IKEA PELLO Vs. POÄNG: What’s The Difference?

When it comes to armchairs, all we care for is comfort. IKEA PELLO and POÄNG are great armchairs with the perfect cushioning and covering. The actual debate starts when you need to choose one between them.

So, What’s the difference between PELLO and POÄNG? Even though there is hardly any difference between IKEA PELLO and Poäng, the main differences are in the build quality and materials. Also, the POÄNG weighs higher than PELLO, and has more weight capacity. Moreover, the Poäng chair has better lower back support and comes at a higher price.

Confused between IKEA Pello and Poäng? Well, you have got nothing to worry about. This article has everything you need to know about IKEA Pello and Poäng. Moreover, I will be comparing them side by side so that you get a complete picture before buying the perfect one for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!


IKEA PELLO Chair is a comfortable armchair that has the perfect padding that you need while resting in an armchair. The available colors of the chair are pretty elegant and standard. However, you can always order a customized one.  

The frame of the Pello armchair is quite solid and comes with great durability. You just need to make sure the screws and bolts are perfectly installed. 

I would recommend this chair to the short people as they will be able to secure the most comfort out of this armchair. The IKEA Pello Chair ensures good back support and has a resilient frame. 

The comfy cushions and airy, lightweight 100% cotton covering helps you find the perfectly comfortable spot while you sit. The Pello armchair also fulfills the flammability Requirements complying with California TB117-2013.


IKEA Poäng is an armchair that has a stylish curved line in its bentwood which is responsible for supporting the neck and lower back. This surely makes a fashionable décor statement. 

The cushion can have a fabric or leather covering, and you have the scope to choose from a good range of colors. The wood frame is solid and robust but at the same time, make sure you sit comfortably.

The Poäng chair can also be used for babysitting or breastfeeding as the chair is comfortable for a long-time sitting position and is much spacious. 

Difference Between IKEA PELLO And IKEA POÄNG Chair

IKEA Pello armchair has received lots of positive feedback for being such a comfortable chair, and at the same time, they have got some pretty bad reviews. Now let us compare them side by side;

General Overview

Check out the table to get an overview of IKEA PELLO and POÄNG Chairs;

FeaturesIKEA PELLO ArmchairIKEA POÄNG Armchair
Depth33.5 “32.25″
Seat Width21.6″22″
Seat Depth19.6″19.6″
Seat Height14.6″16.5″
Armrest FrameBirch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquerBirch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer
Tubular FrameSteel, Epoxy/polyester powder coatingMolded layer-glued wood veneer with a surface of Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer
Supporting Fabric100% polyethylene100% polypropylene
Fabric100% cotton55% cotton, 12% viscose/rayon, 8% linen, 25% polyester
CushionPolyester wadding, Polyurethane foam.Polyurethane foam 

As you can see, there is a slight difference visible in the size of both the chairs. However, the materials are different, and the quality can also differ due to that reason.

Price And Warranty

When it comes to price, IKEA Poäng will cost you a lot higher compared to the IKEA Pello armchair.  

For instance, an IKEA Pello armchair will cost you around $121.71; however, the price changes regularly. So check the latest price on Amazon by clicking here.

On the other hand, IKEA Poäng will cost more than $251 on Amazon, and you can check the updated price by clicking here.

Although the price of these chairs are different, both of them comes with a 10 years of official warranty from IKEA which is really cool and it suggests that both of these chairs will probably last for decades.

Ergonomic Features

IKEA Pello and Poäng look almost the same and have the same ergonomic features. The cushions of both the armchairs have polyurethane foam which provides you a soft surface to sit in, and the curved backrests of the chairs support your lower back area. 

The neck cushion of the Pello armchair seemed puffier than that of the Poäng chair. However, the neck cushions hold your upper body adequately. 

The armrest is present, so you can place them there if you wish to rest your hands. However, sometimes you might find it difficult to rest your feet. Well, in that case, try to use a footstool. It will ensure your overall comfort, trust me. 

Build Quality & Durability

When it comes to building materials, the supporting frame and armrests of both the armrests are exactly the same. Then again, the cushions have polyurethane foam which makes the chair extremely comfortable.

They stay the same even after long-time use; however, a few users have complained that over time the cushion has lost its thickness. 

The frame is built with good quality wood and has great structure; in turn, they have great durability and can last for a longer period of time.

As a side note, IKEA furniture can be tough to assemble. Check this article, where I have discussed if you can assemble an IKEA furniture alone or not: Can I Assemble IKEA Furniture Alone?

Design & Comfort

As stated earlier, both the chairs have almost identical structures and have cushions that are well padded. When you put an IKEA Pello or Poäng in your room, it will do nothing but enhance your room’s overall appearance.

You can find these chairs in various colors, and the best part is that you can even order customized cushion covers for PELLO armchairs and POÄNG armchairs. So, you can order different colors of cover and use separate colors on different occasions. 

The chairs are comfortable not only for sitting during leisure, but you can also sit with your kid on your lap. Both the chairs are perfect for taking short naps. However, I do not recommend you to take a long nap while sitting in them.

The backrest of the chairs has a curved shape that will hold your back while maintaining your natural S-shape and make sure you are sitting in the perfect position. Then again, the soft, comfy head support will ensure you the utmost comfort. 

 Therefore, both the armchairs not only provide you with a good appearance but will also look after your comfortable sitting arrangements while perfectly holding your posture.

If you are interested in IKEA POANG chair and want to know how you can make your IKEA POANG chair more comfortable, then you will definitely find this article helpful.

Weight Capacity & Size

As you, there is little difference when it comes to the size of IKEA Pello and Poäng chairs. However, you will notice a few variances when it comes to the weight or weight capacity of the chair.

Let me make it clear with a table.

Dimensions33.46″ D x 26.38″ W x 37.8″ H31″ D x 26″ W x 11″ H
Armchair Weight18.3 pounds25.9 pounds
Weight Capacity250 Pounds375 pounds

IKEA POÄNG is much heavier than the other armchairs. However, although there is no mention of the weight capacity of the IKEA Pello chair, I have found from other sources that, the Pello can hold up to 250 pounds of weight only.

On the other hand, the Poäng can hold up to 375 pounds which is much higher than other armchairs in the market.

Is IKEA PELLO Armchair Better Than IKEA POÄNG Armchair?

To be honest, both are excellent options; you can buy either of them and enhance your living room area. Both are suitable for long time sitting position. You can even take a short nap without even worrying about the optimal posture or body pain.

You can easily sit in the armchairs. Using a footstool can increase the comfort level to infinity. The availability of different colored cushion covers gives you the privilege to decorate the room differently on different occasions.

However, if you ask for my personal preferences, I would definitely choose IKEA Poäng because it seemed more comforting with its framing and cushioning. Although the price is almost double the Pello chair, you will not regret buying it. You can check the IKEA Poäng on Amazon by clicking here.

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