How to Protect your Carpet from Office Chairs? Everything you Need to Know

If you have ever used a rolling office chair on a carpet, you must have an idea about the damage that an office chair cause to your beautiful carpet. We all prefer office chairs with wheels. But when you move the wheels on the carpet while sitting, it damages the carpet with time.

Also, the wheels do not move super smoothly on a carpet as it is supposed to. I also used to face similar problems in the past. In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know, which will help you to protect your carpet from your office chair.

The easiest way to protect your carpet from office chairs is to get a suitable chair mat. There are also other alternative solutions to protect your carpet, like changing the wheels of your chair with good quality protective caster wheels, which are soft and cause no harm to your carpet. But both methods have their own complexities & limitations when it comes to protecting your carpet from the wheels of office chairs.

As the title suggests, I will discuss everything you need to know so that you can protect your beloved carpet from your office chair. Keep patience and read the full article. I can guarantee you that I will find this article helpful as I won’t miss any details and I will try to provide you with a complete guide. So, let’s go deep, shall we?

Will an Office Chair Ruin Carpet?

Yes! An office chair with wheels will definitely ruin the carpet over time. Most of the office chairs in the market come with caster wheels that are not made for use on carpeted floors.

These caster wheels are usually made of hard materials, and when you roll the wheels of such office chairs, it leaves indentations on the carpet or tears your carpet.

Over time you will notice that these tears will become bigger and before you take any steps your carpet will be completely damaged.

So, as we want to protect our carpet from the wheels of our office chairs, let’s discuss some ways that can actually save your carpet from the caster wheels of your office chair.

The ways of protecting your carpet from your office chair are as follows:

Keep Your Carpet Safe by Upgrading Casters

There are various types of office chair wheels. The most common one is plastic ones. Most office chairs come with plastic wheels that ruin our carpets.

However, there are other types of caster wheels that are smooth and soft enough for use on carpet. These casters do not harm the carpets as plastic casters do.

You can replace the casters very easily with high-quality casters, which are gentle on carpet and hardwood floors. I have found one on amazon and reviewed it as well. You can check its review by clicking here.

Replacing caster wheels is very easy, and these wheels are universal. That means these wheels will fit on any office chairs out there.

However, there are some pros and cons of replacing your wheels with a better quality one. Let’s check them out.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading Casters at a glance:


  • High-quality wheels do not ruin the carpet as they are well coated with soft material like rubber instead of plastic.
  • Good quality caster wheels are very smooth and inexpensive.
  • Replacing wheels are very easy.


  • No matter how good the casters are, wheels don’t move well if the carpet is fluffy.
  • As per my experience, you will notice few indentations on your carpet in the long run, even if your casters are of high quality.

Protect your Carpet With a Chair Mat:

If you want to protect your carpet from office chairs, buying a chair mat is probably the easiest way out there.

I personally think this is the best option out there as you do not have to go through any hassle, and mobility becomes very smooth.

You might have noticed that office chair wheels do not move smoothly on the carpet. I feel like moving with a rolling chair on the carpet causes leg strain. But if you place a chair mat on it, caster wheels move very smoothly like they do not have hard floors.

However, most of the chair mats in the market right now do not last long. This can be a significant issue.

If you want to buy a chair mat, you have to buy a good quality one. It might cost you some extra bucks but, trust me, a good chair mat will give you better service for many years. You can check out my recommendations for the best chair mat by clicking here.

The Mushyn Office Chair Mat has a lifetime warranty. I am sure you are going to like this one. This one works really well on both carpet and hardwood floors. You can find it on the given link.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Chair Mat at a glance:


  • This is the easiest way to protect your carpet.
  • Makes the movement of wheels more smooth
  • Due to better mobility reduces strain on legs


  • Most chair mat in the market has low durability.
  • Good quality chair mats with lifetime warranty costs around 60 bucks. You can buy good quality casters for half the price.

Best Material for Chair Mat:

The polycarbonate and PVC materials are more commonly used. Polycarbonate is more durable, but the chair mat of this materials is usually highly priced. That’s why people prefer PVC chair mats more as they are reasonably priced.

If you buy PVC built chair mat, avoid cheap options. Look at the warranty. If the warranty is longer, you can be sure that the quality of the mat is going to be better.

Different Chair Mat Sizes and Shapes:

There are different sizes and shapes of a chair mat. The most popular chair mat shape is the rectangular one with a leap.

There are other shapes of chair mats as well, such as teardrop shape, round or circular shape. For any traditional desk, I think buying a rectangular shape mat with a lip is a better idea for most people.

Most chair mat has the dimension of 55 inches x 35 inches. There are a few chair mats with larger length and breadth, but I don’t think anything more than that is actually necessary or useful for most people.

Set up Your Chair Mat Properly on the Carpet:

Firstly, clean the carpet area on which you will place the mat. Make sure there are no objects lying on the carpet. You can vacuum around the carpet to remove all sorts of dirt and debris.

After that, lay the mat down on your workstation over the carpet.

Finally, push the chair mat on the carpet and make sure it’s evenly spread. Then place your rolling chair and keep working without worrying about ruining your carpet.

Related Questions:

What do you put under an office chair?

You can put a chair mat under your office chair if you have carpeted or hardwood floor. Otherwise, I don’t think you need a chair mat if you have tiles made floor.

What is the best office chair mat for carpet?

A chair mat made of polycarbonate material is probably the best chair mat out there in the market. But their pricing is very high.

On the other hand, PVC chair mats are inexpensive. There are some good-quality chair mats made of decent PVC material. They are more reasonably priced.

So if you want to decide on which chair mat is best for you, I would say actually it depends on your budget.

A few things to remember:

  • Avoid using a rolling office chair on the carpet directly s the wheels of the chair will wrack your carpet.
  • You can protect your carpet by buying soft rubber wheels or a chair mat.
  • Caster wheels do not move smoothly on the carpet. Compromised mobility might give you leg strain. So, it is wiser to go with a mat.
  • Don’t buy cheap 30-40 dollars chair mats as they are going to crack very early.

Final Thoughts:

I have tried to provide you with the best possible way that I know, and I think you can protect your carpet very easily by getting a good chair mat.

You can also replace your caster wheels with soft ones to protect your carpet from your office chair. But as I have noted earlier, I dont prefer that as the movement of wheels gets compromised.

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!! Before you go, please take a minute to check out my recommended chair mats by clicking here.

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