 265 pounds, making the Icon a better alternative for the big guys.

Noblechairs’ EPIC gaming chair is the company’s first product. It’s a chair with a small footprint. The ICON is another chair in the same category with a few upgrades, and it costs more than Epic. 

It’s an iconically epic comparison, if you know what I mean lol. Let’s see how they compare!

Nobelchairs Epic

The EPIC was Noblechairs’ first model, and it helped to establish the company as a market leader. This is a German engineering wonder. Its high-quality materials offer a comfortable seating experience with good ergonomics.

The Nobelchairs Epic Chair will strike a balance between elegance and functionality. The chair is a complete gaming kit, including high-density foam and a breathable seating arrangement.

The inbuilt rocking mechanism will provide you with the ideal angle, and a side-mounted lever will add to your enjoyment. The Epic Chair from Nobelchairs ensures that each user finds their ideal posture for optimal comfort and relaxation.

Pros Of Nobelchairs Epic:

  1. Upholstery: The upholstery is made of deformation-resistant breathable cold foam that maintains its shape and prevents users from sinking into it.
  2. Ergonomics: Noblechair Epic has excellent ergonomics, including four-dimensional armrests, seat height adjustments, backrest recline, and headrest and lumbar support cushions, among other features.
  3. Steel Frame: The Nobelchairs Epic chair has a solid steel frame that provides a strong and durable structure.
  4. Integrated Rocking Knee-Tilt Mechanism: The chair has an integrated rocking mechanism with a side-mounted lever that allows you to recline comfortably.
  5. Recline Feature: The perfectly balanced chair has a robust, precisely balanced base that allows you to recline to 135 degrees.
  6. Material: The chair is available in three different types of luxury leather: vegan PU leather with unobtrusive stitching, genuine real leather with unrivaled breathability, and textile fabric for those who desire even more breathability.
  7. Moisture-Resistant Seat: The covering is low-maintenance, long-lasting, UV-resistant, and moisture-resistant.
  8. 4D Adjustable Arms: The 4D armrests offer the most flexibility in terms of lateral, horizontal, vertical, and tilt adjustments.
  9. TUV-Certified: The Nobelchairs Epic Chair is a well-designed chair with a TUV-Certified Safety Class 4 Gas Lift.

Cons Of Nobelchair Epic 

Nobelchairs Epic Chair drawbacks  include:

  1. It has a low weight capacity, which is only up to 265 pounds, despite being the tallest chair with the widest seat in the range
  2. It provides less seating room than the HERO and ICON models.

Nobelchairs Icon

This Epic variant has a different backrest design and greater proportions. This model is almost as big as the HERO, with a maximum user height of 6’4′′ and a weight of 330 pounds.

The ICON has a 0.08′′ steel frame that provides outstanding durability and stability. The density of the cold foam padding is higher than typical. Expect a robust seat that will withstand your weight better.

For a stylish look, each ICON comes with high-quality stitching over the backrest. The ergonomic support is completed by matching head and lumbar cushions. To discover more about how to manage the ergonomics of your gaming chair, check out our user guide.

Pros Of Nobelchair Icon:

  1. Great Design: The high-quality embroidery gives the Nobelchairs Icon Chair an atheistic look. 
  2. Build Quality: The Nobelchairs Icon’s internal steel frame is 2mm thick, compared to 1-1.5mm for most competitors. There’s also a solid aluminum base, and the chair as a whole exudes quality. The ICON provides a durable yet comfortable sitting experience with a solid build quality.
  3. Lumbar Support: It has good lumbar support, which can be readily adjusted and is also very comfortable for the users.
  4. Fit For All: The Noblechair Icon chair hits a pretty sweet spot as it is a multi-purpose chair that can accommodate most average-sized people.
  5. Comfortable Backrest: The backrest is ergonomically designed to provide support, so you won’t need to use the lumbar cushion that comes with it.
  6. Included Lumbar Cushion: There’s also a pillow provided for your head, but how you utilize it is entirely up to you.
  7. Up to 135 Degree Tilting and Rocking Mechanism: The back of the chair reclines to 135 degrees, and 11 degree tilt-lock. The rocking mechanism can be unlocked and the resistance adjusted to meet your weight.
  8. 4D Adjustable Armrests: Armrests are adjustable in four dimensions (thus the 4D) and have a beautiful dark chrome finish.
  9. Quality Foam: The foam in the base and backrest is not recycled and is cold cured. The density of 55% may feel tougher than you expect at first, but it also means it keeps its shape.
  10. Premium Leather Quality: Real or high-quality PU leather presented here provides a long-lasting, low-maintenance, water-resistant, and breathable covering. 
  11. Greater Weight Capacity: The Nobelchairs Icon Chair can hold up to 330 lbs.

Cons Of Nobelchairs Icon:

  1. In the armrests, there isn’t much in the way of padding, so they might not feel like the most comfortable even though they’re sturdy.
  2. Costs a bit more than Noblechair Epic.

Nobelchairs Epic VS Icon: The Comparison

Let’s compare them side by side to gain a clearer picture of the situation and make the decision-making process easier:


The majority of Nobelchairs’ Chairs are within the normal price range of regular ergonomic chairs. However, prices may vary from time to time, so I’ll provide links so you don’t have to search them up separately.

The Nobelchairs Epic is available at $389.99 right now. However, the price changes according to the international market. So, you can check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here. 

On the other hand, the Nobelchairs Icon Chair will cost you a little bit more which is $429.99. Check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Ergonomic Features

The Epic and Icon Chairs from Nobelchairs have outstanding ergonomic features that are truly unrivaled. 

The seats and backrests will have just the right amount of chilled foam to make sitting comfortable, especially if you have to sit for long periods of time.

Both chairs have 4D armrests that may be adjusted in height, width, depth, and angle, which are standard ergonomic characteristics. 

The armrests of the Nobelchairs Icon Chair, on the other hand, are well-padded and provide excellent grip, while being a little hard.

Both chairs have integrated lumbar support, which is often found in a high-end vehicle. Once you’ve set the lumbar support in the Nobelchairs Icon Chair, it won’t move much. 

A lumbar cushion is included with the Nobelchairs Icon Chair. This, however, is not present in Nobelchairs Epic.

Size & Weight Capacity

Here’s a table comparing their size and weight side by side:

SpecificationsNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Icon
Chair Dimensions22″ x 21″ x 51″ – 55″20.5″ x 49.8″ – 53.7″
Seat Width 13.5″13.5″
Seat Depth 19.5″19″
Seat Height19″ – 23″18.3″ – 22.2″
Recline Angle90° to 135°90°-135°
Recommended User Height5’5″ – 6’2″5’6″ – 6’4″
Max Weight Capacity265 lbs/120 kg330 lbs/150 kg

As you can see, the Nobelchairs Icon Chair is larger and more spacious than the Nobelchairs Epic Chair. Both chairs are appropriate for people of the same height. 

However, the recline feature in both the Nobelchairs Epic and Icon with 90 to 135 degrees is quite helpful. The Nobelchairs Icon, on the other hand, includes an additional 11-degree tilt lock.

Another distinction is that the Nobelchairs Epic can support up to only 265 pounds or 120 kg, whilst the Nobelchairs Icon can support up to 330 pounds or 150 kg.

Your choice will be based on your requirements surely but here Nobelchairs Icon is an ideal option if you need a chair with more weight capability and space.

Build Quality

Let’s check out the build quality of both the chairs:

SpecificationsNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Icon
CushioningCold foamCold foam
RollsNylon / PolyurethaneNylon, Polyurethane
Backside BackrestPU Faux LeatherPU Faux Leather
Lumbar CushionsN/APresent

The final thought is that the construction quality of each of these gaming chairs is quite similar. As you can see, the materials utilized in the Nobelchairs Epic and Icon chairs differ very slightly. 

You won’t be able to find anything against the build quality of either of these chairs, regardless of which one you choose. The only difference between the Icon and the Epic is that the Icon has an added lumbar cushion.

Nobelchairs Epic or Nobelchairs Icon: Which one should you get?

From the comparisons, it’s clear that both chairs are spectacular in their own ways. However, when it comes to selecting the appropriate chair, you may need to be more specific about your purpose with this chair.

If you’re looking for a slightly less costly chair that’s also well-made, the Nobelchairs Epic chair is a wonderful option. However, keep in mind that the weight capacity of this chair is lower.

On the other hand, if you’re a big person who needs a chair that’s a little roomier and has a lot of weight capacity, for only $20-$30 more, you can get yourself the Nobelchairs Icon which is the better option out of these two. 

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Are Noblechairs Good?

Yes, Noblechairs are good long-lasting chairs. Company’s chairs are composed of high-quality materials, where professional designers are designing gaming office chairs with practical, premium ergonomics and an elegant aesthetic.

Which noble chair should I buy?

Among Noblechair Epic, Icon, and Hero, I’d say go for the Noblechair Icon or Hero even though they might cost a bit more than Noblechair Epic.

Where are Noblechairs manufactured?

Noblechairs are manufactured in Germany. 

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