IKEA Matchspel Vs. Järvfjället: Which One Is Better?

IKEA offers some of the good ergonomic chairs at a very reasonable price. Matchspel and Jarvfjallet Chairs are some of the new creations of IKEA. But when it comes to choosing between IKEA Matchspel and Järvfjället can be a debatable matter. 

What is the difference between IKEA Matchspel and Järvfjället? The main difference between IKEA Matchspel and Jarvfjallet is price, build quality, armrests, and ergonomic features. Even after being more ergonomic, IKEA Matchspel is the cheaper option. However, the armrests need to be added with extra money, and the headrest is not fully adjustable on IKEA Järvfjället.

To be honest, IKEA Matchspel and Jarvfjallet are completely different chairs and can be suitable as per your need. I have researched and gathered all the information on IKEA Matchspel and Jarvfjallet for you. 

In this article, you will get a detailed comparison between IKEA Matchspel and Jarvfjallet so that you can have a clearer picture before deciding which one to purchase. 

Let’s get started. 


IKEA Chairs have a reasonable price range compared to other brands. Finding good quality chairs at an affordable price is really tough, but IKEA chairs can provide you with one. 

IKEA Matchspel is considered as a gaming chair available at just $189.99, which is much cheaper than any other Gaming Chair in the market.

On average, Gaming Chairs cost $300 to $500, so you can imagine how low the price of IKEA Matchspel is.

IKEA Jarvfjallet can cost you, ranging from $229 to $279. Let me tell you; the original IKEA Järvfjället chair comes without the armrests.

However, it will cost you more when you want to buy an IKEA Järvfjället Chair with the attached armrests. That is, you will have to pay $30 extra for the armrests

Ergonomic Features

IKEA Markus is the most popular IKEA chair in the market; however, other IKEA chairs also receive some good feedback. Let me tell you what I found out about IKEA Matchspel and Järvfjället

The Ergonomic Features Of Matchspel

Source: IKEA

IKEA Matchspel is a new addition to the IKEA family. Moreover, since it is considered a gaming chair, it has lots of ergonomic adjustments and features. 

IKEA Matchspel has an adjustable headrest, which can be adjusted by height. Moreover, you can rotate it up to a certain angle as per your preferences. 

When it comes to the reclining option, the IKEA Matchspel chair can be reclined very comfortably. Moreover, it also has tilt locking options

The Seat of IKEA Matchspel can be adjusted by height and depth. You can adjust the seat position to your comfort position. The seat is not attached to the backrest; as a result, it does not move when you tilt the back. 

The attached armrests are comfortable and can be adjusted. It can be moved upward and downward. The upper pad of the armrest can be moved forward and backward. 

The Ergonomic Features Of Järvfjället

Source: IKEA

IKEA Järvfjället is claimed to be an Ergonomic Office Chair. Although it has some Ergonomic Features, I bet you will have experienced better adjustments than those of IKEA Järvfjället. Let me explain.

IKEA Järvfjället comes with a headrest that can only be adjusted by height. You will not be able to rotate it side-by-side. You will find a pouch-shaped cushion on the back that will help you adjust the lumbar support.

One thing that I loved about the IKEA Järvfjället is that its backrest has a well-defining curve at the lower part. Trust me; it helps to hold your lower body very perfectly. 

However, for better lumbar support to eradicate back or lower back pain, I suggest you get a different ergonomic chair with proper lumbar support. 

Although the IKEA Järvfjället chair has a reclining feature, it is not at all satisfactory. I love when the Chair comes with a maximum recline option so that I can tilt it while taking small breaks.

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The seat depth of the IKEA Jarvfjallet can be adjusted as per your need. You can also lower or raise the seat to your ideal position like any other chair. 

Overall, the padding of the IKEA Jarvfjallet Chair’s seat and the headrest is not as comfortable as I imagined. Then again, the armrests are absent in the base version.

You need to pay an extra $30 if you want to add an armrest to the Chair. Trust me, it might seem like the armrests are not needed, but in reality, it completes the chair and makes it more comfortable to use. 

Nonetheless, the padding of the armrests seemed a bit hardened, and after a long time of use, it might start to feel some pain.

To be honest, the IKEA Matchspel is the clear winner that offers more ergonomic adjustments than IKEA Järvfjället

Build Quality & Durability

Moving on to the build quality, even after being manufactured by the same company, IKEA, the materials used in the manufacturing process are different.

IKEA Matchspel is manufactured using high-quality materials. For starters, the coated fabrics part consists of 100% polyurethane, 75% polyester, and 25% cotton. The seat is padded with Polyurethane foam. 

The back seat of IKEA Matchspel is 100% polyester mesh fabric, and the seat cover is 18% cotton, 30% polyurethane, 52% polyester. The seat frame is Layer-glued wood veneer whereas, the back frame is steel and polyester powder coating. 

On the other hand, IKEA Järvfjället has the same materials just like the IKEA Matchspel for its frames; back and seat frame. However, the seat is padded with high resilient polyurethane foam, also known as cold foam. 

Moving on to the armrest and headrest, the armrest pads are made of synthetic rubber, and the headrest has reinforced polyamide & polyurethane foam. The fabric used in the IKEA Jarvfjallet chair’s seat is 100% polyester. 

Both IKEA Matchspel and Jarvfjallet are a new addition to the IKEA family; as a result, it is hard to comment on their durability. But the company provides a 10-years guarantee period for the IKEA Jarvfjallet and a 3-year guarantee period for the IKEA Matchspel. 

Overall, in this category, IKEA Jarvfjallet is the clear winner because of its cold foam & 100% polyester seat, which comes with a 10-years guarantee. 

Design & Comfort

When it comes to design, IKEA Matchspel comes in two different colors; Bomstad Black and Bomstad White. Overall, the chair has a good appearance. 

The bonstad Black IKEA Matchspel has red strips all over the seat edges. In addition to that, the lumbar support stick and the wheel also have a touch of red color. In the case of Bomstad White one, the red color of the chair is replaced with blue color. But looks extremely classy. 

Alternatively, the IKEA Jarvfjallet is available in three different shades; Gunnared beige, Gunnared dark grey, and Gunnared blue. 

When it comes to choosing the comfortable one, IKEA Matchspel will be the right choice without any confusion. You might feel it because of the missing armrests that IKEA Jarvfjallet is not considered comfortable, but no, this is not the case.

IKEA Jarvfjallet is not suitable for long time sitting position. Even with the armrests, the chair feels a bit uncomfortable due to hard padding.

Alternatively, the IKEA Matchspel has a well-adjustable headrest and armrests, making it more adjustable. 

Summary: The winner for this category is IKEA Matchspel. 

Weight Capacity & Size

Before moving further, let us check out an overview of both IKEA Jarvfjallet and IKEA Matchspel chairs. Check out the table provided below, 

FeaturesIKEA MatchspelIKEA Jarvfjallet
Depth26 “26 3/4 ” 
Width26 “26 3/4 “
Max. height52 “55 1/8 “
Max. seat height 23 1/4 “22 “
Min. seat height18 1/2 “17 3/4 “
Seat depth18 7/8 “18 1/8 “
Seat width21 1/4 “20 1/2 “
Weight Capacity243 lbs.243 lbs.

As you can see, the IKEA Jarvfjallet and IKEA Matchspel chairs have very negligible differences when it comes to size and has the same weight capacity of 243 lbs. 

Both the chairs are winners with the same measurement and weight capacity. So, it is definitely a tie. 

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction and complaints, since both the chairs are new in the market, we hardly received any reviews, especially for the IKEA Matchspel. 

However, the IKEA Jarvfjallet has received some bad reviews for not having armrests on the original chair, and also some claim the chair’s wheel can be broken easily.

In this category, we are skipping the part of choosing the winner due to the lack of adequate data. 

So, Is IKEA Matchspel Better Than Järvfjället?

Undoubtedly, IKEA Matchspel is way more advanced than IKEA Jarvfjallet. IKEA Matchspel not only offers the best ergonomic features but also is cheaper than IKEA Jarvfjallet. 

Although the size and weight capacity are almost the same, the warranty period is lengthier than IKEA Jarvfjallet. But trust me, between these two, IKEA Matchspel is the comfortable one. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a proper ergonomic chair that is both comfortable and carries a lot of adjustments, then you should obviously go for IKEA Matchspel. It will perfectly hold your posture, and you can enjoy the adjustable headrest and armrests.

Moreover, it is the cheaper option between these two. But remember, the guarantee period is only three years. 

Then again, when you want an office chair with a unique appearance that has a good warranty period, you can also go for IKEA Jarvfjallet. But remember it will cost you more, even with the missing armrests.

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