Ikea Markus vs. Steelcase Leap: Which One Is Better for You?

If you don’t know much about office chairs and want to buy the best chairs, you should know that Ikea Markus and Steelcase Leap are two of the best chairs in the market right now. Now you must be thinking about what’s the difference between these chairs & which one to buy?

There is a massive difference in the price and ergonomic features of the Ikea Markus and Steelcase Leap. The cost of Steelcase Leap is three times that of Ikea Markus. As a result, Steelcase Leap has better ergonomics than Ikea Markus. The build quality of Steelcase Leap is also superior, and it provides a better sitting experience than Ikea Markus.

There are a lot of articles about the respective chairs. But there is no comparison between them. So, if you want to know which one to buy, keep reading this article.

Price Range: 

The price of Ikea Markus varies from $199 to $329, depending on the model. For the same quality, leather will set you back more money than fabric.

On the other hand, the price of the Steelcase Leap is very high. If you want to buy Steelcase Leap, it will cost you $900 to $1400.

Both Steelcase Leap and Ikea Markus do not have a headrest. However, You can have an optional headrest in Steelcase Leap. But it will cost you an additional 150 dollars.

So, the bottom line is, Ikea Markus is budget-friendly, and Steelcase Leap is an expensive chair.

Different Versions & Their Prices

Ikea Markus:

 i) Markus, Vissel Dark Grey– $199

ii) Markus, Glose Black, Leather – $329

Steelcase Leap: 

i) Leap, Upholstered Chair – $869.00

ii) Leap, Upholstered Chair With Headrest – $1107

Ergonomic Features:

Ikea Markus is a budget ergonomic chair, while Steelcase Leap is an expensive ergonomic chair. So, Steelcase Leap eventually has better ergonomic features than Ikea Markus.

The Ergonomic  Features Of Steelcase Leap:

The lumbar support of the Steelcase Leap is height-adjustable. It features four different methods to adjust the armrests. The armrests may be adjusted to suit your preferences. The armrests are comfortable to touch and have no hard edges.

The seat height and depth both are adjustable—also, a five-position tilt lock. You can recline in a chair and lock it in your desired position. It also has 360 swivels, and you can choose your caster wheels.

Steelcase Leap also has an adjustable backrest. It can also mimic spine movement with the help of its LiveBack technology. 

The only drawback is Steelcase Leap doesn’t have a headrest. However, an Adjustable headrest can be bought for an additional 150 dollars. But it’s too costly.

The Ergonomic  Features Of Ikea Markus:

IKEA offers many types of back support, including lumbar support, headrests, and armrests. However, there isn’t any way to change them. Ikea’s Markus chair’s seat depth is fixed.

If you’re under 5’7″, you won’t be able to use the ergonomic features.

The IKEA Markus’s seat height may be adjusted, though. The chair reclines and locks in any position. Markus also has a 360-degree swivel and sturdy caster wheels for easy mobility.

However, an adjustable headrest and flexible lumbar support would make the Markus perfect for me. Not even the armrests can be moved.

So, In terms of ergonomic features, the Steelcase Leap is superior. If you want better ergonomic features, you should choose Steelcase Leap for sure.

Build Quality & Durability:

Ikea Markus and Steelcase Leap are of both excellent build quality in their respective price range. As the price range of Steelcase Leap is higher, its build quality is also superior to Ikea Markus. 

Steelcase Leap is made with a lot of plastics which makes its weight very light. Despite its lightweight, this chair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. On the other hand, Ikea Markus is a heavyweight chair.

Ikea Markus chairs have ten years of warranty, and Steelcase Leap has 12 years product warranty. So, Both of the chairs are durable.

Design & Comfort:

The Chairs look pretty different from their design point of view. You will see that the armrests of Ikea Markus are not adjustable, but Steelcase Leap armrests are adjustable. And it’s flexible in 4 ways. 

The lumbar support of Ikea Markus is not adjustable. So people with different heights will not be able to adjust to it. But the lumbar support of Steelcase Leap is adjustable.

The seat height can only be adjusted in Markus chair, while in Steelcase Leap, the chair height as depth can be changed. The cushion of Steelcase is more comfortable than Ikea Markus.

Steelcase Leap has an adjustable backrest. So, if you sit for long hours, Steelcase Leap is way better than Markus chair. 

So, Steelcase Leap has a superior design as well as good for extended sitting hours.

Weight Capacity & Size

Steelcase Leap weight capacity is 400 pounds. At the same time, Ikea Markus can hold up to 252.5 pounds. If you are in this weight range, then these chairs are suitable for you.

So, if you are a big guy like me, then the Steelcase Leap is obviously the better choice for you.

Let’s see what these chairs are like in terms of size and weight, and weight limit now:

ModelDimensions (L*W*H)Item WeightWeight Limit
Ikea Markus23.62 * 24.37 * 50.75 inches49.7 pounds252.5 pounds
Steelcase Leap 24.75 * 27* 41.5 inches66 pounds400 pounds

Customer Satisfaction:

These two seats have received positive feedback from customers, according to what I’ve learned. Customers love Markus and Steelcase Leap because of how long they last.

Some Markus customers, however, are dissatisfied with the armrests. They’re a little undervalued. And some customers have complained about the Steelcase Leap having no headrest. They also have a problem with the price of Steelcase Leap.

But overall, they all agree that the comfort quality of Steelcase Leap is much higher than Ikea Markus. Thus the customer satisfaction level of Steelcase Leap is better.

So, Is Steelcase Leap Better Than Ikea Markus? 

The Steelcase Leap is a far superior product to the Markus. The Steelcase Leap provides exceptional back support and customizable ergonomic features. As a result, the Steelcase Leap outperforms the Markus in terms of overall quality.

Make Your Choice:

The Steelcase Leap is the superior chair if you’re searching for greater comfort, sturdiness, and ergonomics.

The Markus has a lower purchase price. So, if you’re looking to save a few dollars while still getting a comfortable sitting experience, Markus is a viable option.

New Ikea Markus Or Used Steelcase Leap!

As the price of Steelcase Leap is very high most of you have typical questions about whether to buy New Markus or used Steelcase Leap. Steelcase Leap chairs are very durable. And better for long sitting hours. So used Steelcase Leap is still better than the new Ikea Marcus if you can find a good deal on that. 

Related Questions:

Is Ikea Markus Leather Made?

Ikea Marcus has different models, and the leather-made version is obviously the better one. Along with leather, Ikea Marcus also has a fabric model. The leather model cost more than the fabric one.

Is Ikea Markus Actually Good?

IKEA Markus is definitely a very good chair if you consider the price and the superior durability of this chair.

Ikea Markus is also a very comfortable chair for sitting. You will get various ergonomic features and also will get ten years of warranty from the manufacturer with this chair.

Final Thoughts:

If you have no budget restrictions, I would suggest you buy Steelcase Leap. It may have a high purchase price but also has 12 years of product warranty

So approximately 87 dollars per year for a better sitting experience is definitely worth it. But if you are low on budget, then Ikea Markus is the chair you should buy. You will surely not be disappointed. 

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