Is it Safe to Use Coconut oil on Leather Furniture? We Asked The Experts

Leather furniture are very popular, and we love them because of their looks and durability. If leather furniture is taken proper care of, they last for ages. But it is not easy to maintain leather furniture. People who take delicate care of their leather furniture tend to use the same leather furniture for generation after generation.

However, most people don’t know the proper ways to take care of their leather furniture properly. Also, many people do not go through the trouble. So in this article, I will also teach you an easy way to take care of your leather furniture. You might have heard people use coconut oil on leather to moisturize, condition or clean leather.

But a question always pops up in my mind if using coconut oil is really safe for leather furniture. I also had the same question a few years back, so I researched and found lots of information that might be very useful for you. So let’s see everything that I have discovered through my extensive research.

It is safe to use coconut oil on leather furniture. Coconut oil is often used to revive faded leather and also to moisturize dry leather. But if you don’t use it with the proper amount, temperature, and frequency, it might cause problems like the darkening of leather.

Coconut oil is an excellent material to take care of your leather furniture. It can do some amazing things for your leather furniture. But there are some tricks to it. If you do not follow the instructions that I will provide in this article, you might end up making your leather furniture darker in color by using coconut oil. I will try to discuss the positives and the risks of using coconut oil in detail. So let’s dive into this deeper to have a better understanding. Shall we?

Does Coconut Oil Ruin Leather Furniture?

I have interviewed several people who have experience on this topic. Around 78% of them were in favor of using coconut oil on leather furniture. Most people said coconut oil will not ruin leather furniture.

However, we can not ignore the opinion of the remaining 22% of people, who said that it will ruin your leather furniture.

According to the people who argued against the use of coconut oil, if you live in cold countries, you shouldn’t use coconut oil on leather furniture. That’s because coconut oil tends to freeze in cold weather, and it will leave white spots on your leather.

Some of them said it will destroy your leather furniture if you heat the oil to melt and apply hot coconut oil on the leather.

With that being said, as per my research and experience, I can assure you that coconut oil will not ruin your leather furniture if you do not go extreme with it. I meant, don’t apply hot coconut oil on leather. Also, I think it’s better to avoid coconut oil during the winter or if you live in cold countries.

Will Coconut Oil Darken the Color of Leather Furniture?

Overusing coconut oil might darken the color of your leather furniture. But it is a rare case. If you use it once or twice a month in a proper amount then, I think you are going to be fine.

But if you use coconut oil more frequently, then there are instances where I have seen that the color of leather darkens a bit. Although it is not too much to be concerned about.

However, there are some ways that you can avoid this problem. My advice is, don’t use coconut oil on any leather furniture more than once a month.

Use in a minimal amount, and after using, wipe out any extra amount that stays on the surface of the leather. That way, you can avoid the darkening of leather furniture if you use it to clean or condition your furniture.

How to Condition Leather Furniture With Coconut Oil Naturally?

To take proper care of your leather furniture, you have to condition them periodically. There are lots of leather conditioners available in the market. But if you want to do it using a natural substance, coconut oil is a great choice as it’s hypoallergenic and it repels moisture.

To condition your leather furniture, firstly clean the leather with a mixture of vinegar and water using a soft and clean cloth. After that, let it dry for a few minutes.

When it is fully dry, rub coconut oil on another piece of cloth and apply it gently to the leather furniture. After applying the oil, wipe off excess oil.

If the coconut oil is frozen, do not apply heat and use the hot oil on leather. Rather just rub the frozen oil with your hand, and it will melt. Then you can follow the above-mentioned process.

Pros of using Coconut Oil on Leather Furniture:

Coconut oil is suitable for conditioning leather:

According to recent studies, coconut oil turns out to be good for conditioning leather furniture due to its hypoallergenic properties. So if you want to use coconut oil for conditioning your leather furniture, you can do it without worrying much as coconut oil will not destroy the leather.

Some say coconut oil is good for conditioning leather because it is hypoallergenic, and it will not destroy the leather because of its moisture repelling quality.

It Softens Leather:

Coconut oil has the ability to prevent the drying of leather. Cracks appear in the leather materials of furniture as leather tends to get dry over time. So if you use coconut oil, it will soften your leather furniture and prevent the loss of moisture due to its ability to repel moisture.

Coconut oil is used in the Leather Cleaning Process:

You can use coconut oil in the process of cleaning leather furniture. To clean leather furniture, take a soft cloth and wet it with a 50% aqueous solution of vinegar. Then, wipe your furniture to take off the dirt. When it dries, take another soft cloth and pour a little amount of coconut oil and rub it well.

Cons of Using Coconut Oil on Leather Furniture:

Excess Frozen Coconut oil Leaves Spots on Leather:

Since coconut gets frozen easily if the temperature is below 77°F or 25°C. So, if you live in cold countries, then you have to use coconut oil with caution. Remove any residual amount of oil with a clean rag.

If extra oil remains on the surface of leather, and the surrounding temperature is below 77°F or 25°C, then you will experience white patches which can be annoying.

Darkens the color of Leather if Overused:

People who overuse coconut oil on leather experience darkening of the color of the leather. If you leave an excess amount of coconut oil on the surface of the leather, then the excess oil will be absorbed, and it will make the color of the leather darker.

To avoid the darkening of leather, wipe out access oil after application and do not use coconut oil too often.

Related Questions:

Is Olive Oil Good for Leather?

Olive oil is fine for leather as it does not get frozen quickly like coconut, and it also does not darken leather color.

However, I do not recommend the use of olive oil or coconut oil on very expensive or delicate leather materials.

Before applying olive oil, read the instruction manual that comes with the leather furniture or any other lather-based product. 

Does Coconut oil Waterproof Leather?

Coconut oil is not waterproof leather. But it gives a basic level of protection from water as it forms a thin layer of oil that does not allow water to come in contact with the surface of the lather for a while. This basic protection will last for one day max.

Final Thoughts:

Leather furniture is like a treasure for most of us. We want to take proper care of our leather furniture so that they last longer and look shiny and beautiful.

However, it is not easy to take care of leather furniture. I recommend you to read the instruction manual to clean or condition leather carefully.

If you are confused with the instructions of this article with the application of coconut oil on leather, try it on a smaller and hidden area first. This will give you a better understanding for sure. That’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

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