How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture? (In 9 Easy Steps)

Hardwood floors are extremely classy and beautiful. I know you will agree you are very protective of your elegant hardwood floors. However, the furniture placed on the hardwood floors can become the cruelest enemy for them.

Here’s a Step by step process to protect the hardwood floors from furniture scratches:

Step 1 – Place a carpet or rug on your flooring

Step 2 – Avoid dragging your furniture

Step 3 – Install Chair protector 

Step 4 – Never roll the chair on top of the hardwood floor 

Step 5 – Use the right chair wheels over the hardwood floor 

Step 6 – Add furniture pads on its legs 

Step 7 – Put furniture as per the weight capacity of the hardwood floor. 

Step 8 – Lookout of any kind of damages that can occur in the furniture

Step 9 – Focus on cleanliness and keep the room clean.

This article solely focuses on providing you with an overall understanding of the protection of your hardwood floors. I will give step by step process that will ensure maximum protection of the hard floors. 

I suggest you carefully read the whole article for a better understanding.

How To Protect Your Hardwood Floors In A Easy And Budget-Friendly Way?

Hardwood floors are hardly damage-resistance, and a small incident can make you change the whole flooring. This is why I highly request you to take proper care of your flooring and take the necessary measures to protect your favorite hardwood flooring. 

The necessary steps required to protect your Hardwood Floor;

Step 1 – Place A Carpet Or Rug On Your Flooring

Carpets and rugs are pretty easy to get and place; you just need to know the perfect measurement. The best part is that they protect the floor and decorate your room. Carpets and rugs are a great way to showcase your personality and taste.

Placing a rug underneath your furniture is a very easy way to protect your flooring. For extra protection, I highly recommend adding a rug pad underneath the rug. It will not only stop the rug from slipping but will also protect the furniture from being yellowish. 

Step 2 – Avoid Dragging Your Furniture

It is very common to push or drag the furniture while moving it from one place to another. But let me tell you, even with the light piece of furniture, you can get unwanted scratches. 

The best way to move the furniture is to lift it up and then place it directly in its place, or otherwise, you might regret it later for the uninvited dents or scratches. 

Step 3 – Install Chair Leg Protector 

Chairs’ legs can be the Thanos of the Hardwood floor’s end game, so you need to be prepared with the Avengers (chair’s legs protector).

While working, we need to move the chair a lot; even if you do not move it, you need to sit on it, which can create pressure from the chair leg’s end too.

At the end of the day, they leave scratches and dents; sometimes, they can break the hardwood floor and create hollows. Chair leg protectors can be a great way to diminish the damage. 

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Step 4 – Never Roll The Chair On Top Of The Hardwood Floor 

It is not recommended to roll the chairs over hardwood floors without any kind of protection. Yes, initially, I have mentioned about carpets and rugs. However, I strongly recommend you to install a chair mat. 

Chair Mat is extremely important when it comes to protecting the floor from the continuous rolling of the chair. Furthermore, Chair Mat will reduce noise and increase your productivity. 

Check out our recommended chair mats for hardwood floors by clicking here.

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Step 5 – Use The Right Caster For Your Hardwood Floor 

Most office chairs come with casters and wheels, and numerous types of casters and wheels are available. There are a few pieces of furniture that have casters so that the movement of the furniture becomes easier. 

The thing you need to do is, check if the furniture and the chairs have the right caster wheels, or else it might hamper the flooring.

So, what type of caster wheel is best for a hardwood floor? Depending on the weight of furniture, the caster type might vary. For example, for the heavier furniture, I suggest you to use Polyurethane coatings, and for the light-weighted furniture, Nylon casters are better. For chairs, roller-blade casters are top-notch. 

Step 6 – Add Furniture Pads On Its Legs 

Pads and gliders are the two special types of furniture leg protectors. It adds padding on the furniture’s feet and protects the floor with optimal support. When you attach the pads with the feet, the floor stays scratch-free. 

However, they can get damaged over time, and you might need to replace them with new ones. There are various types of furniture feet pads, Self-adhesive pads, Slip-on pads, Tap-on pads, and many more. 

Each of them is good and will protect for a certain time. However, it would help to be careful and replace them before they get damaged. 

Step 7 – Put Furniture As Per The Weight Capacity Of The Hardwood Floor. 

Hardwood floor has a specific weight capacity, and when you put more weight, there remain chances that your floor will get completely ruined.

While finishing the hardwood floor installation, remember to note down the weight capacity somewhere so that it does not slip away from your mind. 

When you put extra weight, more pressure is provided to the floor than it can actually hold, which in turn, can break it down or scratch or dent it. 

Step 8 – Look Out For Any Kind Of Damages That Can Occur In The Furniture

After a long time of using some furniture starts to break or the parts start to come off. Such damages on the lower part of the furniture can hamper the hardwood floor. 

As a result, you need to regularly check the furniture’s conditions to identify any kind of defects before it causes more damage.

Step 9 – Focus On Cleanliness And Keep The Room Clean.

Cleanliness is the heart of protecting anything you love. The thing you can to keep for a long time, without any hesitation you will protect it not by cleaning it regularly.

Sometimes dry or liquid waste can damage the furniture, which in turn will damage the floor. Then again, the floor can get damaged on its own.

Even tiny dirt particles can get stacked with the furniture, and when you move the furniture, it will hamper the flooring—vacuum even the smallest corners of the floor. 

How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Heavy Furniture?

Using Rubber Floor Protectors is the best solution when it comes to protecting the hardwood floors from heavy furniture.

Rubber restricts the furniture from moving and helps to keep them in place so that it does not hamper the floor.

Then again, you can also put a high-pile carpet underneath your heavy furniture. However, I would recommend first attaching some furniture pad or glider on the furniture feet. 

What Do You Put On The Bottom Of A Chair To Protect Hardwood Floors?

There are numerous things that you can put at the bottom of the chair to protect the hardwood floors. Let me list them down for you;

  1. Chair Mat (highly recommended)
  2. Self-adhesive Pads or Non-slip pads.
  3. Chair legs protector or silicone cups

How Do You Protect Hardwood Floors From Dents?

Dents result from putting heavy items on the hardwood floors and dragging the furniture from one place to another. In order to protect the hardwood floor, you need to use some felt protectors or protective pads.

The most important thing you need to do is stop dragging the furniture from one place to another; rather, you should pull it up and move it to its destination. 

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