IKEA Markus Office Chair Review: Is It Still A Good Buy?

As far as I know, the IKEA Markus has been a trendy office chair since 2007. Even after all these years, the IKEA Markus is still very popular in the market. But the question still remains, Is it still worth buying today?

IKEA Markus office chair is still one of the best budget office chairs out there in the market. It has unmatched durability. No other office chair at its price range is as durable as the Markus office chair. It has ten years of warranty, which is really cool. It’s definitely still worth buying.

In this article, I will provide you with a complete and unbiased review of the IKEA Markus office chair. I will explain why the Markus office chair is still popular even though it was first released almost 14 years ago. So, keep reading!

What’s The Price?

Currently, it costs $199.99 in the USA. You can check it on the IKEA official website here.

However, if you are from the UK, the IKEA Markus will cost you around £150. You can check it on their website here.

Note: These are not Affiliate Links. I am just linking to the IKEA website in case you want to check out the Markus office chair on their website.

Check out this video to get a better idea of its features:

Quick Overview:

Maximum Weight Capacity:

The IKEA Markus has a weight capacity of 252.5 pounds or 110 kg. Over 250 pounds of weight limit is usually okay for most people out there. But if your weight is over 252.5 pounds, avoid this chair.

Adjustable Seat Height:

The IKEA Markus office chairs have adjustable seat height, making it suitable for most people out there.

Let’s check out the minimum and the maximum seat height of the IKEA Markus office chair:

  • Minimum Seat Height: 18.11 Inches or 46 cm
  • Maximum Seat Height: 22.44 Inches or 57 cm

As the Minimum Seat Height of the IKEA Markus is 18.11 Inches & the Maximum Seat Height is 22.44 inches; This chair is suitable for people of height 5’7″ to 6’11” [As Per BIFMA]

So, if you are below 5 ft 7 inches, I don’t recommend you to get this chair as the seat height isn’t right for your height. If you want to calculate the perfect seat height for your height, check out this article.

We have made a free seat height calculator, and you can find it in the above-mentioned link.

Materials Used:

I must admit that the materials used to make IKEA Markus is of high quality. There are actually two different versions of this chair. The cheaper version is made of fabric material, and the expensive model is made of leather.

 The fabric model attracts dirt more easily than the leather material one. The leather material feels more premium than the fabric, but I think It’s better to get the fabric one as it’s cheaper.

Available Colors:

I have seen two different colors of the IKEA Markus office chair. They are:

  • Vissle Dark Gray
  • Glose black

I think the gray version looks better. Again, the color preference is completely personal. You might like the black one even more. The main point is that both of these colors look cool. So, get the one you like the most.

Warranty Period:

Every IKEA Markus office chair comes with an extended warranty period of 10 years. I think this is more than awesome. I can’t really imagine getting ten years of warranty from an office chair that costs only 199 bucks. This is insane, right?

If you are still not as excited as I am, look at the table below:

ModelPrice (USD)Warranty
SIHOO Office Chair$2301 year
Sidiz T50$3593 years
IKEA Markus$19910 Years
Nouhaus Ergo 3d$329.995 years
Sidiz T80$6995 years
Herman Miller Aeron$140012 Years

The above table shows the warranty, price of several office chairs. If you look at the warranty period of these office chairs, you will definitely understand that the Markus office chair is special and has better build quality than most other office chairs around its price range.

The extreme durability of the Markus chair has made it popular and durable for ages. If you buy a brand new IKEA Markus chair today, you will be able to use it for a decade if you take care of it properly.

I am not bluffing. If you look at the internet, you will find hundreds of people who have used IKEA Markus chairs for ages.

Other Features to Consider:

360 Degree Swivel and Casters:

This chair has a decent 360-degree swivel feature with good-quality caster wheels. The 360-degree swivel feature will help you to rotate around your desk and pick up nearby things easily. The rotation is very smooth.

Also, the casters of this chair seem very premium built, and they are very silent when rotated.

Adjustable Backrest: 

The backrest of this chair is adjustable. You can recline the backrest and relax whenever you want.

However, the lumbar support of this chair is not adjustable. This can be a major drawback for some people who prefer a more ergonomic design.

Some Drawbacks of The IKEA Markus:

Let’s talk about the drawbacks of this chair in detail.

Low-Quality Armrests:

I personally think the armrests of this chair are not that good. Firstly, they are not adjustable at all, and moreover, the height of the armrests seems low.

So, if you are a very tall person, the armrests of this chair will be useless to you. This can be a major drawback for Markus.

Fixed Lumbar Support:

As I have noted earlier, the lumbar support of this chair is fixed. People who have average height will find this okay.

I think even if the lumbar support is fixed, it’s placed really well. So, for the majority of people, it shouldn’t be an issue.

But if you are a very tall or short person, it might not be okay for you.

Fixed Headrest:

Having a headrest that is not height adjustable is unacceptable for many people. You need to relax your neck and head using the headrest from time to time.

If the headrest is not adjustable, it does not provide enough support for most people. I am personally disappointed with the headrest of the IKEA Markus. But if you don’t use a headrest that much, maybe it won’t be much of an issue for yourself.

The Ergonomic Features of The IKEA Markus at a Glance:

So, Is It Still Worth Buying?

Yes, I think the IKEA Markus is a decent choice for its price. I can’t think of a better, durable, and affordable office chair than the IKEA Markus when it comes to the budget of 200-300 dollars.

However, it has some lacking in the ergonomic feature department. If you can live with that, you should definitely get the IKEA Markus.

Final Thoughts:

There you go! If your budget is 200 bucks and you are looking for a good-looking office chair with a very strong build quality, then even today, the IKEA Markus is the best choice.

However, before considering buying the IKEA Markus, you must check the IKEA Järvfjället as well. I have written an article comparing these two office chairs. You can check it out by clicking here.

Thanks for reading this article. If you want to know about the best IKEA office chairs, you may find this article helpful.

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