Is The Herman Miller Warranty Transferable? (Explained)

Herman Miller chairs are one of the greatest of all ergonomic office chairs. But many people skip buying them, and the only reason is that they can be pretty expensive. There are many people who buy second-hand or used Herman Miller Chairs. Nonetheless, the important question that arises in such a situation is whether the warranty is transferable.

Herman Miller Warranty is not transferable as their warranty voids once the product is resold. Only the original buyer will get the warranty. However, you do not need to prove to Herman Miller that you are the original buyer of the product while using the repairing services.

In this article, you will get to know the ins and outs of Herman Miller Warranty conditions. Moreover, I will also share various insights regarding the situations that can void Herman Miller’s warranty.

So, without any further ado, let us directly jump to the main part. 

Herman Miller Warranty

As Herman Miller claims, A warranty is a promise from Herman Miller to the buyers. The warranty literally covers everything. Starting from electrical components to all moving mechanisms, all fall under the warranty facilities. 

Most of the products under Herman Miller company cover 12 years, 3 shifts (24 hours coverage) warranty including the labor. However, you will find products that have a warranty period ranging from 6 months to 12 years. 

You need to remember that Herman Miller does not warranty other manufacturers’ products. But they can act as a bridge between the original purchaser and the other manufacturer to a certain extent, if possible. 

Herman Miller warranties cover globally, depending on the place where you brought the product. 

The warranty guidelines have two sets of warranty types. The common one is for the United States & Canada, and the other one for international purchases. 

Your product needs to follow the International warranty guideline to get the global repairing service. You can get the services anywhere in the world as they have chair repair locations all around the globe. 

If you find it difficult to locate the repairing shops that belong to Herman Miller, you can call them or contact them via email.

The other way can be to contact companies that specialize in repairing chairs from various high-end companies. 

What Is Transferable Warranty?

Just to make sure we are on the same page, let me explain what a transferable warranty actually means for furniture.

When buying a used chair, you will hardly find the furniture has a valid warranty. The original warranty is valid to the original purchaser, so you can only use the seller’s warranty.

Nonetheless, you will not get the warranty privilege most of the time. Let us be honest, that is the whole point of selling the furniture. 

You will find some companies who offer warranties on used Herman Miller furniture. So, what does a transferable warranty mean? When the buyer of a used product gets to enjoy the benefits from service while it is still under warranty.

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Do Used Herman Miller Products Have A Warranty?

There are many companies that do not offer transfer warranties, and Herman Miller is one of them. Herman Miller’s product warranties are like a promise. They stay true to them. 

But when it comes to transferred products, they do not offer such benefits.

However, there is always a loophole. Let me explain.

You need to acknowledge that Herman Miller does not say anywhere that you need to be the original owner while applying for repair services under the warranty period. 

In addition to that, the warranty on used Herman Miller products depends on the place from where you brought the product.

There are companies that specialize in restoring and reselling used products, so what you can do is talk to them and carefully read the warranty instructions. 

You need to be clear about the fact that the warranty stays active even after being sold to the second owner. It is because some warranty becomes void after the resell. 

Should I Purchase A Used Herman Miller Chair?

To be honest, it is not recommended to purchase a used Herman Miller Chair unless you find a very good deal. That is because Herman Miller officially does not offer a transferable warranty. You need to use the warranty of the sellers. 

I would recommend saving some extra money to purchase the original piece of Herman Miller Chair. This way, you can enjoy the Herman Miller chair with its full warranty period. Then again the filing and shipping process required to get the used chair can be pretty expensive and might not be worth it. 

The scenario can be different when the chair is bought within the warranty period and brought from someone you know closely because this way, you will have the privilege to enjoy the warranty-related services and get detailed and true information regarding the used chair. 

How Can I Claim The Herman Miller Warranty Service?

Herman Miller warranty service includes repairing services for up to 12 years. You just need to contact them within the warranty period. 

Let me mention the overall warranty procedure in a step by step process;

Step 1 – Check the Eligibility

At first, you need to check the Herman Miller Dealer or Retailer list and make sure your if your purchased product still falls under warranty and is eligible for the repair or replacement. Once it is confirmed that your product is eligible for the service, you can move on to the next step. 

Step 2 – Contact Herman Miller and Provide the required Information

Now the next step is to contact them. In this step, you need to provide various information regarding the product. 

Things you need to include:

  1. A clear picture of the manufacturing label or, Complete Product Name, FO Number & Manufacturing Date.
  1. A description of the problem and a photograph that can showcase the issue (need to send at least two images). Sometimes they might request a video

Related Questions

How Long Does A Herman Miller Chair Last?

Herman Miller chairs come with a 12-year warranty period. However, you can use the Herman Miller Chairs for up to 15 years without any problems. 

Being a Chair manufacturing company that highly focuses on manufacturing good quality chairs, you can rely on their products and can make a long investment. 

What Does Not Herman Miller Warranty Cover?

According to the official page of Herman Miller, there are a few things that are not covered by Herman Miller Warranty. The things that do not cover Herman Miller Warranty include

  • Natural discrepancies in wood grain or the presence of character marks or figures.
  • Variations in surface finishes due to aging, extreme exposure to light, or the presence of direct sunlight
  • Marks, wrinkles, or scars happening naturally in leather
  • Damage occurred from regular wear and tear
  • Matching of grains, textures, or colors of natural materials
  • Colorfastness or the matching of colors of textiles or surface finishes, which includes an exact match to samples, cuttings, or swatch cards
  • Pilling of textiles
  • Impairment, marking, or discoloration of veneer surfaces due to contact with rubber or similar compounds.
  • Imprinting from writing instruments like ink or damage from sharp objects.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! Herman Miller warranty is officially not transferable. According to Herman Miller company policy, the warranty is void, once their product is resold.

However, as I have mentioned earlier, if you have a clear picture of the manufacturing label or, Complete Product Name, FO Number & Manufacturing Date, you can still use Herman Miller warranty as in most cases you won’t be asked or need to prove that you are the original owner or not.

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