Is a Herman Miller Chair Worth It? (Yes & Here’s Why!)

Have you ever thought of buying a Herman Miller chair and wondered why they are so costly? 

If so, you might have already noticed that a Herman Miller chair costs way more than most of the chairs in the market despite serving almost the same purpose. For this reason, when it comes to buying a Herman Miller chair, people always take a step back and think if it’s going to be worth it or not.

Herman Miller chairs are definitely worth it because of great durability, design, brand value & ergonomics. The design and comfortability of a Herman miller chairs are better than chair from most other brands in the market.

In this article, I will share my experience with Herman Miller chairs and I will also explain why I think Herman Miller Chairs are worth it. Also, I have done a survey to find out if general people think about the worth of Herman Miller chairs.

So, if you’re ready to learn more about why I think a Herman Miller chair is worth it, then let’s begin!

Herman Miller Chairs Are Worth it For The Following Reasons:

There are lots of chairs available on the market right now. All these chairs serve the same purpose of sitting, but there are some factors in Herman Miller Chairs that creates a difference in the sitting experience because of the following:

1. Superb Build Quality:

If you think about the build quality of a Herman Miller chair, then you should know that Herman Miller company has the best group of Engineers who have designed the best build quality of a chair that is possible.

Their designers Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber solved the problem of physical harmony between people and their technology.

They use layers of intelligence that you can see and feel. They always try to bring new innovation to the market through their continuous research on design, looks and build quality. 

2. Enhanced Sitting Experience:

We all want a comfortable chair when we work for long hours or play video games or maybe watch movies or tv shows.

If you are like me who sits on a chair for 8-9 hours a day, then comfortability on a chair is a must. Herman Miller chair makes sure that you will get the best possible comfortable sitting experience.

All of the enhancements to a chair were designed to work together to comprehensively support the human form.

PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle suspension material create ultimate spinal support, which is comfortable and much more practical for you. You will definitely get the best sitting experience that you have ever experienced sitting on a chair.

3. Ergonomic Features:

Herman Miller chair has all the ergonomic features you can think of. From Adjustable height to adjustable seat and lumbar support, you will get every feature that an ergonomic chair should have.

If you think that “I’m a tall/short person, how am I going to sit on this chair comfortably if it doesn’t have an adjustable height option? Well, you thought right, you can adjust the height in their chairs.

You can also shift from forward to reclining postures intuitively. Adjustable lumbar support is also there to support your back, improve your posture. This will help you get rid of back pain and fatigue muscle caused by sitting for long hours.

You will also find an adjustable Armrest to rest your arm in a good position while you are working. All these adjustable ergonomic features will definitely help you to correct your sitting posture as well.

Take a look at the ergonomic features of the most Iconic Herman Miller Chair (The Aeron Chair):

4. Exclusive Design:

Nowadays, design is our top priority. If we want to buy a phone or anything, we always check the design of that product and see how exclusive it is.

There are a lot of exclusively designed chairs right now in the market, and Herman Miller chairs are one of them. Some of their chairs are really attractive such as the Aeron chair and Embody chair.

These two are cross-performance design chairs, which means the chair accommodates a wide range of activities and postures people adopt while working.

These chairs also have different sizes that fit all people and deliver the same comfort to the biggest range of anthropometric body types of any chair.

5. Longer Lifespan:

We all make investments thinking about what we would get in return. A good office chair can be your long-term investment.

The durability of a Herman Miller chair is guaranteed up to 12 years, although you can keep them much longer. Odds are, after that amount of time, you might want to change your chair and would like to purchase a new one. 

6. Brand Value:

Brand value is something that makes the product really unique and interesting to its customers. If we are buying a phone, we always give priority to the iPhone because it has excellent brand value, we believe that it will provide the best experience of technology that can meet our needs.

Herman Miller company has already created its brand value in this market, and they are making some of the finest chairs available on the market that make it both unique and attractive.

7. Versatility

Suppose you come across a chair that you really like, but it’s very tall, or you really don’t like the color of the chair, Herman Miller solves this problem.

They build chairs literally for everyone. You will find their chair in different sizes, colors, designs. You can really find one that can meet your needs and desires.

What Customers Think About Herman Miller Chairs?

I have done a lot of research on what customers think about Herman Miller chairs. We have read and collected many thoughts and reviews from the people who have used Herman Miller Chairs from authentic sites and sources.

Before discussing thoughts on different aspects of Herman Miller chairs, we did a small survey asking people if they think if a Herman miller chair is worth it despite having a high price tag.

Let’s check out the result of the survey below:

According to our survey, 87% of people think that Herman Miller Chairs are worth it. That’s a huge number, right?

Since our survey is not performed on a large population, I agree that there are some limitations. If you do the same survey with a large enough population I bet, the graph will look similar to this one.

So, we can’t disagree with the fact that most people think Herman miller chairs are definitely worth it and the results clearly stare that.

Now, let’s discuss the thoughts of Herman Miller chair users on different aspects of their chairs:

Thoughts of Customers on The Pricing:

The Herman Miller Chairs are not the most affordable ones in the market. So, people always have a lot of expectations from these chairs.

Every customer thinks that the chairs are expensive, but they don’t say that they are overpriced. In most of the reviews, people consider the time Herman Miller chair lasts, and the benefits they are receiving from the chair justify the extra premium they are paying.

Thoughts of Customers on Comfort and Satisfaction:

In most of the reviews that we found, people mentioned that they loved how comfortable it feels, and they reportedly feel better with time.

Some people who shifted to other brand chairs after using Herman Miller chairs are not satisfied at all, and they really miss the Herman Miller chair they used.

Thoughts of Customers on Build Quality:

Every customer agreed that the chair feels very sturdy, and they praised the build quality mostly. Among all the chairs of Herman Miller, customers mostly mentioned and praised the Aeron Chair and Embody Chair.

Thoughts of Customers Who Suffered From Back Pain:

Now comes the people who were suffering from back pain. Those people reported that an Ergonomic chair from Herman Miller was helpful in reducing their back pain.

They even highly recommended others to buy Herman Miller chairs for the best ergonomic features for those who have back pain.

Customers Thought Who Bought Second-Hand Chairs From Third Parties:

These are the customers who gave negative reviews on Herman Miller chairs. One thing we noticed about them is that all of them bought second-hand Herman Miller Chair from some Third Parties. 

So, according to customers’ thoughts and reviews, we suggest you buy a brand new Herman Chair if you are considering buying one.

Final Thoughts:

I gave my answer at the beginning of the article that I think Herman Miller Chairs are worth it. If you have made it this far then, I think you already got my points or reasons behind it. I shared my views, and I also tried to share what customers think.

So that you just do not have to depend on my perspective only. Since customers paid an extra premium for a better experience of sitting, their expectation is definitely high from their Chairs, And I think Herman Miller is successful in meeting the expectations.

That’s why I believe a Herman Miller chair is worth buying and you can consider buying one. I tried to share my experience and views so that it might help you to gain knowledge about Herman Miller chairs.

I will personally recommend that if you are thinking about a Herman Miller chair and money is not that much of an issue, just go for it. Consider it as a long-term investment. Trust me; this is going to be the best investment that you have invested in any furniture.

Thank you for reading! Before you go, take a minute out and check out my article on, Which Herman Miller Chair Should I Buy? A Helpful Guide

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