Is A Good Office Chair Worth It? (Yes, & Here’s Why)

Well, a good Office Chair will definitely be able to fulfill all the necessities and the utmost level of comfort. But what actually defines a Good Office Chair. It is really a difficult question to answer. Moreover, do you really need a Good Office Chair?

Is a good office chair worth it? Buying a good office chair that carries the essential ergonomic features such as proper lumbar support, seat height & recline adjustments, well-adjustable armrests, and adjustable headrest is definitely worth it. 

But if these features are missing and offer a shorter warranty period and poor build quality, it will not be worth it. 

In this article, I will explain all the reasons for which I think buying a good office chair is a great investment in yourself as well as why you should not invest in a cheap office chair. So, keep reading!

A Good Office Chair Is Worth It For The Following 4 Great Reasons:

A Good Office Chair has great ergonomic features & adjustability, build quality, and warranty period. Moreover, the Chair should come in a great size that fits you perfectly.

1. More Ergonomic Features & Adjustability

Ergonomic features and adjustability are something that will offer you a comfortable sitting experience.

Moreover, it carries various health benefits as it enhances your sitting posture and provides the utmost comfort you want.

Some of the ergonomic features a Good Office Chair carries includes adjustable Lumbar Support, Seat Adjustments, Adjustable Armrests, Adjustable Headrest, and Tilt Adjustments & Locks. 

All of these features make sure you sit comfortably in a good posture while maintaining the natural curve so that the chance of experiencing body pain is minimized.

Trust me, when the Office Chair does not feel comfortable and offers minimum ergonomic adjustability, then this Office Chair is not for you.

You need to make the proper adjustments and make the Chair ergonomically well-adjusted for you.

You can achieve the optimal sitting posture by adjusting the seat height and seat depth at a perfect length, make sure armrests are parallel to the desk, and the lumbar support perfectly bends with the natural S-Shape of your spine.

And all these adjustments are only possible when you use an Ergonomic Office Chair. 

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2. Good Dimensions

Office Chairs come in different sizes, and a few manufacturers make specific Office Chairs for a specific height group of people.

However, I will suggest taking an adjustable height chair so that many people can use it comfortably, just by adjusting the Office Chair with the lever underneath your chair

However, the budget often does not allow you to buy a Chair with such adjustability; rather, you need to buy a chair with a fixed height.

So, how to identify the perfect height of the Chair? You just need to identify the suitable proportion of your height with the Chair’s height. 

On average, people with a height between 5.3” to 6.4” need an Office Chair 17.3 to 20.5 inches in height. Moreover, the height should be in a manner that you can work comfortably on your desk. 

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Then the seat depth should be perfectly holding your hips; it is the seat cushion’s job to make it more comfortable. Too many contoured seats can make the sitting arrangement uncomfortable. 

3. Strong Build Quality

An Office Chair goes through a lot, so you need to make sure the build quality of the Chair is up to the mark. A Good Office Chair comes with the great build quality.

Build quality ensures the Office Chair is not only good for providing an extra-strong Chair but also makes sure you are seated in a Comfortable Office Chair. 

For instance, when a Good Office Chair is built with mesh materials, the seat is breathable, and the sir will constantly flow. It will keep you cool, and the sitting will be comfortable.

Here is a list that will help you determine the better build quality of a good office chair:

  • Check the weight limit and warranty of the chair. (More weight limit and warranty means better build quality)
  • Make sure the chair has an aluminum base and a premium gas list.
  • Check if the armrests are solid, some office chairs have wobbly armrests.

4. Longer Warranty And Great Return Policy

A Good Office Chair will give you a lengthier warranty period, and make sure you are using an Office Chair that will last longer. 

The longer warranty period indicates how confident the manufacturer is with the Office Chair. It is because they know, if the Office Chair lacks in quality or any kind of damage occurs any time soon, they will have to take a great hassle. 

In turn, they try to give you the best Office Chair so that you can enjoy the Chair up to the utmost level and they can also get rid of the tension names ‘after-sale service’.

Is It Worth Spending Money On An Office Chair?

To be honest, you cannot be a thrifty person when it comes to buying a good-quality office chair. Let me tell you, investing in a Good Office Chair might seem a bit costly at present, but when you think of the long run, it will be a good investment

In this way, you will not only be taking care of your health and posture, but you will also be cutting the doctor’s fees and medicine costs.

That is, spending your valuable money on an Office Chair will be worth it. You will hardly regret it.  

Are Cheap Office Chairs Bad?

There is a common belief that goods of good quality will definitely be costly. It is always not the case, a Cheap Office Chair can have many ergonomic features and great built quality.

However, most cheap office chairs under $100 usually have poor build quality with no ergonomic features.

Cheap office chairs are bad for the following reasons:

  • No or Less Ergonomic Features
  • No warranty
  • Weak Build Quality
  • Lower weight Limit
  • Wears out very quickly

So, if you are willing to have a good sitting experience, try to avoid cheap office chairs with no brand recognition.

Although there are some Cheap Office Chairs that lack lots of ergonomic features, then again, even after offering various features, you will notice the build quality is not up to the mark.

I suggest you do proper research and take your time before purchasing the Office Chair. 

Most budget ergonomic office chairs with decent features and build quality will cost you at least 150 bucks. You can check out our recommended office chairs with good pricing by clicking here.

Does An Office Chair Make A Difference?

The difference between a Usual Chair and an Office Chair is that a Usual Chair can have a hard surface to sit in, and the backrest and the padding will not be comfortable.

In contrast, the Office Chair has broader seats, a comfortable backrest, and an armrest.

Most of the Office Chair carries ergonomic adjustment and give you the scope to make the necessary changes so that you can sit in the optimal posture.

But the usual chairs do not give you such privilege. Then again, the rolling office chairs make the movements much easier. 

Thus, you can see that Office Chairs make a huge difference and ensure the proper posture by providing scopes to adjust the Chair according to your preferences. 

Related Questions:

What’s A Good Price For A Chair?

A good quality Office Chair can cost you roughly $300 – $700. However, depending on the quality and brand, the price can vary and can go up to $1500.

Check out the price of the top five Good Office Chair 2022;

Chair ModelsPrice
1. SIHOO M18 Ergonomic Office Chair$239.00
2. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair$259.98
3. NOUHAUS Ergo3D$329.99
4. Steelcase Series 1$492.00
5. Steelcase Leap V2$819.98

Although I have arranged the chairs from the lowest to the highest price, you can check them out and find the appropriate one for you. They all come with great adjustability and ergonomic features.

What Is The Best Chair For Sitting At A Computer All Day? 

Sitting in front of a computer all day long is not an easy task. If the Chair is uncomfortable, it can initiate body pain and hamper productivity. 

When you need to spend a lot of your time sitting at a computer, I recommend you use NOUHAUS Ergo3D Chair.

Considering the ergonomic features and pricing, Nouhaus Ergo3D is the best chair for sitting at a computer all day.

It is one of the best Ergonomic Chairs in the market which has all the ergonomic features of a thousand-dollar chair but still costs only around 329 bucks.

It has an amazing appearance and carries many adjustable features that make the Chair comfortable for an extended period of time.

To know more, check out our honest and unbiased review of Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair

Are Office Chairs Bad For Your Back?

Office Chairs with minimum ergonomic adjustments can be bad for your back. The Office Chair that lacks ergonomic features will definitely hurt your back if you sit at your desk for prolonged hours.

But ergonomic Office Chair will perfectly hold your natural posture and maintain the natural S-curve of your spine, which will not initiate back strain. 

Find out the best Office Chair for your back and neck pain just by clicking here. Here, you will also know about the things you need to look for in an Office Chair for back & neck pain.

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