Leather Vs. Fabric Office Chair: What’s Right For You?

Choosing the suitable material for the office chair can be bothersome, and it would have been easy if you had a proper guideline for it. I have been struggling as I could not decide which one would be the best choice for me between Leather and Fabric Office Chair. As I have done my research, here I am to give you the proper guideline.

What is the main difference between Leather and Fabric Office Chair? The main difference between Leather and Fabric Office Chairs is leather chairs give a sophisticated look to your office environment, and the other gives a vibrant look. Leather Chairs are more ergonomic, easy to clean, and comfortable to sit during the summer; the other is the exact opposite.

In this article, you will be getting an overall idea about the Leather and Fabric Office Chair. Moreover, I will be explaining the pros and cons of both types of Office Chairs before comparing them to each other so that you can choose the appropriate one for you. 

Leather Office Chair – A Brief Overview

Leather furniture is made of different types of leather. Various leathers are prepared using different types of processes. The leather is collected from animal skin and processed through a specific process called tanning.

Genuine leather office chairs are the most comfortable and showcase a classy, professional appearance. They can be used from generation to generation. Leather Office Chairs suit both in-home and your office area.

You will find two types of leathers in the market; one is Finnish leather, and the other one is Unfinished Leather. Before moving forward, let me brief you about them. 

Finished leather has a protective coating that resists liquid substances from being absorbed. This gives you the scope to apply liquid cleaning agents to clean the leather furniture.  

Then again, in the case of Unfinished Leather, the protective coating that resists liquid substances from being absorbed is absent. As a result, you need to be careful before using any cleaning substances in unfinished leathers.

Leather products always require special care, or they can get ruined in a very short span of time. Well, if you find Leather Cleaners and Conditioners expensive, then let me tell you can always find effective ingredients in your kitchen and will help you keep your leather furniture uptight. 

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Advantages Of Leather Office Chair

Undoubtedly, Leather Office Chairs offer numerous advantages. Due to the classy appearance and added benefits, they have gained much popularity. Check out the lists of benefits a Leather Office Chair offers;

1. Atheistic And Sophisticated Appearance  

Leather Office Chairs are much more appreciated when you are mostly concerned about appearance. Any prestigious organization will definitely choose Leather Office Chairs over any other Office Chairs because of their sophisticated look.

If you want to add elegance and a prestigious appearance to your office, Leather Office Chairs will make the optimum justice to it. You will never be disappointed.

2. Longer Lifespan

Leather Office Chairs are one of the most durable Office Chairs. It can last more than you can expect. Note that proper maintenance is necessary. 

A good quality Leather Office Chair will definitely be worth the money. Even if you spend some extra cash to get the most delicate Leather Office Chair, you can use the chair for an extended period, that is, and the money will definitely be worth it. 

3. Protective Layer

The Leather Office Chairs are manufactured mainly by adding a protective layer on top of the surface. This protective layer protects the leather surface and keeps the arrogant dirt away from it. 

The leathers that have such protective layers are known as finished leathers. It is highly recommended to buy Leather Office Chairs with such protective layers. Finish Leathers do not absorb liquid substances; instead, they will just roll off. 

If you already have a Leather Office Chair, but you are not sure if it has a protective layer or not, then you can examine it by yourself.    

Well, it can be determined by implementing two easy steps. Firstly, pour a few drops of water on a concealed area of the Leather Office Chair. The next step is to observe if the water is being soaked up or if it is rolling over. If the water is absorbed, then it is unfinished leather; it rolls off then your leather is finished.

4. Reclining Capability

Most of the high-quality Leather Office Chair comes with an excellent reclining facility, ensuring good posture. Such office chairs with amazing tilt/lock features give you the privilege to sit in the appropriate posture. 

Disadvantages Of Leather Office Chair

1. More Expensive

Leather Office Chairs can be unaffordable. Well, if you are to experience luxury and want long-lasting furniture for your office, then you need to pay something extra. It is the same for Leather Office Chairs. 

Buying a genuine Leather Office Chair can be really expensive, all because it is high-quality materials. 

2. Tendency For Scratches Are High  

The Leather Office Chairs can be sensitive to sharp materials, and there are high chances of getting the surface rough.

If kids stay near your Leather Office Chairs and play with sharp toys, it is mostly like scratching your chair’s surface. 

Bonded leather is usually prone to more scratches. So, if you buy office chairs made of leather material, try to buy the ones made of real or genuine leather.

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3. Prone To Bleaches And Getting Cracked

Leathers can be sensitive to weather changes; can it be direct sunlight or cold weather. It can fade the color and initiate cracking. Finally, you can end up with a bad-looking Leather Office Chair.

Bonded and faux leathers can develop cracks. But genuine leather doesn’t crack. If you want to know the differences between these leather, read this article: Faux Vs. Bonded Vs. Real Leather: 7 Pros and Cons of Each Leather

Therefore, extra care towards your Leather Office Chairs is mandatory.

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4. Can Be Unethical To Use Leather Office Chairs

As you know, Leather Office Chairs are made of animal products. There is a high chance that animal lovers will find the whole process disturbing. And they will prefer other types of materials that do not include concern for animals. 

Fabric Office Chair – A Brief Overview

Fabric Office Chairs have been in the market for a long time and have been equally popular in the past few years. The quality of the Fabric Office Chairs can vary depending on the brand, and sometimes find a good quality fabric chair can be challenging to find. 

Comparably, Fabric Office Chairs are cheaper than others and carry various essential features. They will give you a comfortable sitting arrangement that is surrounded by softness. 

Although they do not carry all the ergonomic features, they can be good for your posture and back support. But since they are unbreathable, it can be uncomfortable to sit in during warm seasons. 

Advantages Of Fabric Office Chair

Fabric Office Chairs are considered one of the most comfortable ones in the market. They tend to offer various benefits that will surely outweigh all the disadvantages of the Fabric Office Chairs.

1. Comfortable Sitting Arrangement

It is definite that officers are most likely to spend most of their time sitting in their Office Chairs; as a result, the chair needs to be comfortable. Among all other types of chairs, fabric chairs can be relaxing. 

You can worry less about the Fabric Office Chair getting damaged. The padded upholstery will give you the exact level of comfort you need.

2. Have Better Ergonomic Features

Fabric Office Chairs are comfortable and care about your posture so that you can healthily rest your back.

The available variety of Fabric Office Chairs will provide you with the best support that you require, and you will have the option to choose among them. 

Also, office chairs with breathable mesh fabric are the most comfortable ones in the market for you, especially during summer.

3. Adequately Padded Seat And Back Support

The Fabric Office Chairs are built with adequately padded seats and back support to provide you the optimal support. As a result, you can spend a lot of time sitting on a Fabric Office Chair without initiating body ache.

4. Available In Atheistic And Variety of Colors

Fabric Office Chairs can be in a variety of colors. Starting from colorful patterns, a floral pattern which can give your room a vibrant appearance. You can even decorate it with cushions and blankets. 

5. Moderately Durable

Fabric Office Chairs can be held for a long time, but they don’t last as long as good-quality leather chairs.

However, they are easy to clean and maintain. If you take care of fabric office chairs, they can last for a long time as well.

 Deep cleaning the Fabric Office Chair is pretty easy; you just need to follow six easy steps. 

Disadvantages Of Fabric Office Chair

Indeed the Fabric Office Chairs have a few drawbacks; let me list them down for you.

1. Hard To Choose A Good-Quality Fabric Office Chair

Many manufacturers produce low-quality Fabric Office Chair at a very reasonable or cheap price, which is why people get tricked and buy a Fabric Office Chair in lousy condition. 

2. Unbreathable

Fabric Office Chairs can not breathe properly, so they feel warm in the summer. It can be uncomfortable to sit in for a more extended period. 

So, Which one is Actually Right For You?

Undoubtedly, Leather Office Chair is the better option between these two. Although Fabric Office Chairs require less maintenance and are cheaper, Leather Office Chairs are ergonomic and more durable. They will give your Office environment a sophisticated look.

However, if you live in a warm region and your back sweat too much, then going with an office chair with a mesh fabric backrest is probably the optimal choice.

I always recommend purchasing a Leather Office Chair for most people if you don’t have a limited budget. However, Leather Office Chairs can be cheaper but still be in good shape. Moreover, remember that Leather Office Chairs will be worth the investment.

Related Questions

Are Leather Office Chairs More Comfortable?

Leather Office Chairs are more comfortable than most other materials. If you choose to buy a Leather Office Chair, I suggest you buy a good quality one so that your money does not go in vain. When you sit in a Leather Office Chair for all day long, you will indeed feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Are Leather Office Chairs Worth It?

Well, Leather Office Chairs can be pretty expensive, but with the added benefits, the investment will definitely be worth it. Leather Office Chairs provide comfort, are easy to clean, and carry ergonomic features to hold your better posture. 

Although Leather Office Chairs also carry some drawbacks, unless you are not against animal killing like Phoebe, you can surely invest in them.

Which Material Is Better For An Office Chair?

To be honest, there is a constant fight between Mesh Office Chairs and Leather Office Chair to be on the top. However, from my research, I have found Mesh Office Chairs to be more effective because of their more ergonomic features and for being lightweight and breathable. 

Additionally, they are easy to clean and more affordable. Mesh Office Chairs will suit any kind of office environment.  

What Fabric Is Used For Office Chairs?

Most of the Fabric Office Chairs you see in the market are made of Polyester. They are less costly and hold their color for a more extended period of time. Polyester is made by blending both synthetic and natural fiber, giving the fabric a resisting ability towards the stain. 

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