Ikea Markus vs. Flintan: Which One Is Better?

To save money on an IKEA office chair, go no further than Markus and Flintan, which are currently the most affordable options available. If you haven’t done enough study on the ergonomics and features of each, it may be difficult to compare the advantages of each.

The Ikea Markus and Flintan are almost similar, but there is a slight difference in the ergonomic features and pricing of the two chairs. The ergonomic features of the Markus chair are better than the Flintan chair. In comparison, the base model price of the Flintan chair is lower than the Markus chair.

There is a slight difference between the two chairs. But that difference makes a huge impact. So, if you want to know which chair is better for you, keep reading the article.

Price Range:

The Ikea Flintan will cost you $79.99. There is only one version available. It comes in two colors, black and beige

On the other hand, the price of Ikea Markus varies from $199 to $329, depending on the model. When compared to the fabric variant, leather is more expensive.

There are no armrests on the basic model of Flintan. So, if you want armrests, you have to spend an extra $20. With the addition of armrests, the price of Flintan doesn’t increase much.

Considering the prices, both the Ikea Markus and Flintan are good office chairs to buy.

Different Versions & Their Prices

Ikea Markus:

 i) Markus, Vissel Dark Grey- $199

ii) Markus, Glose Black, Leather – $329

Ikea Fintan: 

i) Flintan, Beige – $79.99 (+$20 for Armrests)

ii) Flintan, Black – $79.99 (+$20 for Armrests)

The Flintan armrests are not included. Extra armrests can be purchased for $30 from the official ikea website.

Ergonomic Features:

Both The Ikea Markus and Flintan are budget-friendly chairs. These chairs have some basic ergonomic features. But the ergonomic features of Ikea Markus are better than Ikea Flintan.

The Ergonomic  Features Of Ikea Markus:

The seat height of Ikea Markus is adjustable. You can adjust it to your preferred level. Markus has soft lumbar support, and it also provides headrest and armrests. But these things are not adjustable. The armrests are quite hard.

If you are above 5 feet 8 inches, then the Ikea headrest won’t bother you. It would be better for you. If you are not that tall, then there is a possibility of neck pain. You can tilt and recline in a certain position and lock it. The chair also provides caster wheels and 360-swivel.

The Ergonomic  Features Of Ikea Flintan:

In comparison with the Ikea Markus the ergonomic features of Ikea Flintan are slightly worse.

Ikea Flintan does not have any headrest. It has soft lumbar support but it’s not adjustable.

Flintan is good for people with having a height of less than 5 feet 6 inches. You will not have neck pain. You can recline and lock it in any position. It also has 360-degree swivel and caster wheels.

Flintan does not have an armrest. However, you can buy additional armrests. But still, it will not be adjustable. It has a mesh back, so there will be plenty of air on the backside.

So from the above features, you can see that the ergonomic features of Ikea Markus are better than Ikea Flintan.

Build Quality & Durability

Both Ikea Markus and Flintan are well built. The Markus looks like a lounge chair. It looks comparatively bigger than Flintan. And Markus has heavier parts than Flintan. While the Flintan has a classy look. Its cushion is very soft and very comfortable for sitting.

IKEA backs both office chairs with a 10-year warranty, demonstrating their faith in their own product. So, both of the chairs are very durable.

Design & Comfort:

The chairs are quite different in their design. Markus has both headrest and armrests. While In Flintan both the armrests and headrest are missing.

The design of Markus is lounge-like. While the design of Flintan is stool-like. Additional armrests can be bought for 20 dollars in Flintan.

Both the chairs are quite comfortable. Tall people will feel more comfortable in Markus, while short people will be comfortable sitting in Flintan.

Both have soft seats, and a mesh back brings good airflow. For long sitting sessions, both are equally good.

Weight Capacity & Size

Flintan and Markus are both under the 110 kg (252.5 lb) weight restriction. These seats aren’t suitable for anyone who weighs more than that. 

The dimensions and weights of these chairs are shown below:

ModelDimensions (L*W*H)Item Weight
Ikea Markus23.62 * 24.37 * 50.75 inches49.7 pounds
Ikea Flintan27.17*29.13*44.8832.41 pounds

Customer Satisfaction:

Both the chairs are very good. Customers are quite satisfied with getting so many good features with a low budget. 

However, there is also some dissatisfaction. The headrest of Markus is not adjustable. So some people can’t lean properly and get neck pain. The armrests are quite hard and are not adjustable.

And In Flintan there are no armrests and headrests. You have to pay additional money to get these. For these reasons, some customers are not satisfied. 

Overall both the chairs have good ratings from customers.

Make Your Choice:

Both Ikea Markus and Flintan are budget-friendly. If you want to purchase a chair at a low price and your height is less, then you should buy Ikea Flintan.

Otherwise, If you want better ergonomics and you are tall, then you should always buy Ikea Markus.

Related Questions:

Is Ikea Flintan Good? 

Ikea flintan is the cheapest chair you can get with good ergonomics features. You can sit for a long time without back pain as it has lumbar support. And it has many more ergonomic features. So, it is definitely worth it.

Is Ikea Markus Leather?

There are numerous variations of the Ikea Marcus model. Besides leather, Ikea Marcus also comes in a fabric version. While both models were available, the leather one was the more expensive of the two.

Final Thoughts

Ikea Markus and Flintan are both popular office chairs. Both have almost similar types of ergonomic features. But the price of Markus is two times that of Flintan.

So, to save money, you can buy Flintan. But you should buy the chair depending on your weight and height. Hope this article helped you to choose your desired chair.

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