Mirra 1 Vs. Mirra 2: What’s The Difference?

Undoubtedly, the Herman Miller Chairs are the most expensive chairs you will find in the market, but when it comes to the Mirra Series, they are less expensive and filled with loads of ergonomic features. The debatable question is which one is better, between Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 chairs?

So, what is the main difference between Herman Miller Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 Chairs? The main differences between Herman Miller Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 are in the size, seat & backrest covering. Mirra 2 being an upgraded version, the price is also a bit higher, and additional adjustments will require a few more bucks. 

In this article, you will find a detailed comparison between Mirra 1 and Mirra 2 chairs. But you do not have to worry, and I will also be providing a detailed description of both the chairs separately first. 

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Herman Miller Mirra 1

Herman Miller Mirra 1 or simply, Mirra chair is a standard-looking chair with various adjustments. The Chair is cheaper compared to other Herman Miller Chairs. 

The Mirra chair will give a better sitting position which is comfy and ergonomic at the same time. Many experts claim that Mirra surely beats the Herman Miller Aeron chair. 

The Mirra chair can be a lifesaver if you suffer from severe back pain. With its passive PostureFit Lumbar support, you will be sitting in the optimal posture in a very comfortable manner.

Pros Of Herman Miller Mirra 1

Herman Miller Mirra 1 carries a lot of advantages, including lots of ergonomic features and adjustments. Let me tell you one by one;

  1. The Mirra chair has a very top-notch design and will change the overall appearance of the workplace.
  2. The Mirra 1 Chair comes in one particular size, but it can be adjusted for a range of customers. 
  3. It is the least expensive Herman Miller chair which can be bought at a very cheap rate.
  4. The Mirra 1 Chair will give you a very comfy and soft sitting experience. 
  5. The Chair has a mesh seat so that there will be enough airflow. 
  6. The Chair has three recline positions and the recline from a straight sitting position. 
  7. The Chair has a TriFlex back with harmonic tilt, which ensures the perfect airflow. 
  8. The Chair perfectly holds and supports your spine and avoids any occurrence of back pain.
  9. The passive PostureFit helps to support your pelvis so that you avoid slouching or backward rotation. 
  10. You can adjust the lumbar tension by changing the lever’s position. 
  11. The armrests are perfectly padded, and you can adjust the height and angle.
  12. The seat depth can also be adjusted by using the FlexFront.
  13. The seat height is also adjustable so that you can perfectly adjust it as per your height. 
  14. The Chair comes with a 12-year warranty period. 

Cons Of Herman Miller Mirra 1 

Now it is time to discuss the bad sides of using Herman Miller Mirra 1 Chair. Check out the list provided below;

  1. Since the backrest is made of plastic materials, many people find the backrest less comfortable.
  2. The recline stops only at three positions and tilts for a very short angle which is much lower than most other ergonomic chairs.
  3. The seat pan can move along with the Chair, which can be irritating. 

Herman Miller Mirra 2

Just like Herman Miller Mirra 1, Mirra 2 is another Herman Miller chair that can be bought at this cheap rate. It will provide you with an amazing sitting experience with all its excellent features. 

Everything related to this Chair is top-notch. Starting from the great adjustability, the Chair is built with high-end materials, which make the Chair last longer. 

The Chair will be shipped and fully assembled, and you will receive a 12-year warranty period. Nonetheless, the Chair will last even longer. 

The unique features of the Mirra 2 chair include a unique loop spine for torsional flex, breathable seat material for maximum airflow, and ergonomic technology for comfortable and healthy sitting positions.  

Let me provide you an overview of the Mirra 2 chair;

FeaturesHerman Miller Mirra 2
Dimensions27” W x 27” D x 42.5” H
Seat Height16” – 20.5”
Seat Dimensions19.25” W x 18” D
Arm Height from Seat3.5” – 8.5”
Chair Weight42 lbs.
Weight Capacity350 pounds
Suitable User Height5’0″ – 6’4″

Pros Of Herman Miller Mirra 2

While researching, I have noted a lot of advantages of the Mirra 2 chair, which include;

  1. The Mirra 2 chair is highly adjustable and provides an extreme level of comfort. 
  2. The build quality is top-notch and guarantees durability. 
  3. The TriFlex polymer back ensures an adequate amount of airflow and comfort.
  4. The lumbar support can be adjusted as per your need.
  5. The Chair comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can get a refund if you do not like the Chair.
  6. Overall, the Chair will cover a 12 years warranty period on the entire Chair.
  7. The seat depth and height can be adjusted.
  8. The armrests are adjustable both height and width-wise. 
  9. The AireWeave mesh material on top of the plastic frame makes the Chair comfortable to sit in because it provides soft and great elasticity.
  10. The backrest is simply perfect within every aspect as it has good breathability & flexibility and provides total support to your body.
  11. The Butterfly back comes with a fabric layer that can provide comfort and support. 
  12. Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair is made with 92% recyclable materials.

Cons Of Herman Miller Mirra 2

  1. Shorter people might find the armrest adjustment not up to the mark as they do not promote ergonomic sitting arrangements. 
  2. Many people find the Chair a bit uncomfortable for its seat material. 
  3. The poly material of the TriFlex backrest can feel hard to sit on.
  4. The regular Chair comes with a fixed armrest and zero adjustability.
  5. The regular tilt function does not allow you to lock the position or change the seat angle. 
  6. You need to pay an extra $133 for the adjustable armrests and forward tilt function.

Comparison Between Herman Miller Mirra 1 And Mirra 2 Chairs

It is commonly claimed that Mirra 2 is just an upgraded version of Mirra 1 and has more advanced features than Mirra 1. But let us dig deeper to find the actual truth.

In order to view a clear picture now, let us compare both the chairs side by side. Starting from the ergonomic feature, you will see the comparison based on various categories.

Ergonomic Features

When it comes to ergonomic features, both the chairs have almost the same adjustments. However, due to the changes in the materials make the Mirra 2 chair a more comfortable one. 

Then again, the Mirra 2 has a 4D armrest that carries more functionality than that of Mirra 1. The seat of Mirra 2 is well covered and padded, which makes it more comfortable than Mirra 1.

Both the chairs are almost the same when it comes to lumbar support, lumbar adjustments, reclining facility, and tilt lock options.

When you compare both of them side by side, you will notice just in materials and size. These features make the Mirra 2 more advantageous in providing more favorable options.

However, if you want a breathable chair with minimal padding and 3-way adjustable armrests, then Mirra 1 will be a suitable option. The spacious and wider seat will definitely provide great advantages. 

Build Quality And Durability

The Mirra 1 chair has been in the market for more than 10 years now, and then Mirra 2 was introduced, claiming it is the advanced version of Mirra 1, which is true in certain aspects. 

Firstly, although both the chairs are made of recyclable materials, the Mirra 2 chair has a seat and backrest covered with an extra fabric layer to make the plastic frame more comfortable. 

Many have loved the framing of Mirra 1 chair, whereas there are people who complained about the Chair being less comfortable. 

However, being chairs produced by Herman Miller, you can never doubt their durability. They will surely last for a longer period. 

Price And Warranty

Unfortunately, Herman Miller discontinued the Mirra chair production. You can still buy refurbished Mirra 1 from 3rd party sellers.

I have found an awesome deal on Mirra 1 on Amazon. It costs around 800 bucks. However, the price changes frequently, so check out the current price by clicking here. 

The Mirra 2 is a bit more expensive than the Mirra 1. Although the Mirra 2 chair will cost you $1265, the price can go up if you plan to upgrade to the regular one. For example, if you want to add an adjustable armrest, you need to pay $133 extra.

Check out the latest price of Mirra 2 by clicking here. Nonetheless, you can visit their official web store as well.

Is The Mirra 1 Better Compared To The Mirra 2?

It is claimed that Mirra 2 is an updated version of Mirra 1, which is true. Nonetheless, both the chairs have great built quality and adjusting features. Most of the users will prefer Mirra 2 over Mirra 1.

The decision can be different as per your preferences. For an instant, if the budget is a constraint and you need a great quality chair with lots of adjustments, you should choose Mirra 1.

On the other hand, when there is no limitation on spending, and you need a good quality chair that will care for your posture and comfort at the same time, do not hesitate to buy Mirra 2. 

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