Noblechairs Epic Vs. Hero: Which One Is Better?

Noblechairs produces premium quality gaming chairs that are unbeatable in terms of comfort, luxury, and appearance. They are ideal for all-day-long desk jobs. Along with all Nobelchairs, Epic and Hero have been topping the list. But, how to choose one between them?

What are the differences between Nobelchairs Epic and Hero? The main differences between Npblechairs Epic and Hero are in the price, weight capacity, and recline angle. Noble chair Epic is $40 – $50 cheaper than the Hero. On the other hand, Noblechairs Hero has a weight capacity of 330 lbs, whereas the Epic has a weight limit of only 265 lbs. This makes the Hero a better choice for big guys than the Epic.

In this article, you will get to know more about the Nobelchairs Epic and Hero. You will also visualize a detailed comparison between Nobelchairs Epic and Hero. You will also get to know which one will be a better fit for you.

So, without any further ado, let us get started. Happy Reading.

Nobelchairs Epic

Nobelchairs Epic chair is a well-designed gaming chair that ensures the utmost comfort while providing an aesthetic appearance that suits any environment. The Chair has got a revolutionary seated arrangement that gives you a flawless luxurious finish and comfort. 

The Nobelchairs Epic Chair will hold elegance and ergonomics at the same pace. The Chair is an overall package for gamers, starting from high-density foam to a breathable sitting arrangement. 

The integrated rocking mechanism will enable you with the perfect angle, and the help of a side-mounted lever will enhance the experience. Nobelchairs Epic Chair makes sure every user gets their perfect position for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Pros Of Nobelchair Epic

Nobelchairs Epic Chair carries a lot of advantages which enhance the users with greater comfort and look after the ergonomic features. 

Well, let me list down all the Pros of Nobelchairs Epic chair

  1. Superior Upholstery: The upholstery has deformation-resistant breathable cold foam, which holds a distinct shape and prevents the users from sinking the upholstery. 
  2. Strong Steel Frame: The Nobelchairs Epic chair has a solid steel frame which gives the Chair a solid, stable structure. 
  3. Integrated Rocking knee-tilt Mechanism: The Chair comes with an integrated rocking mechanism that will help you relax comfortably using the side-mounted lever.
  4. Up to 135 Degree Recline Feature: The perfectly balanced Chair gives a strong, perfectly balanced base that allows you to recline to 135 Degree. 
  5. Great Ergonomics: Noblechair Epic has great ergonomics including 4D armrests, seat height adjustments, backrest recline, offers headrest and lumbar support cushions, etc.
  6. Premium Material: The Chair comes with three types of premium leather; Vegan PU leather with subtle stitching, genuine real leather with unmatched breathability; also, offers textile fabric for those who want more breathability.
  7. Moisture-Resistant Seat: The covering provides you with a low-maintenance, durable, UV, and moisture-resistant seat. 
  8. 4D Adjustable Arms: The 4D armrests will provide you the maximum adjustability; laterally, horizontally, vertically, and tilt adjustments. 
  9. TUV-Certified Safety: The TUV-Certified Safety Class 4 Gas Lift makes the Nobelchairs Epic Chair a smartly designed chair.

Cons Of Nobelchair Epic 

The Nobelchairs Epic Chair has a few drawbacks, which include:

  1. The Nobelchairs Epic Chair comes with only a 2 years warranty period

Nobelchairs Hero

Nobelchairs Hero Chairs can not only be considered for the gaming experience, but you can also use them as office chairs. Such a comfortable Chair with some rare facilities makes the chair stand among all other ergonomic chairs. 

The lumbar support is unparalleled, which is usually found in premium automobiles. The side-mounted rotary makes the Chair more comfortable. The best part of the Nobelchairs Hero Chair is that it can be customized as per each user’s needs. 

The spacious Chair and the additional features include wider armrests, an expanded seat, a broader backrest, and many more. However, the Chair comes in subtle design, filigree diamond-pattern stitching on the headrest and the backrest. 

The Chair is developed in combination with professional esports teams. The Nobelchairs Hero Chair is perfectly suited for an extended gaming session and prolonged hours of office work. The premium materials and the extra facilities make the Chair unbeatable. 

Pros Of Nobelchair Hero

In order to know all the benefits of the Nobelchairs Hero Chair, let me point down all the advantages below:

  1. Adjustable Lumbar Support: The excellent lumbar support is present, and it can be adjusted very easily, which is also comfortable for the users. 
  2. Very Spacious: The Hero chair is pretty spacious with a broader seat surface, expanded backrest, and wider armrests.
  3. Comfortable Headrest: The Nobelchairs Hero Chair comes with a memory foam headrest which increases the level of comfort and contours for any unique user. 
  4. Great Design: The high-quality embroidery gives the Nobelchairs Hero Chair an atheistic look. 
  5. Ensures Proper Weight Distribution: The specially designed backrest confirms the natural curve of your spine and ensures the proper weight distribution for maximum comfort. 
  6. Well Built: The Nobelchairs Hero Chair is composed of a durable steel frame and extended cold foam padding that is a strong structure and unparalleled comfort.
  7. Premium Leather Quality: The real or premium quality PU leather ensures durable, low-maintenance, water-resistance, and breathable covering. 
  8. Up to 125 Degree Tilting: The Nobelchairs Hero Chair comes with a multi-functioning tilting mechanism, and the tilt range is 90 – 125 Degree. 
  9. Adjustable Seat Height: The seat height adjustment is adjustable from 18.3″ – 21.5″
  10. Well Padded 4D Adjustable Arms: The 4D armrests are enlarged and can be adjusted in any possible way. Also, the armrests are well padded, and the textured surface has the perfect grip. 
  11. Smooth and Silent Casters: The high-quality casters are manufactured using powder-coated, extra corrosion-resistant aluminum, providing smooth and quiet movements.
  12. Greater Weight Limit: The Nobelchairs Hero Chair can hold up to 330 lbs.

Cons Of Nobelchair Hero

The drawbacks of Nobelchairs Hero Chair include;

  1. The Nobelchairs Hero Chair comes with only a 2 years warranty. 
  2. The Chair reclines only up to 125 degrees. 125 degrees is enough for most people but in comparison to other chairs at this price point, a higher recline angle is expected.
  3. The padding might seem dense and stiff to many users in the beginning.

Comparison Between Nobelchairs Epic And Hero

Now let us compare them side by side to get a clearer picture so that the decision-making process becomes easier. 


The price of most of the Nobelchairs’s Chair falls under the average pricing category of regular ergonomic chairs. However, the price might sometimes vary, which is why I will be providing the links so that you get the price instantly. 

The Nobelchairs Epic is available at $389.99 right now. However, the price changes regularly. So, check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here. 

On the other hand, the Nobelchairs Hero Chair will require some extra bucks. That is, you can buy the Nobelchairs Hero Chair for only $459.99. Check out the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

Ergonomic Features

Nobelchairs Epic and Hero Chairs offer superior ergonomic features, which are really unbeatable. The seats and backrest will have the perfect cold foam to make the sitting arrangement comfortable, especially when you need to sit for prolonged hours. 

When it comes to common ergonomic features, you will notice that both chairs come with 4D armrests, which can be adjusted by height, width, depth, and angle. However, the armrests of Nobelchairs Hero Chair are well-padded and have the perfect grip.

Both the chairs are equipped with integrated lumbar support, which is usually seen in a luxury automobile. In the Nobelchairs Hero Chair, once you set the lumbar support, you will hardly see it move from its place. 

The Nobelchairs Hero Chair comes with a memory foam headrest that contours according to your need. However, this facility is missing in Nobelchairs Epic. 

Size & Weight Capacity

In order to get an overview of the specification of Nobelchairs Epic and Hero, check out the table provided below;

SpecificationsNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Hero
Chair Dimensions22″ x 21″ x 51″ – 55″18.9″ x 22.45″ x 54.75″
Seat Width 13.5″20.5â€
Seat Depth 19.5″21.7â€
Seat Height19″ – 23″18.3″ – 21.5″
Recline Angle90° to 135°90°-125°
Recommended User Height5’5″ – 6’2″5’6†– 6’2â€
Max Weight Capacity265 lbs330 lbs

As it is visible, the Nobelchairs Hero Chair is more spacious and broader compared to the Nobelchairs Epic Chair. Both the chairs are suitable for the same height group of people.

However, you will notice that the recline feature is more developed than Nobelchairs Epic with 90 to 135 Degrees. Whereas Nobelchairs Hero has only 90 to 125 Degrees recline feature. 

Another difference between them is that Nobelchairs Epic can hold up to 265 lbs. whereas Nobelchairs Hero has a weight capacity of 330 lbs. 

That is, the decision will depend on your specific need here. If you need extra weight capacity and a spacious Chair, Nobelchairs Hero can be a good option, or Nobelchairs Epic can be useful. 

Build Quality

Let us first check out the materials used to build both the chairs:

SpecificationsNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Hero
CushioningCold foamCold foam
RollsNylon / PolyurethaneNylon, Polyurethane
Backside BackrestPU Faux LeatherPremium leather, vegan PU leather
Cushions, Side StripsVelour

As you can see, there are slight differences in the materials used for Nobelchairs Epic and Hero chairs. One thing you should note down is that the backside of the Backrest of Nobelchairs Hero can be found in two different patterns; Premium leather and vegan PU leather.

The bottom line is that both of these gaming chairs have pretty similar build quality. I can assure you that, no matter which one you go for, you won’t be able to complain about the build quality of either of these chairs.

Is Nobelchairs Epic Better Than Nobelchairs Hero?

To be honest, both the chairs are amazing in their own ways. But when it comes to choosing the right Chair, you might need to know the need first. 

If you think you need a budget-friendly chair with great built quality, then the Nobelchairs Epic chair can be a perfect choice. However, you need to remember that the weight capacity will be less in this chair.

On the flip side, if you are a big guy and need a chair that is broader and more spacious that comes with great weight capacity, then Nobelchairs Hero will be the right choice for you. The Nobelchairs Hero chair is something you will never regret buying. 

Related Question

Which Noblechair Should You Buy?

Nobelchairs Hero Chair is undoubtedly the best Chair from Nobelchairs. Nobelchairs Hero Chair has received various awards because of its amazing features. 

The Chair will give you broader armrests, a spacious sitting arrangement, and durability with low maintenance. It has the desired ergonomic adjustments, which will provide you with the utmost comfort while holding and contouring your body. 

The atheistic appearance and the perfect covering will surely brighten up the room’s atmosphere.

The best of the Nobelchairs Hero Chair is that you can customize it as per your requirement and make it comfortable in your own way. 

Therefore, when it comes to buying a Nobelchairs, then Nobelchairs Hero is the perfect choice for you. 

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