Ikea Markus vs. Järvfjället: Which One Is Better?

If you are in the market for buying an IKEA office chair, you will soon discover that Markus and Järvfjället are the most popular office chairs from Ikea right now. You might find it challenging to weigh the benefits one provides over the other if you haven’t done enough research on their ergonomics and features.

The main difference between the IKEA Markus and Järvfjället is in the ergonomic features and pricing. The base model of IKEA Markus is cheaper than the Järvfjället. Also, the Järvfjället has better ergonomics, which is why it provides a better sitting experience than the Markus office chair.

There are a whole lot of differences between these two office chairs. You can dig the internet for summaries, opinions, and reviews all by yourself, or you could let us help you by doing this for you. If you want to learn about all the differences between these two chairs, keep reading!

Price Range:

Ikea Markus will cost you from $199- $329 depending on the version you choose. The leather version costs more than the fabric one.

Now, let’s discuss the pricing of the Järvfjället. This chair will cost you around $229 – $249, depending on the version you choose.

However, the Markus comes with armrests, and the Järvfjället doesn’t. If you want armrests you will have to spend extra 30 bucks. Although, both the chairs cost the same. But if you want a Järvfjället with armrests it will cost you $259 – $279. 

So, I think both Markus and Järvfjället are great budget options, especially if you don’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a high-end office chair.

Different Versions & Their Prices:

IKEA Markus:

IKEA Järvfjället:

The Armrests of the Järvfjället are not included. You can buy extra armrests for 30 bucks only from here.

Ergonomic Features:

Both Markus and Järvfjället are budget ergonomic office chairs. However, the Järvfjället has a better ergonomic design and more features than the Markus.

The Ergonomic Features of Markus:

Ikea has lumbar support, headrest, and armrests. But none of them are adjustable. You can not even adjust the seat depth of the Ikea Markus.

If your height is below 5 feet 7 inches, I don’t think you should get any benefit from its ergonomic features.

However, The seat height of the IKEA Markus is adjustable. You can recline the chair and lock it at any angle. It also has a 360 swivel and great caster wheels.

But I would be happy with the Markus if it had an adjustable headrest, the adjustable lumbar support. Even the armrests are not adjustable.

The Ergonomic Features of Järvfjället:

In comparison to Markus, the Järvfjället has a lot of improvements. Let’s start with the important ones!

The Lumbar support of the Järvfjället is adjustable. I have seen better lumbar support, but it is way better than the fixed lumbar support of the Markus.

The headrest of the Järvfjället is also adjustable. Although it is not as comfortable;e as it should be, it does its job better than the fixed headrest of the Markus.

However, Järvfjället doesn’t come with armrests. I don’t love office chairs without armrests. At Least Markus has fixed armrests.

The good news is, you can buy armrests with the Järvfjället, and it will cost you extra 30 bucks.

So, in terms of ergonomic features, I would say, Järvfjället is Better.

You can also check out this video for a better understanding of the ergonomics of both chairs:

But, I must say, IKEA Markus have better ergonomics than other office chairs from IKEA like the Flintan. I have also written an article about Ikea Markus vs. Flintan: Which One Is Better?, that you should check out if you’re considering buying the right IKEA office chair for yourself.

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Build Quality & Durability:

Both the Markus and Järvfjället have fantastic build quality, and there is no doubt about that. However, if I compare both office chairs, it feels like the Markus office chair is heavier and has a slightly stronger build than the Järvfjället.

Both office chairs have 10 years of warranty from IKEA, which shows their confidence in their product.

If you buy either of these two chairs, be confident that they will last for ages. That’s the benefit everyone gets from Ikea furniture. These chairs are super durable and pretty well built.

Design & Comfort:

Both these chairs look almost identical if you look from a distance. But the main difference you will notice at first is that Markus has armrests, and the Järvfjället doesn’t.

When you sit for the first time, IKEA Markus will feel more comfortable than the Järvfjället just because of the Softer seat cushion.

However, when you sit for long hours, the Järvfjället is definitely better because of its ergonomic adjustable features.

The main problem with the design of Markus is the arms are very low. They won’t provide you with enough support, and their height is not adjustable.

On the other hand, the Järvfjället don’t have arms. Even if you order them separately, they are not as good as adjustable armrests of any other ergonomic office chair.

The bottom line is, Markus, feels more comfortable at first, but for long sitting sessions, Järvfjället is definitely better.

Weight Capacity & Size:

Both Järvfjället and Markus have 110 kg or 252.5 pounds of the weight limit. If you weigh more than that, then these office chairs are not for you.

Now let’s check out the dimensions and weight of these chairs:

ModelDimensions (LxWxH)Item Weight
Markus23.62 x 24.37 x 50.75 inches49.7 pounds
Järvfjället26.75 x 26.75 x 55.13 inches‎41 pounds

Among these two chairs, the Järvfjället is definitely bigger in size, and it is almost 5 inches taller. But the Markus seems heavier than the Järvfjället. If you are in a bigger chair, then you can choose the Järvfjället and vice versa.

Customer Satisfaction:

I have read the customer reviews of these two chairs. Customers are delighted with the durability of Markus and Järvfjället.

However, some customers complain about the armrests of the Markus. They are actually lower than they should be.

On the other hand, Järvfjället doesn’t have any armrests at all. The bottom line is Järvfjället provides a better sitting experience, and it has better adjustable ergonomic features.

Thus the customer satisfaction level of the Järvfjället is comparatively higher than the Markus.

So, Is Järvfjället Better Than Markus?

Järvfjället is definitely better than the Markus. The Järvfjället has more adjustable ergonomic features and better back support. So, overall the Järvfjället is a better chair than the Markus.

Make Your Choice:

If you are looking for better comfort, durability, and ergonomic features then the Järvfjället is the best choice among these two chairs.

Again, the starting price of the Markus is lower. So, if you want to save some bucks, also get an overall good sitting experience, Markus is also not that bad experience.

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Related Questions:

Is The IKEA Järvfjället Good? Yes, the Järvfjället is an excellent office chair. The pricing is very competitive, and the chair is exceptionally durable.

Does Ikea Sell Gaming Chairs? IKEA does not sell gaming chairs. However, they have some excellent office chairs, which can be great for gaming as well.

Is Ikea Markus Good for Posture? IKEA Markus is not the best office chair for posture. It provides great back support but lacks adjustable lumbar support, making it a bad chair for posture.

Final Thoughts:

In my perspective, The IKEA Järvfjället is an overall better office chair in comparison to the IKEA Markus.

The sitting experience on the Järvfjället is way higher for having better ergonomic features. Even though the arms are missing, you can get them from the IKEA website by clicking here if you really want arms.

It’s not an affiliate link. I am just sharing this to help you find arms for this chair if you want them badly on the järvfjället office chair.

However, if you want to know how the IKEA Markus actually competes with office chairs of other brands, you must check the articles below:

That’s all for today. I hope this article was helpful. Thanks for reading!

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