Lorell Vs. Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat (A Clear Winner For Your Office)

Are you interested in purchasing a brand new glass chair mat for your workspace? And if so, you’ve most likely narrowed down your choice to two major brands in the industry: Lorell and Vitrazza. 

Honestly speaking, neither of these two brands would be a bad choice for you. Basically, you can do no wrong at this point since you’ve decided to choose one between these two brands. 

So, what do you need to know before you pick one of these two outstanding glass chair mats? We recommend you study the following 7 interesting facts before picking a side between Lorell Vs. Vitrazza:

  • Lorell has a slightly longer history, just by a single year. Lorell was founded in 2004 and it’s a company that specializes in furniture. On the other hand Vitrazza was founded by Robert Livingston and Bill Fitzgerald and this company is a pioneer in glass office chair mats.
  • The Vitrazza office chair mat is made of strong glass that can withstand a lot of weight. This is a feature that’s shared by the Lorell chair mat. 
  • The Lorell Tempered Glass Chair Mat is ideal for multiple-surfaces while the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat is designed for wooden and carpeted surfaces. 
  • The Vitrazza glass mat is treated as a premium product in the industry and it also costs way more than the Lorell glass mat. 
  • The Vitrazza glass mat is made in the US, while the Lorell glass mat is made in China. 
  • The Lorell glass mat provides a warranty of 5 years. The Vitrazza glass mat on the other hand provides an astonishing lifetime warranty. 
  • The Vitrazza glass mat has a more modern and sleek design. And durability, scratch-resistance and longevity are Lorell’s strong suits. 

In this article I’ll discuss each and every one of the 10 given points in great detail. This will help you make up your mind when it comes to choosing the best option between Lorell Vs. Vitrazza glass chair mats. 

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Lorell Vs. Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat: 7 Things to Consider Before You Purchase Either of These Two Brands 


If you want to learn about the quality and brand value of these two products, you need to understand where they are coming from. A bit of history lesson is paramount in this case. 

Lorell started off its journey in 2004 and it is now one of the fastest growing commercial furniture brands in the US. Its headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA and it’s now a nationally recognized brand. 

On the other hand, Vitrazza started their venture in 2005 in Boulder, CO. It’s a place where high finance gurus and tech whizzes reside, and that’s why becoming a pioneering glass industry veteran decided to build a company named Vitrazza. 

The rest is history. What started off as a local business selling to a handful of dealers in the area, became a behemoth in the glass industry. Ever since the inception of this company, the customers had raved about the excellent quality and custom designs of their products. 


The Vitrazza glass mat is made out of clear glass of superior quality unlike the majority of the glass mats in the market that are made of cheap plastic. Each of these glass mats are made out of solid ¼†thick tempered glass. 

Why settle for a thinner and cheaper option with bog-standard quality when you can have the premium performance from the Vitrazza glass mat. 

Lorell on the other hand, uses scratch resistant tempered glass for making their glass mats.

This material is long-lasting and remarkably durable. It also provides outstanding smoothness and protection to the glass mat.  

Surface Usability 

Both of the glass mats are highly versatile at face value. But they do differ in terms of usability. Not both of them can be used on all types of surfaces. 

The Vitrazza office chair mat is ideal for all types of floors. It’s capable of complementing all flooring types such as hardwood, carpet, rugs and tile. 

It even includes a bumper system consisting of 3 sets of Stabil-a-dots. These things can be used on carpet, hard surface and super-sized, high-pile carpets respectively. You can just choose the one that best suits your surface. 

Let’s have a look at different sizes of Lorell and Vitrazza Chair mats.

Chair MatSize(Length x Width x Thickness)
Vitrazza Chair Mat1. 48 x 42 x 0.25 inches
2. 64 x 42 x 0.25 inches
3. 53 x 45 x 0.25 inches
4. 60 x 46 x 0.25 inches
Lorell Chair Mat1. 46 x 36 x 0.25 inches
2. 50 x 44 x 0.25 inches
3. 60 x 48 x 0.25 inches

Weight Capacity 

Most people don’t even concern themselves with this feature while shopping for a glass office chair mat. But, this feature does play a vital role in the overall effectiveness of a glass mat. 

The Lorell glass mat as well as the Vitrazza glass mat are engineered to withstand a maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. And don’t worry neither one of them will ever dent because of the sheer weight of the chair. 


We’ll give it to you straight. If you’re searching for a top-tier office glass mat that has outstanding quality and lifetime warranty, you should definitely go with the Vitrazza office chair mat. 

Currently the Vitrazza Chair Mat is priced at $375.00. However, the price changes regularly. So check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.. 

However, in case you don’t want to churn out hundreds of dollars for a chair mat, then you should purchase the Lorell chair mat. It provides the best bang for the buck. It’s quite affordable and it won’t break the bank. 

Currently the Lorell Mat is priced at just $49.99 on Amazon. If you are interested, you can check the most updated price on Amazon by clicking here. 


Although Lorell’s furniture and other products are manufactured all over the world, at least 50% of their products are made right here in the United States.

Their products are made with recyclable materials and they have a focus on environmental sustainability. 

This particular Lorell Glass Chair Mat is made in China. 

On the other hand, all of Vitrazza’s products are made in the USA. That is also the case when it comes to the Vitrazza office chair mat. 


You can make your purchase of a brand new Vitrazza office chair mat with confidence. That’s because Vitrazza was generous enough to provide its users with a lifetime warranty on this product. 

You can even return it and exchange it within the first 30 days of purchase. And the customer service is also great. 

Lorell provides a 5 year warranty. And their customer service is pretty decent. 

Glass chair mats are usually highly durable. Many people don’t want to try glass chair mats as they think glass chair mats are fragile and will break easily. We have written a whole article on this topic. Check it out by clicking here.

Does Vitrazza Scratch? 

Since Vitrazza glass chair mats are made out of 0.25-inch thick tempered glass and also coated with a Pro-15 invisible shield, they are highly resistant to scratches.

So, there’s no need to worry about your Vitrazza chair mat getting all scratched up while you glide over the  chair mat. 

Do Vitrazza/Lorell Mats Break?

Both Lorell and Vitrazza chair mats aren designed to withstand up to 1000 lbs of weight and they can easily resist dents and cracks.

Both of them are made out of highly durable tempered glass. So, we can confidently say that these two chair mats don’t break that easily.  

Related Questions 

Are Chair Mats Good on Carpets? 

Yes, there are definitely chair mats out there that are ideal for being used on carpets. Actually, glass chair mats provide a smooth enough surface to the chair’s rolling casters so that you can roll around your workstation as much as you want effortlessly. 

In fact, glass chair mats are ideal for both hard floors as well as carpeted floors. The best part is that the Vitrazza chair mat is the perfect choice for being used on carpets as well as hard floors.

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Are Glass Chair Mats Durable?  

Although it’s a commonly accepted misconception that glass is a fragile material, products made with glass can be extremely durable and long-lasting. That’s also true when it comes to glass chair mats. 

Simply put, glass chair mats are remarkably durable and these mats are way stronger than the cheap plastic chair mats. Furthermore, they have smoother surfaces that’s ideal for gliding. 

This way glass chair mats do not bend, warp or crack over time. 

Do Glass Chair Mats Break Easily? 

The truth is that glass chair mats are surprisingly strong and their unexpected strength is what guarantees that they won’t break. Most of the glass office chair mat  models out there in the market are also scratch-resistant. 

However, it should be noted that some glass chair mats do get scratched if a gritty substance such as sand gets stuck between the chair’s casters and the chair mat as the chair glides over. 

You should wipe/sweep your chair mat regularly to prevent that fate. 

Final Thoughts  

Woo-Hoo! You’ve finally made it through to the end of the article about Lorell Vs. Vitrazza. These two brands are the biggest brands in the chair mat market.

If you’re seriously considering buying a glass chair mat from either of these two brands, now you’re all the information you require to make the right choice. 

In case you want to know about our choice, we would suggest you go with the Vitrazza glass chair mat. Although it’s a bit expensive, you won’t find a better choice in the entire market. 

That’s all from me now. Till next time! 

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