IKEA Chairs: 12 Things You Should Know

Whether you like sleek, stylish, and minimalist furniture or you just want to buy some affordable furniture, you cannot escape the global influence of IKEA. An IKEA store is like every shopper’s wonderland! 

Buying a chair from IKEA instead of wasting your hard-earned cash elsewhere is definitely an excellent choice. 

But, before you start sprinting towards the nearest IKEA store, you should know about IKEA so that you can make an informed decision. 

That’s where we come in! I’ve performed extensive research on IKEA chairs. And I have rounded up 12 things you probably didn’t know about IKEA chairs.  

So, without any further ado, let’s begin! 

1. How Long Do IKEA Chairs Last? 

IKEA chairs usually last anywhere from 3 to 7 years. Typically, IKEA chairs are quite durable and they have great quality. But, let’s get this out of the way. You should not expect your IKEA chair to be a family heirloom. While most IKEA products are certainly affordable, longevity is not their strong suit. 

As IKEA furniture is most often made out of or particleboard, it typically doesn’t stand up to the test of time. 

With that said, most IKEA chair models have surprisingly long lifespans. We’ve spoken to some very satisfied customers of IKEA chairs and they have stated that their IKEA chairs have lasted from 3 to up to 7 years without any hiccups along the way.

If you decide to purchase an IKEA chair, then you rest assured that you won’t have to run to the store again for quite some time. As IKEA chairs last for a long time, they are the perfect transitional furniture. 

As one of the IKEA customers puts it, “My IKEA furniture has been to hell and back with me…. They have been with me for 27 years.”

2. How to Adjust IKEA Chairs? 

The answer to that question depends on which part of an IKEA chair you’re trying to adjust. For instance, you can adjust the seat height of the chair of some IKEA office chair models just by pulling the lever. 

These chairs increase or decrease in height kind of in a corkscrew style. Basically, you just have to revolve the chair’s seat multiple times to adjust its height.

On the other hand, there are also some IKEA office chair models that feature levers on the right-hand side of the seats. You just need to pull up the lever while sitting on the chair to make it go lower. And stand up and then pull up the lever if you want to increase the seat height. 

IKEA chairs also let the user adjust their tilts. Tilting in your chair increases your overall movement throughout the day. The tilt feature allows the seat and back to tilt together while maintaining the angle around your hips. 

If your IKEA chair tilts too easily or if it requires a lot of effort to tilt, you should adjust the tilt tension. To loosen the tilt, you have to turn the knob that’s placed right under the seat in the clockwise direction. And to fasten it up you just have to rotate it in the opposite direction. 

3. Are IKEA Chairs Flat Pack?  

When we say a piece of furniture or equipment is flat-packed, we’re referring to an item that has to be assembled by the buyer. A flat-packed piece of furniture is sold in pieces and they are packed flat inside a box. 

This makes transporting the furniture much easier. Is that ringing any bells? Well, if you’ve seen any commercials for IKEA furniture, then you must know that IKEA has been the champion of flat-packed furniture since time immemorial. 

Just like any other type of IKEA furniture, IKEA chair models will almost always come flat-packed and disassembled unless you buy a display unit directly from an IKEA store. 

For the most part, you can expect your brand new IKEA chair to come in a flat-packed box and you’ll have to assemble it upon arrival. 

4. Are IKEA Desk Chairs Comfortable?  

If you have a comfortable chair, that would mean that you’re better prepared to spend more time concentrating on your job rather than be concerned about having pain in your back. 

And an IKEA desk chair would be an excellent option if it’s a comfort that you’re after. 

IKEA’s Desk chair models are actually very comfortable to us as they come with ergonomic features such as tilt functions, seat height adjustability, and built-in lumbar support. 

All of these amazing features go a long way in maintaining a relaxing posture for your body and thus make you feel comfortable and more active while sitting for long hours. 

And the best part about it is that IKEA desk chairs come in various sizes and designs, and so you can easily pick and choose the design that suits you the best. 

The IKEA desk chairs also come with contoured backs and seats. Furthermore, they also have cushioned seats that have additional padding. You’ll also find rolling around on the swivel casters of the chair as a comforting experience. 

If you would like to learn more about IKEA chair’s comfort, you can read our article “Are IKEA Chairs Comfortable?

5. What’s the Most Comfortable IKEA Chair?   

I think Millberget is the most comfortable IKEA chair for several different reasons like great ergonomics, proper padding, etc.

Let me explain!

There are just so many excellent options available in the market that choosing a single candidate is a challenging task. 

After reviewing some of the most popular IKEA chairs in the market, we’ve concluded that this honor should go to the IKEA Millberget Swivel Chair. 

It has over 300-plus positive reviews on various vendor websites, and most of the customers of this chair do agree that it’s arguably the most comfortable IKEA chair to date. 

It features customizable seat height, adjustable tilt tension, as well as lumbar support. The back, seat, and armrests of the chair is padding for an extra cushion. The upholstery features a faux-leather surface that’s made out of cotton and polyester. 

Overall, this chair is designed to make the user feel comfortable. Its angles are perfect, and you can adjust the height and armrests to your liking. 

6. How to Put IKEA Chairs Together?

Assembling your brand new flat-packed IKEA office chair doesn’t have to be that difficult. You just need to know the right process. That’s why I am listing the steps you need to take in order to set up your IKEA office chair: 

  1. Unpacking The Box: First, unpack the box and get the chair base, support legs, armrests, and casters out. 
  2. Attach Chair Leg and Base: The first step in assembling the chair is to take the five support legs and install two bolts in each leg which will attach the support legs to the base.
  3. Install Casters: Once you have the bolts tightened, you can take the five casters and push them into the holes located at the end of each support leg. 
  4. Attach Chair’s Mechanism to the Seat: Next, take the chair’s tilt mechanism and attach it to the bottom of the seat. This will require four bolts and an Allen wrench. 
  5. Install Gas Lift to the Base: Once that’s installed, take the gas lift cylinder, take out the plastic protective cap. Then push the bottom of the lift cylinder into the opening at the center of the chair base. 
  6. Attach Armrests: After that, take the two armrests of the chair and attach them to the seat. This will require two bolts. 
  7. Finally, take two more bolts and attach the upholstery to the armrests. And viola! You ha ve your IKEA chair ready for use. 

7. Do IKEA Chairs Come Assembled? 

Actually, IKEA chairs are notorious for not coming pre-assembled. That goes against the whole idea of flat-packed and easy to assemble IKEA furniture. 

According to IKEA’s official webpage, their products are specifically designed for easy and straightforward assembly. But, there’s no need to worry as IKEA chairs are super simple to assemble. 

You won’t require any professional help to do that. And you won’t even need that many tools for this DIY project. All you need is some bolts and an Allen wrench. Just follow the guide given in the previous section, and you should be good to go. 

8. Does IKEA Have Wheelchairs? 

If you’re wondering if IKEA makes wheelchairs themselves, then no, IKEA does not have wheelchairs inventory. However, IKEA does provide manual wheelchairs to their customers in their stores. 

Despite the fact that IKEA cannot provide motorized wheelchairs or carts to their customers, their customers are welcome to bring their own into the IKEA store. But, if a disabled/sick person goes into the store, IKEA will be able to offer them a manual wheelchair to make their shopping experience more comfortable. 

9. Where Are IKEA Chairs Made? 

As you’re well aware, IKEA is a prominent Swedish furniture company. And almost all of their products are designed in Sweden. And the headquarters of IKEA is situated in Delft, Netherlands. 

The actual manufacturing process of IKEA chairs takes place in China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia. These products are also manufactured in easter European countries like Poland and Romania. 

10. Is IKEA High Chair Sturdy? 

IKEA high chairs are all the rage these days. That kind of makes you wonder if all the hype is really worth it.

Yes, IKEA high back chairs are very sturdy, and they are genuinely great chairs that are definitely worth considering.

IKEA high back chairs are pretty lightweight and so you can easily pick them up and move around. And since they have wider leg bases, they don’t easily tip over. 

And don’t think for a second that, just because they are lightweight, they won’t be durable. Actually, IKEA high chairs are remarkably sturdy and long-lasting. It would be an excellent option for your toddler.

We have an article that discusses IKEA’s high chair and its safety. You can read it here

11. Are IKEA Chairs Stackable?  

Yes, IKEA chairs are easily collapsible and stackable. All you have to do is take off the legs of the IKEA chair (e.g. the IKEA Antilop), and that’s it; you can now easily store it inside your closet. 

Furthermore, you can stack multiple assembled IKEA chairs and stack them on top of another. 

12. When Do IKEA Chairs Go On Sale? 

It’s a common misconception that IKEA never goes on sale. Just like the other large furniture chains, IKEA offers a number of sales throughout the year. This provides a great opportunity for their customers to reinvent their living spaces. That too is on a tight budget! 

Their sales take place during various holidays and seasons. And the most popular sale of IKEA is their Kitchen event which takes place twice a year. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to your personal workspace, whether it be at your home or at the office, you require a chair that’s functional, comfortable, and attractive overall. That’s exactly why you need to have an IKEA chair included in your home decor. 

But, you should hastily go into the nearby IKEA store and pick up a chair randomly. 

Although this innovative Swedish brand has come out with some standout pieces of furniture over the last few decades, there’s a lot to consider before purchasing an IKEA chair. 

Hopefully, we were able to provide you with that information. And by now, you should be well equipped to figure out which IKEA chair should be the best choice for you. 

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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