Ikea vs Herman Miller Office Chairs: Are Ikea Office Chairs Any Good?

I love both IKEA and Herman Miller office chairs. If you are wondering what the differences are between $200 and $1000 plus Herman Miller office chairs, then This article is for you. I will also discuss if Herman Miller Chairs are worth the extra money or You are good to go by spending only 200 bucks and get an IKEA chair instead.

The main differences between IKEA and Herman Miller office chairs are in their ergonomics, level of comfort, and pricing. IKEA office chairs are 5-7 times cheaper than Herman Miller chairs, and IKEA chairs have less adjustable ergonomic features. But both IKEA and Herman Miller chairs are extremely durable.

In this article, I will discuss every factor that makes IKEA and Herman Miller office chairs different. But before that, you might be wondering if IKEA chairs are any good or not in comparison to Herman Miller chairs as the price difference is huge. So, let’s start with that.

Are IKEA Office Chairs Any Good?

Comparing $200-300 dollar chairs with $1000-$1500. So, let me assure you that IKEA chairs are that good before we compare them with Herman Miller office chairs.

IKEA chairs are too good for their price. Most office chairs at the price range of IKEA chairs are not half as durable as IKEA chairs. IKEA chairs are really well built, and most IKEA chairs have almost ten years of warranty, which is insane.

Let’s compare IKEA chair warranties with its competitors, who sell office chairs at the same price range.

Office Chair ModelWarrantyPrice
IKEA Markus10 Years$229
Ergo Chair 22 Years$349
IKEA Järvfjället:10 Years$249
Herman Miller Aeron12 Years$1400

Actually, there is evidence that the warranty period is correlated to durability. Extended warranty has always referred to better durability and build quality. So, IKEA chairs are exceptionally well built and can be compared with the top-tier office chairs in the market.

I am not saying that a $200 dollar office chair is better than a $1400 chair. Evidently not. But as the price of Herman Miller chairs is approximately 5-7 times higher. Are these chairs 5-7 times better than IKEA chairs?

I guess you will have to read the rest of the article for an answer. So, keep reading!

IKEA vs Herman Miller Office Chairs [5 Pros and Cons]

Let’s clear some things first. IKEA and Herman Miller brands have different target customers. They are not for the same market for sure.

IKEA chairs are for people who want the best chair within a budget of 200-300 bucks, whereas Herman Miller serves the customers who won’t compromise on anything, whether its comfort, design, or durability. So, comparing them is not easy, and we both know the answers beforehand.

But still, I want to see how good 200 dollar IKEA chairs hold up in front of 1000 dollar plus office chairs. So, let’s get started!

1. Herman Miller Chairs Have Better Ergonomic Features:

Herman Miller has invested a lot in R & D to build office chairs that are good for your posture and health. Herman Miller provides better back support than IKEA chairs due to superior designs.

Also, the armrests of Herman Miller office chairs are ten times better than IKEA chairs anytime. The armrests of most IKEA chairs are not that good.

IKEA Markus has Armrests but they are a bit lower for people whose height is above average. Also, the lumbar support adjustments of Herman Miller office chairs are better in comparison to IKEA chairs.

IKEA office chairs have good and robust headrests. But the headrest is missing in some of the Herman Miller chairs.

The bottom line is, Herman Miller chairs have better ergonomic features than IKEA Chairs. I think that’s expected. If you pay 5 times more you want more features.

But if we take price into account, IKEA chairs have some cool ergonomic features as well.

Check Out The Ergonomic Features of the most popular chairs from both brands:

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Ergonomic Features:

It seems like Herman Miller Aeron has all the adjustable ergonomic features except for a headrest. Other than that, it has all the ergonomic features that are necessary for a comfortable sitting experience.

Now, let’s look at one of the best office chairs and its ergonomic features, shall we?

IKEA Järvfjället Ergonomic Features:

It turns out this IKEA chair does not come with adjustable armrests. Other than that, it has every other essential ergonomic feature.

However, you can buy extra arms for this chair for 30 bucks, but they are not worth it as the arms are not adjustable.

2. Both IKEA and Herman Miller Chairs are Extremely Durable:

Both IKEA and Herman Miller office chairs are extremely durable. Herman Miller office chairs last for generations. IKEA chairs are not different.

Both the brands are extremely confident in the longevity of their chairs. That’s why Herman Miller office chairs come with 12 years of warranty, and most IKEA office chairs come with ten years of warranty.

But there is one thing that is cool about Herman Miller office chairs which is the value of these chairs in the second-hand market.

I have seen people selling their old Herman Miller chairs for a very high price. But the price of IKEA chairs drastically decreases after you buy them.

This makes it easier for you to buy a Herman Miller chair, use it for several years, and get rid of it so easily because of having high demand in the used chair market.

3. You Don’t Need to Break a Bank for Buying IKEA Chairs:

IKEA office chairs are way cheaper in comparison to Herman Miller office chairs.

Let’s look at some of the most popular models of both brands and their Pricing:

Herman Miller Aeron$1400
Herman Miller Aeron$1595
IKEA Markus$229

You see, most IKEA chairs are below $300. This makes IKEA chairs very appealing. Not everyone has a budget of 1000 dollars or more to invest in a chair.

At the price range of IKEA chairs, they provide a better deal than other brands. No one will provide you 10 years of warranty on a 200 dollar chair as IKEA does.

But if you buy any Herman Miller chair you have to invest a lot, and they cost a fortune. I don’t mean that Herman Miller chairs are not worth your money.

All I want to say is IKEA chairs provide the best bang for your bucks. So, let’s elaborate on that.

4. IKEA Chairs are Better Value for Your Money:

You might say Herman Miller chairs will do a lot for you back. It will keep your posture better. Rest your muscles more efficiently.

Whatever you say, if you don’t follow some major instructions from ergonomists, better or more ergonomic features won’t matter.

For example, if you spend a lot of time sitting, make sure you change your sitting position every 20 minutes.

Also, sit all the way back and take full advantage of the backrest of your chair to support your body better.

If you follow these instructions, IKEA chairs will serve you as much as a thousand-dollar Herman Miller chair.

That being said, IKEA chairs cost less and provide better value for your money.

5. Herman Miller Chairs Look Better:

Design is a very much personal choice. Which designs do you prefer completely depends on your choice?

IKEA chairs have very simple and minimal designs. In contrast, Herman Miller chairs look more modern and badass. 

If you have looked at the Embody gaming chairs they look beautiful like the regular embody office chair.

Herman Miller chairs look more vibrant and modern to me. IKEA lacks some of the modern features; the design is also not up to Herman Miller chairs.

But again, if you consider pricing, I think IKEA chairs aren’t bad in terms of design. I know some friends who love the high back design of IKEA Markus and Järvfjället.

These chairs have unique designs, and people from miles recognize the IKEA chairs looking at the design and shape. I guess there is nothing much to talk about the design.

It’s a completely personal choice. I just love the designs of Herman Miller chairs more than IKEA chairs. 

6. Herman Miller Chairs Are More Comfortable:

herman miller chairs have better padding than IKEA chairs. After sitting at some Herman Miller chairs, you might feel IKEA chairs are just a little bit stiff. But it’s not a significant issue.

Herman Miller chairs have more adjustable features that improve the sitting experience more than IKEA chairs do.

For example, the Armrests of IKEA chairs are not worth having arms at all. They don’t support the arms that well and seem a bit lower to me.

It would be better if I was able to adjust my chairs arms. But in IKEA chairs, it’s not possible, and you should know that.

On the other hand, Herman Miller chairs have completely adjustable arms. You can adjust the arms height and angles as per your need.

Like this, all the other adjustable features of the Herman Miller chair let you fit everything to fit your optimal level of comfort, and thus they are usually more comfortable than IKEA chairs.

So, Herman Miller Chairs are Better!

Of course, Herman Miller office chairs are better, and they should be as they cost five times more.

No matter how much we side with IKEA or justify the inexpensive price point of IKEA chairs, we can’t deny the fact Herman Miller office chairs are better in terms of ergonomic features, comfort, and durability to some extent.

An IKEA chair might last for up to 10 years, and I am not saying that isn’t good. This is awesome, but Herman Miller chairs will last for generations. I have seen proof of that before.

Do I Still Think IKEA Chairs Are Good?

Herman Miller office chairs are better, but that doesn’t mean IKEA chairs are bad.

IKEA chairs are way better than other chairs at the same price range. IKEA makes the best inexpensive and Mid-range office chairs without any doubt.

If your budget is around 200 bucks, you won’t find any better options than IKEA. So, yes, I still think IKEA chairs are good for what they offer in their respective price range.

Final Thoughts:

There you have it! I think IKEA office chairs are perfect for what these chairs offer. IKEA chairs are more durable than office chairs from any other brands in a similar price range.

Actually, comparing IKEA and Herman Miller office chairs would be more fun if Both IKEA and Herman Miller had 1000 plus flagship office chairs.

But IKEA is on the inexpensive side, and Herman Miller is on the expensive side. I know, comparing them isn’t fair, but I did it anyway. I hope you liked it. 

I will end today’s article by saying one thing. Go for IKEA if you are thinking of getting the best value for your money, and you don’t want to break the bank just by buying an office chair.

But if money is not an issue and you prefer the ultimate sitting experience that money can buy, go for Herman Miller flagship office chairs like the Aeron or Embody.

If you are deciding to choose between IKEA Markus and Herman Miller Aeron Chair, You can check our article that talks about the difference between these two chairs.

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